Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Cowboys may win Super Bowl if Dak Prescott’s solid play continues, Troy Aikman says | FOX NFL

Longtime Cowboys QB Troy Aikman said if Dak Prescott continues to impress, Dallas has a legitimate shot to win the Super Bowl.

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Cowboys may win Super Bowl if Dak Prescott’s solid play continues, Troy Aikman says | FOX NFL

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  1. Do you think the Cowboys will make it to the Super Bowl?

  2. What are the other teams going to do? I guess it is a matter of time. We will see.

  3. Hey I'm all in for the ride and I'm gonna enjoy this ride along with the trophy presentation in Florida..Champions once again. I'm not jumping the gun, you can just feeeeel it. So come on Cowboy fans relax with the aggression and let the mind relax, remember we got DAK and the others. We will be just fine! Feel it baby!

  4. Oh my God you beat Washington and the New York Giants and now you think you’re going to Super Bowl I don’t think so !!

  5. I've got 50 bucks that says the Cowboys won't even make the playoffs never mind win the Superbowl

  6. COWBOYNATION For Life! Let's go Cowboys!

  7. Only cowgirls fan talk about sb in Sept lol clowns

  8. This is funny and all but don't be shocked when the Patriots beat them by 40

  9. In the words of the great bill Parcells, let's put the anointing oil away!!!!

  10. Why is this still America game team whatever.Rather watch another game announcers.Out in the second round.Show me a game of up and comers.

  11. That means they'd have to beat the Patriots. Lol, like that would happen🤣

  12. They beat the Giants and Redskins and there next two gamesare against the Dolphins and a Saints team without Drew Brees..cowboy fans need to take a deep breath and wait till they play a real team before they say they're winning it all

  13. Kellen Moore the baby face assassin.

  14. Zebra 's have it out for the Oakland Raiders NFL needs to look into that

  15. There’s more than that in thackerville lol

  16. yeah theyre gonna win the super bowl, just like every year


  18. Michael sitting there hating every minute of it 😂

  19. Cowboys are playing well but they havent played anyone. And wont for awhile. Wouldnt be surprised to see them take off to a 7-0 record and still lose the divisional

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