Tuesday , June 22 2021
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Covid Unemployment Benefits Ending In Some U.S. States This Week

Alaska, Iowa, Missouri and Mississippi will soon cut off federal Covid-19 unemployment benefits to those out-of-work. The states are backing out of the pandemic programs almost three months early. NBC News’ Ben Popken reports.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Covid Unemployment Benefits Ending In Some U.S. States This Week


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  1. It's the media's fault for scaring everyone to death.

  2. Anger Grows as Republican Governors Cruelly Cut Off Jobless Benefits
    To be clear— these benefits weren’t costing the states a dime and not only lift families but are key economic stimulus funds. All the funding for the program came from the federal government and was already passed in the last Biden's COVID package.

    Republican governors in 25 states are in the midst of a giant economic experiment, ceasing enhanced jobless aid for an estimated 4 million people, arguing that the generous benefits are dissuading people from going back to work. But a number of these governors have personal connections to businesses that are trying to find workers and could benefit from the policy change, according to a Washington Post review of financial disclosures from state elected officials.

    Taking away a $300/month bump in unemployment benefits will only serve to harm struggling families and our economy.

    Judge suspends Biden debt relief program for farmers of color

    A federal judge halted payments for a loan forgiveness program that provides relief to agricultural producers of color. 

    A temporary restraining order was handed down Thursday afternoon by Judge William Griesbach of Wisconsin’s Eastern District, in response to a lawsuit filed by the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty in April.


  3. There's work out there if people would look for it. They don't have to do what they are used to, find a new one. AMEN A'HO

  4. And prices are skyrocketing right here in "america". I love the USA, but this is mindblowing. I feel like I'm getting ripped off by the government, right in my face 🙂. Raising the starting pay "across the board" that means every job in america would encourage a high percentage of americans to "seriously" take a look at what jobs around there area has to offer in "pay". 🙂💯.

  5. 8$/Hr is good for worker in Florida, they don't pay a lot taxes like in California

  6. Why are people acting like it's the government's job to pay their bills?


  8. Vacation is over. Get back to work.

  9. I've mentioned one other time about taking at least something in the meantime and then looking for a better job while you're working. Apply online at home after work. One can always take the time to go to an interview such as taking a day or several hours off for personal reasons or even any earned vacation time. You don't have to play sick. If you are offered a job at the interview, make sure to let the new employer know that you can start in a couple of weeks and get it in writing. Then you can give your current one that much notice. It's often true that it's easier to find a job while you have a job. PS. Temporarily taking a low paying job that might have decent health insurance plan would be worth considering as well.

  10. Daycare is expensive. End of story!

  11. The government acts like workers didn't earn their unemployment. My husband has paid taxes for 30 years dear Government he earned his unemployment benefits. Stop with the nonsense like people who are on unemployment are lazy smh. Some people are just using this time to get a better job not just a crappy 4 hour job that doesn't pay for anything. My husband lost his job during the pandemic not because he has ever been lazy it was due to a deadly virus that the government failed to contain. After losing his job he decided to go for his CDL license to drive a tractor truck. So not everyone is just waiting for unemployment benefits to cut off some people are just being smart about their next move dear Government!

  12. Good… You shouldn't be dependent on the government. And if you have kids, maybe you should think about using protection in the first place

  13. Maybe corona has thinned out low income workers? Long haul covid ? 🤔

  14. I thought the extra benefits ended in December?

  15. not like it's easy to keep a job if you're White. most have Black staff and they'll just cycle through and fire people until they find a White willing to do their work for them

  16. Why won't NBC report on Hunter Biden's racist comments? Is it the same reason they don't report Joe Biden calling Black children roaches?

  17. Screw Greg Abbott!!! Texas Gov Couldn't even let the September deadline run it's course. The same deadline that Congress voted on.

  18. They just want us to die jobs in Oahu not good ones on Big Island switch careers from nursing to pizza driver? Yup

  19. Once she has raise… the problem is finding the babysitter. Babysitter want the same wage. It is better she stay home and let taxpayers pay for her to stay home.

  20. STOP SLANGING THE WORD "JOBS" Around, there's still 7 million jobs missing before covid. …shame on the government for stopping benefits after they bought furniture and sent money overseas😂 what a joke! The slave owners are furious that career folks don't want to work at McDonald's and sell human meat😂

  21. After US all the things they done, l found the answer from the overall history are the genes controls the humans behavious in DNA of corruption to the poor countries from the authority with power and richers are enjoying bully the disables from few countries, pros & cons life cycles within 80 years more or less no body for ever, every knowledge we learned shall be destroy from aging, the more they distroy they're mire happy and success, physically mental illness in mind through new generation, if we build together within the environments every body are happy snd enjoy with life cycles diplomatically success no poor or rich, automation to replace humans work forces, finance are just only a pieces of paperd for public to exchange products & services, US mist peoples are mads, their President policues are unstable within every 4 years with new eeplacements

  22. Rapture ready 1thessolonian 4:13-27
    Repent and turn back to God Almighty now

  23. "Put gas in there car to find a job", I remember when I use to walk to work tf.

  24. No one wants to work anymore lol

  25. Just take the job. Better to have one than none.

  26. Just told an embassador between print shop and front office I'm looking for opportunity for better wages and I have to decide on quitting to go to school for welding or work and take evening classes and extend the course by a year. He said "we pay base on manufacturing and print jobs in the area and take care Brandon" it's not my work ethic or the fact I cut production times which determines my value. The job pays based on what some manufacturers association or whatever determine

  27. Biden is a puppet put in office by corrupt politicians and fake news, the people will never respect either

  28. Fake news selling propaganda for Democrats everyone in America knows this and laughs at them

  29. I got a job offer to start in August and now I have to get a liposarcoma surgery next week. Unemployment doesn’t get people lazy. Job pay more than unemployment. SDI doesn’t pay more than the job I just got. I’m so sad that I have to turn down this job.

  30. At 18 in 2010, after highschool I was able to get a place working 24/7 for me wife and daughter. Coming from broken homes and bad policy outcome, look at me now. I don’t depend on anyone. It’s all on me..I will never stop. Started at 10 dollars an hour now at 30 with no college. Worked my way from the bottom. Resilience isn’t taught, it’s earned.

  31. I’ll tell you what D’s voters in the United States should come to grips that’s a Republican party is that for the US citizens and the reason why is the tax cuts that the republican party has gave these millionaires and billionaires in the loopholes for the billionaires not to pay a pennyTo the federal government the republican party is treating the United States citizens as immigrants

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