Saturday , May 15 2021
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COVID ‘threw jet fuel’ on big city exodus, and it won’t stop: Real estate expert

Rastegar Proper Company CEO Ari Rastegar argues along with Americans seeking a lower cost of living in states such as Texas, the pandemic has been a big factor in forcing residents to relocate away from big cities. #FOXBusiness

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  1. How about making Democrat big cities like Texas and Florida? All yall got to do is vote red…like Texas and Florida.

  2. Don't move to Montana, we are full – I hear North Dakota is nice

  3. Ari is a wearwolf from the nose 👃 down !

  4. Leftists: STFO of our red states, commie A-holes.

  5. It's your democrat policies not just covid.

  6. It is true that Austin is as stunned as California and New York. None of them are bright enough to figure out what went wrong. Democrats.

  7. Same thing happening in Arizona

  8. The planning is outstanding, im impressed. spreading like a wildfire.

  9. It seems to be the same case of crime as President Kim Young-sam, a South korean criminal, and Kim Hyun-cheol, his son. It is the same crime as Kim Young-sam and Kim Hyun-cheol of South korea, who committed evil crimes of abuse of authority by using the 'National Intelligence Service' of South korea. Investigate how President Biden and his son of the United States are using the CIA and FBI.

    한국의 범죄자인 김영삼 대통령과 그의 아들인 김현철과 똑 같은 범죄의 케이스인 것 같다. 한국의 국정원을 이용을 하여서 직권남용의 악한 범행을 저지른 한국의 김영삼과 김현철과 같은 범행이다. 미국의 바이든 대통령과 그의 아들이 CIA와 FBI를 어떻게 이용을 하고 있는지 집중 조사를 하여라.

    Of course, do a public investigation and put him in jail.

    This case is about the rise and fall of the United States.

    Impeach the president, the father of the criminal. naturally

    물론 공개 조사를하고 그를 감옥에 가두십시오.

    이 사건은 미국의 흥망이 결정이 나는 일입니다.

    범죄자의 아버지인 대통령도 탄핵을 하십시요. 당연히

  10. When and if this country ever finds leadership who cares they will have to have an army to retake and clean up and make our cities livable. Just watch the u tube showings of their puke conditions and se how destroyed they are. Democrat leadership in major hell holes and hopeless.

  11. Why worry about voting when biden said voter id law is Jim CROW on STEROIDS…
    Obviously votes mean nothing. Just some virtue signaling again.

  12. Cost of living and housing is low… for now.

  13. Too Many Dems in Red states is a red flag!

  14. AZ Is getting tons of people too which is hurting the other states they are comeing from!

  15. Yea don’t try to mess things up Texas is a Red state keep it that way

  16. Don't forget about all the immigrants moving in. They can put a few families, in one home, to make it more affordable.

  17. Soon it will be turned blue, sad.

  18. And more are coming from the south

  19. This is so bad for Texas and the rest of the United States, the moment Texas flips is the moment the rest of us fall. Just my opinion

  20. They will cause traffic jams, and a lot of rude horn honking.

  21. Lower cost of living as well commodities prepare for them all to go up when the a$$clowns from commiefornia show they have no problem paying 11$ for a cup of coffee !!
    Good luck Texas , good luck staying red too .


  23. How else are you going to crush the poor ! You have to move the wealthy/healthier herd into the poor areas . Decimating what they already can’t afford !!
    Many of these people didn’t earn it! They were just born with the silver spoon !

  24. And they will ruin the state I love.

  25. How does it feel to be stroked nice and slooow of all your cash by FOX for BS Stories ? New York City doubled in population in less than 30 years , that Monster City now has 18.5 million people when before it only had 9 million . I hate that place and like AOC it refuses to die and just keeps on growing and growing and growing .

  26. And the liberals will ruin Texas to.
    Goodbye Lone Star state.

  27. You move to the suburbs, better have a gun permit because you will need it, plenty of drugs coming across the border! Isn't all roses!

  28. Quit coming to the South. Fix your own jacked up states

  29. Texas will become a mess just like California if they're not careful😞 How is anyone building homes with no lumber? If you do find it , it's worth as much as gold 😵😵 $ 7.50 for a 2" x 4" x 8' I can't see anything being built at these prices especially when we were paying $2.25 here in Michigan 1 year ago !!! 😞

  30. I work for a big moving company in California and business is booming baby.

  31. And those jerks will vote f-ing democrat

  32. They're destroying our beautiful Colorado. 😕

  33. These "people' ruined the places they left. Now they will ruin where they are moving to. This is a fact.

  34. Hey Texan's your restitutions will be giving your houses and property to the illegal immigrants say thank you Joe just don't wake him up he is exhausted from all of the hard work you do for him enjoy.

  35. This is troubling, are the democrats moving in going to cause a shift in policies. True Texans need to watch. There state

  36. Blue people move to red states to turn it blue?

  37. In some states there will be no need for ID,s to vote in an election ,there will be no one living there.

  38. Why aren’t you reporting RCMP laying siege to a church in 🇨🇦

  39. Were really have to keep our eyes on the lefties and watch for brainwashing in the schools

  40. This guy sounds like a Democrat saying that people from California and New York are going to feel right at home there’s a big difference between those states and Texas I hope the pilgrims are willing to adapt rather than vice versa

  41. LA homes are way up too. Don’t believe the hype

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