Saturday , October 16 2021
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D.C. Braces For Rally In Support of Capitol Rioters

Capitol Hill is on high alert ahead of a Saturday rally where roughly 700 people plan to demonstrate on behalf of rioters arrested in the aftermath of January 6.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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#CapitolRiots #Insurrection #Traitors

D.C. Braces For Rally In Support of Capitol Rioters


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  1. Nothing to see here, Leftoids… move along.

  2. Bet they feeling pretty stupid right about now. There was 1 person arrested today who was from the FBI. It's almost like they just keep wanting things to happen. Another waste of taxpayer money, Pelosi horse & pony show. Pathetic.

  3. your false flag was a nothingburger mainstream media

  4. All the dim wit liberal idiots got there dream resident fraud what a bargain, Biden shut keystone pipeline down, gas a dollar more a gallon, killed 13 marines in Afghanistan, left Americans there, the border has 13 thousand illegas from Haiti at the Texas border

  5. Funny how MSM and you clowns who watch this garbage thought this was going to be a thing.😂😂😂

  6. The hyperbole over this was hilarious. Like 10 people showed up. Alas, networks are desperate for drama.

  7. ===Tears of 9/11

    “With the rising of an untamed sun
    With the heat that summer had left
    With the promise of a delicate fall
    September came into town with death toll in hand
    Twin towers as if the Titanic of New York
    Designed not to be perished
    But perished

    —-Where ever goes the burden of blame
    No one was there to stop, no one to defend
    Such are the children of Adam
    Lost and confused
    Love and kindness are the subjects of fools.
    Criminals commit guilt free crimes
    Ignorance and arrogance make the best of rhymes
    There is blood in the river of Tigris
    There is no tear left in mothers’ eyes
    When this world about to be filled with widows and orphans
    When this world about to have no man and love of a man
    When compassion is replaced by compulsion
    When the best is blinded
    When lying is glorifying
    And truth is rejected
    When no human soul could testify
    But Angels are trusted
    When this earth yearns for divine style
    Come Prophet, one more time!”

    Author: Heeya Sharmin. “Beyond the Silver Line.”


  9. Where were the cops last summer when mostly peaceful protesters were BURNING DOWN AMERICAN BUISNESES AND CITIES BY THE MARKSIST LEFT MORONS

  10. Wasteful efforts.
    8 months late.

  11. Americans are the body of the U.S. Gov. & our Politician are just representatives !
    Dictator fascism can not be allowed to happen !!!

  12. Did they hang any traitors back there in traitorville?

  13. Nobody coming. We know this is a set up!

  14. Due process is a civil right. A mass murderer in the White House is a failure of the election system.

  15. This was a joke, media tried to portray republicans as far right extremists. Release the illegally held protesters!

  16. Literally a peaceful gathering

  17. And for the record since y'all like to lie the only person who died that day was Ashley Babbitt actually none of the so-called officers that were hit no one was hit and they died from natural causes…

  18. Dam could use the police help down at the border but nooooo ….bc y'all are Full of 💩

  19. Chicken Little has NOTHING on Democrats.

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