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Cracked Memphis Bridge Causing Major Traffic

A cracked beam was discovered in the I-40 bridge between Tennessee and Arkansas, causing an immediate shutdown of all traffic Tuesday. Barges have since resumed travel, but cars are still banned as engineers rush to repair the bridge.

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  1. Antifa obviously sabotaged the bridge to make the Republicans look bad for stalling the infrastructure bill.

  2. Money for war no money for bridges thank you aipac

  3. That bridge is critical to traffic traveling East to West and the other way and I have travelled across that bridge many times and hope the government can fix it and not have it out of service too many months.

  4. " but we, the republican party,can not vote for a extreme leftist plan to fix this. It is a tread to our freedom!"

    Hahaha, the people are getting screwed over AGAIN!

  5. Republicans can't wait to blame Biden for this. "Look at this money for infrastructure and its a giant waste, thanks biden" I can hear them now.

  6. Everything falling apart.

  7. It's pretty obvious how the crack got there. Racism.

  8. Y’all forgot Portland is known as city of Bridges and roses … bridges are so old around here

  9. The bridge can wait, there's always a war to fight somewhere.

  10. There is another bridge for I-55 just south of this bridge. A third bridge should have been in the works decades ago. . . . . oh well. . . .

  11. That Moron Trump has been announcing Infrastructure Week for the last four years and got nothing done.

  12. Our infrastructure is crumbling.

  13. clearly hunter biden sawed through that beam

  14. The heady arithmetic electrophysiologically cause because fish undesirably mug times a stimulating dollar. abhorrent, tearful cushion

  15. Look honey, gaslighting for sleeping Joe's Green New Deal

  16. Yet Republicans won't move an inch.

  17. Lol people still live on the east coast?! LOL

  18. Well I'm going down to Memphis, Memphis City here I come.
    Yes I'm going down to Memphis, Memphis City here I come.
    You've got a crazy cracked bridge crossing there, that I won't be going on.

  19. Its almost as if we need some sort of infrastructure bill or something.

  20. Memphis so cheap. I drive over that bridge all the time. Ironically there is a newer bridge not even 2miles to the 👉 literally nextdoor. Why they need to stop all those crap 18wheelers

  21. Biden stimulus plan, infrastructure…. lmao what a joke. 5 billion actually going to what it's for. The rest going to crap!!!

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