Wednesday , July 28 2021
Home / News / Cummings tells National Press Club audience to 'zero in' on Senate

Cummings tells National Press Club audience to 'zero in' on Senate

House Oversight & Reform Committee Chair Elijah Cummings speaks at a National Press Club Headliners luncheon.

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  1. Make me a rich man,and I'll show you how to make a GHETTO. The watchman.

  2. President Trump has very successfully driven the rats out of the sewer. Go get 'em

  3. Cummings is your typical lying money grabber. Why would anyone listen to his phony remarks. He says to stop the hateful language and then starts his hateful language, listen to the hypocrisy.

  4. Go take care of Baltimore. Everybody is looking at their phones not even listening to your BS

  5. Fraudulent person you ligah

  6. This man is ridiculous , he such a great liar lies lies lies steel steel steel and sleeps well at night oh my God forgive him father for he know not what he do amen!!!!

  7. If we’re going to zero in on anybody or anything it should be Cummings. He said he’s deeply religious how can he steal all that money for him and his wife I remember one of the Commandments thou shall not steal oh well he’s a Democrat they are privileged and lives above the law. That’s proof we need term limits

  8. I only have one thing to say to Cummings! “Show me the MONEY”!! Where did 16 billion dollars go to?? Because it sure didn’t go to Baltimore!!!

  9. Well Cummins if God called you for Congress you sure have let him andtthe American people down

  10. The DOJ needs to zero in on Cummings . Crook.

  11. Cumming you are a man, with no good thought. You are no good at all.

  12. How come he didn't have a problem with Obama putting children in cages and allowing drugs to flood our country from it's southern border?

  13. Cummings takes this opportunity to use a national tragedy to politicize in concert with the fake news media. And draw the attention away from exposing governmental corruption and a politically shameless conspiracy to defraud the American people and a duly elected president.

  14. It's coming from a 10 year old infected by the hateful rhetoric of the left including you, Cummings. You are a phony, corrupt, lying Democrat.

  15. Another fine example of a a black democrat ! Taking advantage of the system to enrich themselves while his constituents languish in poverty. Wake up America ! Because he’s black and a democrat he shouldn’t get a pass. Investigate him !

  16. Father God, the Great I AM, Yahweh bless, keep, heal and protect your Saints as we pray to bind the evil spirts in high places that have deceived the nations.

    We bind the fake news, the socialist communist party, the satanic child sacrifice, the sacrifice of our children to baal, the CPS and planned parenthood

    Give your Saints your Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control as we give vengeance to Almighty Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to clean out the swamp in our government, the NSA, the house of representatives, the senate, the congress, the military, and Hollywood and wherever they try to hide.

  17. Baltimore rec $1.8 BILLION from [HUSSEIN]'s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?

    Follow the money.

    Follow the family.

    Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself

    The hunters become the hunted.

    These people are stupid.

    Enjoy the show!

    Nothing can stop what is coming.



  18. Cummings and wife being investigated for 10's of millions of theft. Tick Tock says Gitmo.


  20. This guy seeks excuses to justify his paws in the 'cookie jar." He uses cage analogy for illegals while most citizens who are poor live in squalor in sh..hole areas worse then cages in a zoo. He is full of b.s and uses fake concern to apply to select few! He is part of the problem not the solution. Where are the missing over one billion usd? Someone ain't afraid of him and he is the poster child of Baltimore nor did he call for an investigation of the missing funds not only in Baltimore. How about the Pentagon and Fed.Reserves?

  21. If you listen to this BS’r he acts like he was part of the great depression as a sharecropper. He was born in 1951. He’s a disaster as a US Congressmen and a disgrace to the people he represents.

  22. Elijah Cummings is now a humble man. Truth found him… his district is a rat infested place because of his negligence and rampant corruption. Instead of caring for his district, he threw tantrum and disrespected law enforcement personnel like the stereotypical “angry black man.” Mr. Cummings should be making a speech about his filthy district, not about gun laws. After the president called attention to the decadence in Baltimore, Mr. Cummings has taken no initiative in cleaning up Baltimore. Instead, he joins chorus with others crying racism, while Trump supporters are the ones actually picking up the trash in Baltimore.

  23. Zero in on demo rats. Vote them all out

  24. This guy is so corrupt and is the biggest racist man I ever heard! Big loser!

  25. Man this guy is more delusional than I thought. Worse though, he is full of scatter shot hatred and lies.
    EDIT …and 12 tons of Baltimore trash

  26. SO? Where did the money go? Cummings, Not to improve lives in your district.

  27. And what did you line your pockets with you and your wife are you district struggles. Shame on you and thank God for the people went on their own time and paid their way to help clean didn’t see you there

  28. I didn't hear him say we need to start working for the people and he didn't say I'm going to start with my own district
    That 10 yr old uncle belongs in a cage rep Cummings should be put in a cage to keep his constituents safe
    The people of Baltimore are afraid of each other
    Rep Cummings has some nerve to stand up their and lie

  29. What a bloody liar !!! Here we go again this bafoon lieing … what about the demacrats vile horrid racist rants …what about the life’s lost in Baltimore this weekend Cummings .. no one is afraid of the government you idiot …, give Baltimore back their money you thieving RAT 🐀 ….. hate this bastard and his lies !!!! B

  30. They are clapping when he said we need to act now …right now, where was he for the last 20 years? Vote him out …don’t clap for people who have the nerve to lie to your face! He is reading something someone else handed to him! Turns my stomach. So sad!

  31. This is the biggest crock of 💩,start with an investigation of the missing BILLIONS of US TAX PAYERS DOLLARS!!!!SHOULD RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  32. Do you offer condolences to the people of Baltimore who die every day in your district? 🤔💩💩

  33. Shame on this guy and his wife swindled millions left the home town like garbage he never wanted to talk about all the shooting in his back yard ask this crook what happened to all the millions

  34. Elijah Cummings now wants to have Nobel Prize for doing nothing in Baltimore as such as Obama got a Nobel Prize for doing nothing.

  35. Cummins: Dey bounced a rock off’n my empty head back in da 60 ‘s an’ i beez a cibil rights hero!

  36. GOD did not call you! GOD do not use worthless slumlords, and he will never use anyone with the name of a servant…you Cummings are a liar and YOU shall reap what you sow…you are a demon and you can't accept prayers…but don't worry Cummings…GOD hears you …ps how many people have died in in your district in your terms in the should be ashamed,… peacemakerservant1

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