Dagen McDowell: This is a baseless attack on Trump

Former Trump economic adviser Steve Moore joined ‘The Bottom Line’ to discuss the left-wing media’s claims that inflation would worsen under former President Donald Trump’s presidency.

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  1. You’ll understand this later.
    Trump is part of the judgement of America!
    A nation that used to pray and not be ashamed of God,
    A nation that has become vulgar and has cast off restraint,
    A nation who’s pastors have traded their morality and clung to isolated political issues that they themselves have deemed “most important” and no longer with a straight face preach against individual sin,
    Gets Donald Trump for a president.
    God told Samuel “ they have not rejected you, they have rejected Me!”
    They wanted a king that would fulfill their desires.
    God wasn’t good enough.
    So He gave them a scoundrel for a leader.
    It was national judgement.
    So, it looks like trump has a good chance of being your president.
    Can’t blame God.
    He gave you a chance for a reset.
    You voted for him twice.

    The republicans are the ones who stop the democrats from going overboard with liberal sinful legislation.
    Now they can’t because they’re just as guilty by picking Trump!
    He is the American Saul!

  2. The ones that want tuition breaks are the ones with degrees inuseless courses that have no job market to hire them, only jobs they qualify for are flipping burgers at a fast food place.

  3. soc/dems are terrified that TRUMP will win and show the world just how corrupt, incompetent and useless these politicians really are, and I mean carreer politicians from BOTH parties, they have been out of touch with reality for so long they think cadilacs still have fins!

  4. There's a reason Trump has 72% approval among the uneducated. Go to college, get a degree that actually has value, take charge of your life and stop blaming other people and Democrats for your failures. Pull yourself up by your boot straps as the right always says

  5. Talk about unhinged. Whats with this nut in pink? Shes barely able to control herself

  6. Poor, poor Trumpy baby. Apart from the treason, the rapes, the coup attempt, arrempted election stealing, the fraud he's just an innocent widdle orange man.

  7. Well said! Dump student, why go to college, expect our tax payer to pay for them.

  8. Aren't they ALL BASELESS ATTACKS ??? 😂😂😂

  9. Technology has gone down because the quality sucks!

  10. Oh and covid had nothing to do with it. Idiots.

  11. Well if it’s baseless he will win because of no evidence …or there is lots of evidence and you are just another mindless butt kisser ! Guess which it is … ? 😂

  12. Stupid Atlantic can't blame me✓ for inflation safety and liberty 🖼️🗽✔️

  13. Why does everything fall apart when Democrats take office ?

  14. I will bet Trump goes gang busters on paying off the national debt from selling the vast oil DEEP under the continent.
    The rest of the planet will enjoy cheaper energy, the US will make Billions and Trump will become a hero!!!
    TRUMP 2024😊

  15. 5.2 GDP. >4 UNEMPLY for 21 straight months BIDENOMICS. Business startups are at an all time high. If this was THitler's economy FOX would be telling you its the GREATEST ECONOMY EVER.

  16. It's mostly because of the war in Ukraine and high oil prices inflation went up everywhere in the world.. Inflation is going down now, everywhere in Western world

  17. Increased prices equals more taxes😊😊😊😊😊😊

  18. Massive spending = Inflation.


  19. The Washington Post is Democrat Propaganda. Full Stop.

  20. Trump was using sarcasm when he claimed Dictatorship on Day 1

  21. Okay. Some half-truths here. All politicians are big spenders now. Trump ran up the debt. However, Biden really ran it up mailing checks to people that didn't work. Interest rates were at zero, which I thought was a mistake. The president doesn't control inter

    est rates. The Federal Reserve does which isn't supposed to be political.

  22. McDonald’s profits are up 50%

  23. When Trump left office we were in a recession with 10% unemployment

  24. Inflation is not price, inflated prices still remain high after inflation has slowed. A pitty that the citizens are shackled to a a debt based inflationary centralized currency. As such the bondage is eternal.

  25. We don't want to pay for all these illegals. That is the biggest reason we are paying higher taxes.

  26. Keep up the good work. Truth is good.👍👍😎👽

  27. That's all the left and Democrats have to offer is blame all their failures on Trump. 😂😂😂. Then they wonder why we hate Biden and all Democrats.

  28. I am astonished at the lack of economic sense put forth by Biden, having gone through the 70's stagflation and malaise of the Carter years. You'd think they'd learned something but nope.