Wednesday , December 8 2021
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Coy Langer keeping selection cards under wraps

Coach Justin Langer says he wants to keep England guessing on what the Aussies’ bowling line-up for Lord’s will look like while he throws a cheeky barb at Jofra Archer ahead of his expected Test debut


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  1. When Langer says thats brilliant at 4:46 what is it for ?! please someone enlighten me

  2. Pity we can’t hear the questions. Bit unprofessional for a press conference!

  3. Starc for Pattinson will be the only change it looks like. I heard Australia don’t want to play Starc and Pattinson together as they play a similar role. Don’t expect Hazelwood to be selected. But why leave him out of the World Cup if he isn’t going to play in the ashes ? I miss seeing Josh in the starting 11.😢

  4. Without jimmy i think bowling attack is not that deadly as it was before, i know archer is there but still they really need some miracles

  5. Am I def or are the journos quiet af

  6. Australia need to take the lead 2-0 but it seems like rain is favouring the English

  7. In second test Warner, Bancroft & Smith should charge

  8. OUT: Bancroft, Siddle, Pattinson
    IN: Harris, Hazlewood, Starc

  9. Lord and Oval pitches, both always favour for the Australians. They always win .

  10. Australia need their lead to be 2-0 . Then , England fall down in their knees.

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