Wednesday , January 26 2022
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Cuccinelli refutes claims that green card rule attacks poor immigrants

Acting director of the Citizenship and Immigration Services, Ken Cuccinelli, discusses the Trump administration’s new green card rules.

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  1. Right the plaque doesn't say come and live off taxpayers

  2. America must get back to the control of labor, benefits, and support!! We cannot afford to pay for this many illegal immigrants!! There has to be a balance!! WE HAVE HOMELESS AND MILITARY THAT NEED THIS ASSISTANCE!! Illegal immigrants must be stopped!! They need to go to port of entry to apply and support themselves! Other countries make immigrants pay back any benefits they use.

  3. Obama and Clinton let all those illegals in. It'll take a man like cuch to get them out. God is on his side. Right there in two Corinthians is says "Keep thee away from the immigrant lest he clam-hammer your daughters and bring ye disease".

  4. Time to end the FDR welfare programs ( Social Security is broke. Time to end it. Pay the last people and stop it already) that attracted these Invaders. Americans fight for America. Other countries should fight for themselves. Liberals say Americans are to blame but we didn't elect socialism into there countries. They did.

  5. This may be very hard for some to comprehend but believe it or not there are immigrants that come to America for the advertised idea of opportunity but then are faced with the reality that most jobs don't pay wages that are consistent with the cost of living. This isn't just a problem that someone new to America have or will possibly face these are the same problems American born citizens face.

  6. Poor immigrants that work hard, do not drink, do not use drugs, save, and get educated and improve their lot through hard work , dedication, small family, and independent financial life, many family members have done so after coming with nothing , but their wits and character. The first step is coming here legally through the door , not the sewage pipes! Then keep your nose clean, work steady and take part tine work if necessary, attend school, and learn English, well enough to get residency. People that do not speak English should not get residency or citizenship. It is ridiculous to see immigrants taking the oath of citizenship in any other language but English.
    Those that do not assimilate and integrate have shown poor character and do not appreciate the value o& an American passport.

  7. No green card if taking government hand out. Come to the US for better living. are come to ride a free ride,

  8. THIS will work but with ALL the CROOKED doctors that will sign a paper stating they're DISABLED when their not.. OR DHHS. & SS EMPLOYEES STRETCHING THE TRUTH TO GET ALL THEIR RELATIVES & FRIENDS ON BENIFITS.. I KNOW A. LADY ON ***ALL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS AVAILABLE ** FREE HOUSING , FOOD, UTILITIES PAID, FREE CLOTHES FROM THE CHURCHES, FOOD BANK'S ABSOLUTELY ALL MEFUCAL SUPPLIES FROM ELEC WHEELCHAIRS TO HOSPITAL BEDS DIAPERS, expensive medications & HIGHLY controled Medications that she sales to her Friends @ SS & dhhs offices, sociall workers, the Amerigroup field worker that approves all of her free stuff from venders. SHE Sales EVERYTHING she gets!. chairs, beds etc. sakes tgem then calls her rep says she was evicted ( trashy) or had ROBBERY. REPKACED NO ?? ASKED. HER NEICE IS HER CARE GIVER & IN THE 8YRS I'VE KNOWN THIS WOMAN, NEVER HAS THE CARE GIVER BEEN AT HER HOUSE.. THEY SPLIT THE $$$$. SHE HAS OVER $200,000 IN HER SAFE… YES WE REALLY WATCH THESE PEOPLE.. PLUS ALL HER KIDS & GRANDKIDS ARE DOING SAME CRAP… CANT TURN HER IN HAVE TO HAVE SS# .. ADDRESS ( Which they pay for) DOB, where born, case #'s tgey refuse take any of it & check her out. yes this is all true.

  9. There giving them a year to get too there feet all I get is maybe a month then the lights are off and repo man is on the prowl

  10. The dems/people always say that the illegals and immigrants come to the USA for jobs and a better life and they get all the freebies. They live better than the working people and to increase their income they have more free babies thanks to Obamacare for 18+ yrs. Illegal women crossing the border with 2+ plus kids costs more to pay a babysitter than want she can make so she has more kids to collect benefits.

  11. I've been married twice, divorced twice, 1990 & 1998. I helped my wives obtain their Resident Alien status (a.k.a. Green Card). Even at those times there's a statement/law/regulation somewhere in the process that no public benefits allowed for 5 years. …"free" on the Statue of Liberty wording, to me, means free from both directions; free from the government to me & free from me to the government; stay out of my life and I'll stay away from yours. Seems to me Trump is simply enforcing EXISTING law. This is what many 'deplorables', yours truly included, mean when we say MSM is passive aggressive against my President Trump; twisting the truth and manipulating news to fit their narrative/agenda. Aren't you fools still not convinced that Google, YouTube, FB, and others are manipulating truth by excluding, in different ways, conservative speech, etc.? It's an illness, I tell you, it's an illness. The name of this disease is 'democrat'.

  12. This is what white supremacy racist have been waiting for.

  13. Does not make no sense if you go to their country you got to go through the same process everybody so used USA giving s*** away for free I'm President Trump put a stop to it everybody's pissed off about it🤔🤔🤔

  14. Give us your pale, your rich, your "cognitive elite," longing to let their feral avarice roam free.

  15. Great don't need any more depending immigrant

  16. I'm an American taxpayer and I love having my tax dollars go to these immigrants from these S. hole countries, who need their social support and cash benefits.
    My favorite Bible verses is where Jesus said let me feed you fish forever.
    I'm sure if I showed up and their country flat broke needing somebody to feed me, house me and give me medical Care their government would be more than willing to do that forever..

    I can stick a camera in anybody's face that's crying and get you to buy into what I have to say..
    Either you have a country or you don't either you have borders or you don't.

  17. Does anyone know when the McRib will come back?

  18. I would like to retire in Mexico, but it is financially impossible for me because they require immigrants to not only make but have a lot of proof you have the money and are not going to be a ward of the state. Oh and those documents must be written in Spanish and Apostilled. Many other requirements too. But CALI's governor needs to be told he is not in charge of the Federal Government which is President Trump's job along with a useless Congress fighting him every time he farts. If you meet those requirements then you have to get insurance. To get into the Mexican Federal Plan (don't know if it costs) they do not cover pre-existing conditions. Being older of course I will have pre-existing conditions, I worked hard for them lol and some were genetics.

  19. The reality is poor people will not be able to leave their own country and home…..people who have get out of their country and home never was poor…..they have to paid someone else to getting connections……..

  20. it isn't a new policy. it is simply an enforcement of the old one. the left's point about a poem written to raise funds to finance the pedestal the statue stands on? to call this man all kinds of names, and to think that a poem is a law, shows the height of ignorance and a total disregard for history.

  21. We are all full on poor people. We have tent cities in every major city, long lines at every emergency room & jails filled to the brim with with criminal aliens that commit heinous crimes. We are full & dont need any more poor people that we have to support their entire life.



  24. For god's sake, it's a POEM. It is not US LAW. When did it become LAW? It's a poem that was written in 1883. The democrats spend all their time trying to dismantle laws, why uphold this one. Oh, by the way, it's not LAW it's a poem.

  25. is it poor illegal immigrants or just legal immigrants

  26. Mr. Cuccinelli needs to really consider suicide.

  27. Inducing more poor people into Any nation Doesn't help any nation. And everyone wants America to take in hundreds of thousands of welfare recipients

  28. I believe Welfare was founded to help families in need for two years only, until they could go on their feet. But it became a dependable situation passed on to other family members.

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