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Dallas tornado damages homes, leaves thousands without power | USA TODAY

Dallas tornado knocks out power for thousands as it ravages parts of Texas.
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A tornado touched down in Dallas, Texas, leaving thousands without power and damaging homes.

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  1. bruh im in cedar hill and it was hailing alot bruh, luckily i wasn’t in the tornado

  2. The power turned off for me for 3 or 2 seconds

  3. It's such a huge deal to be "without power" like humans weren't using candles not so long ago

  4. Where the safest place in US to avoid disaster ?

  5. At least everyone was okay?

  6. Keep in mind that the projection that 100,000 people were without power is vastly under-reported. Every apartment complex, every condominium complex that shares a meter, counts as one customer. My area said 24 people were without power, that was 24 apartment and condominium complexes.

  7. Praying for everybody affected by this!

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