Crack Down on Netflix Password Sharing

The streaming service has notified users that it is rolling out a new policy to end password sharing. ABC News’ Lionel Moise has the details. WATCH ABC News Live Stream: SUBSCRIBE to ABC News: SEE MORE at LIKE ABC News at FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #netflix #streaming #ABCNews

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. it's not hard to find netflix content elsewhere online.

  2. Great…. media have become decadent and immoral

  3. Netflix will be looking at a cancelled subscription. Good bye netflix.

  4. Freeloading?? Invited by Netflix to share accounts (and charged for more screens), we set up our friends and family as guests. Now those guests, through no fault of their own are being tagged as “freeloaders” (pejorative intonation) in your report. Shame on you.

  5. Thank you Netflix, you finally gave me a reason to cancel. The ONLY reason I keep Netflix is because I can share with my family and friends. The content is the worst out of all the other streaming platforms imo. So you want to charge more for the same content, yeah good luck.

  6. Netflix’s content quality is dropping so I have no problem canceling

  7. Greedy scum bags. Cancel them

  8. Well, there goes Netflix “ I love you sharing your password” tweet a few years back. Greed is a sad thing. And I can tell you it is not worth paying more to be with Netflix especially when you can’t share it with family.

  9. Canceling my subscription only have it still cause my sister and cousin uses it

  10. I had a notification a few weeks back. I pay for 4 screens and have family who live away from my address who use my password. One knows if there is unauthorised access to my account. Just update the password. However, I pay £15.99 a month for 4 screens which is getting a bit pricey, and there is plenty alternative media to watch. I am close to closing my account anyway. If they push me.on this, they will have lost a customer.

  11. I haven't paid for a movie or show eveeeer 😅 free site babeeeee love it

  12. Boycott Netflix! They want more money for less content 😂

  13. Officially cancelled my subscription never looking back

  14. I already canceled Netflix so I don't have To worry

  15. always a crackdown when the poor man finds a loophole

  16. Their mistake was thinking the "100 million" people freeloading are going to buy a Netflix subscription. Expecting surges in piracy and VPN usage.

  17. Poor deadbeats. How ever will they live? Here's an idea; get a job.

  18. i think i pay 21 bucks a mounth already and hardly watch it they can suck it

  19. The price of everything and Big corporations making money again f…k Netflix Everybody unsubscribe they will go bankrupt

  20. Give Netflix the Bud light treatment. I’ve cancelled.

  21. Everyone let’s unsubscribe today. I have to block 4 people now including my child!😂And it’s not freeloading when you are charging the person that paying more money.


  23. They're only giving me more reasons to finally cancel service. I've been with Netflix since they were disc only. The price has quadrupled, they've gone super woke, and are now spying our locations and pulling this password BS is the last straw. I hope more people follow the charge and show these companies that we won't stand for this sht

  24. Good bye and good luck Netflix