Monday , April 19 2021
Home / News / Cuomo claiming ignorance of sex harassment law 'unacceptable': Lawmaker

Cuomo claiming ignorance of sex harassment law 'unacceptable': Lawmaker

Democrat Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara calls for the resignation of the New York governor over allegations. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Gee, can I rob banks and claim ignorance?

  2. Please let us not get distracted and dismiss the fate of the thousand plus seniors that died because of Coumo’s negligence.

  3. who cares? He killed people!

  4. 2:22 Yang pilih allah like💝🇰 🇮 🇸 🇸💖

  5. Cuomo is sorry now because he got caught,typical politician,,,,,I´m so sorry now that I´m caught,please forgive me,and Oh by the way buy my book ,on sale now.

  6. So not only the biggest mass murderer in U.S. history but a sexual predator as well. He gave himself a slap on the wrist and made it all good. Dirtbag needs to resign or does the law he signed and vowed zero tolerance on not apply to him?

  7. Nursing homes is on him to resignation you mean prison that's what he needs

  8. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Big brain Cuomo should have known that.

  9. I am sorry God 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 sorry

  10. You don't grab a woman an kiss her mouth an not know it he is a dam liar and a rapist

  11. This is the ONLY story from fox in my news feed today? much actual NEWS going on today don’t miss out waiting for this story to have actual new information.

  12. A huge luxury mansion, a huge income, status in Hollywood – of course NY governor doesn't want to resign. He's never had it so good!

  13. If he was a republican. Youd all say it was a lie. Obviously.

  14. Sure, didn’t work for ALL the Fox commentators that used that excuse. Of course they actually were ignorant.

  15. Cuomo killed 15000 people in old folks home. Why didn't he use all of the field hospitals and the mercy ship? Oh yeah!! Trump set them up. See the bias

  16. Stop the bait and switch. Coumo is responsible for the deaths in the nursing homes.

  17. So typical… signs a law that he doesn’t know what it says. The pound me too movement going after their own, this is a self inflicted wound.

  18. Any touching below the shoulder, I consider inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

  19. Zero tolerance except when it comes to a DEMOCRAT he meant !!

  20. How much more if this lying narcissistic murderer will we have to endure before someone with the authority to do so prosecutes him?

  21. You are my favorite fox show. Keep up the great work. Cuomo is a bully and everyone knows it.

  22. Well I’m glad he finally told the truth he claimed ignorance

  23. 531,652 deaths 29,456,377 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  24. He wrote a book on leadership during a pandemic, during the pandemic, but knows nothing about sexual harassment? Worst governor ever.

  25. This is the Demoscats "COSBY" moment.

  26. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  27. Why are so many folks enraged about assgrabbing, and so few enraged about mass manslaughter of nursing home residents?

  28. This guy makes excuses and he is NOT going to resign.

  29. In the words of Bill Clinton, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

  30. He knows it's wrong touching people in the work place or any place unwanted.
    This isn't the mob so stop kissing people.


  32. President Trump made him do this come on man it's Trump's fault.

  33. Fredo the Hero of New York! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. When was the last time a politician went to Jail? he’ll get a pass.

  35. Cuomo is a total piece of garbage!

  36. Why should Cuomo resign when you have rapist and murderers in the GOP

  37. He's responding the same way president Clinton did about Monica Lewinsky.

  38. Its to distract you from him killing all the elders with covid

  39. Play the movie,once more,New York well get a new Governor

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