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Crowd shouts 'do something' at Ohio governor | USA TODAY

‘Do something’: Crowd shouts at Ohio governor after Dayton shooting
RELATED: Dayton police stopped shooter in under a minute

As Ohio Governor Mike DeWine spoke at a community gathering after the Dayton shooting, the crowd erupted in chants of “Do something.”

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  1. there is a reason half the southern hemisphere is fleeing to America and abroad, in their countries the only ones that have real guns if any at all are the drug cartels, mafias, and corrupt governments….. if you give up long range fast firing and accurate guns, those will be the exact guns they use against you as they force you onto a white bus. well after they shut the power off and drug the water and air supply for a couple winks 8o))

  2. would have been epic if he just turned around dropped pants and mooned everyone doing the moon walk, hed get my vote for sure…..

  3. Republican and conservative comments being censored in social media and leftist news. Being deleted all day. My condolences to the families who lost loved ones. Democrats don’t really believe in democracy!!! Trying to over throw a democratically elected president Trump! Sociopaths murdered these people NOT President Trump. People and their family knew the sociopaths were dangerous and did not report to police. Why is the big question??? You don’t report you’re the ones who enabled these sociopaths. Sociopaths cannot be counselled because they have no conscience…period! They must be removed from society and given death sentience so they never do this again. Sociopathy is evil in s nutshell. Statistically one in five humans have sociopathic tendencies at different levels to psychopathy. Most mentally ill would never kill anyone,

  4. Is this the fault of these officials with so many sociopaths in our midst worldwide?

  5. Takes money to make money takes a gun to stop guns

  6. Take our guns away so you can control us and we can't protect ourselves, people are stupid

  7. We'll Ohio,you elected him. Deal with it. Don't mean to sound heartless but it wasn't a mystery that this guy sucks.

  8. Shootings (who were all democrats) were for political reasons only not race or color, Radical left deep state attacks to sway support to DNC..Dont believe media!!!

  9. Everything you can??? …. typical GOP propaganda BS.. only empty prayers and speeches read from teleprompters, but no universal gun background checks, no closing illegal sales through gun loopholes, no gun buy backs, no restoration of mental health care cut back, no prosecution of white nationalists as terrorists, no rejection of NRA stuffing your PACs.


  11. If you don't want your gun rights restricted, then you need to be monitoring these hate websites and reporting the wackos to the FBI. This 8chan guy should have been discovered and reported before his deadly actions.

  12. Sorry folks…this is now the country we live in. Prayers and candles are the only thing we do after a massacre of people by Americans. This is not a Muslim or immigration issue…it's young or white males that are the terrorists in our land.

  13. These protester in dayton, my city, their were paid protesters,,, we were their and this is exactly what they did,

  14. To try to find a solution to mass shootings is the same as trying to find a solution to suicides. It cant be done because a normal person cant understand a sick mind. A mass shooting is very simply suicide by cop with 15 minutes of fame attached to it.

  15. mind control is being used it's being used all the time how can we get away from mind control

  16. 60% of all gun deaths are suicides. "Assault weapons" account for 1% of gun deaths, yet they are the most owned firearms in the US. To any sane person what does this say. The vast majority of gun owners do not break the law. Laws restricting ownership by these people would be pointless and unconstitutional. No one seems to care about the mental health of people who commit suicide or the probable mental illnesses the mass shooters suffer from. Stop punishing law abiding citizens and make affordable mental healthcare available.

  17. There is no mystery. The signs are obvious. Read "Hunting Humans" (Leyton) to understand mass murderers. They self-assess themselves as losers and act out. The best welfare is probably an education and a job.

  18. Demand Accountability. Ask the FBI, DHS Networks about their covert crimes on Unsuspecting Citizens with NEUROWEAPONS to achieve Objectives and Agendas. Evidence on hard drives, tetra handsets and mobile communications. Local, State, Federal, Special Military Units – Fusion Centers.

  19. Nothing was done after sandy hook, and if dead children can't force thru legislation, nothing will.

  20. Show “how much you deeply care” by doing something!

  21. Stop being Stupid, without the 2nd there is no more defense for the 1st. The USA is the last strong hold for sovereignty. These sick peoples that do these shootings are just that, sick. We shouldn’t condemn responsible people for the sick few. Plus this could be a leftist ploy or bait and switch tactic, so?

    ROMANS 3:23
    ACTS 4:12
    ROMANS :

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