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Dan Bishop Praises And Tries To Call President Donald Trump During Victory Speech | NBC News

Dan Bishop is projected to be the winner of the special election for North Carolina’s ninth district. During his victory speech, he praises President Trump’s actions and tries to call the president.
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Dan Bishop Praises And Tries To Call President Donald Trump During Victory Speech | NBC News


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  1. Lol look at that pathetic title ! So counter-productive but keep it up!

  2. One riingee dingee, two dingbats

  3. What NBC did not show was that President Trump was able to call him and speak to Bishop's supporters.

  4. Thanks North Carolina for taking the side of freedom against socialism " modern slavery "
    Thank you North Carolina for standing up for something better !!!!
    Thank you NC for embracing honesty decency, truth unlike the other side of aisle which shamefully embraces fake news, lies, deception and further illusion

  5. God Bless NC!!!Today America Won, Fake news media, defeated by hard working Americans!

  6. 😆 poor sad cnn abc msnpc cbs NBC u thought u would see a hit to our President. But u lose again 😆

  7. This has nothing to do with in this video but wow it takes forever for you guys to come out with your news videos from the previous night. by the time most of your videos come out it's no longer news. I could never see myself financially supporting this channel due to its continuous inconsistencies

  8. Why didn't the title just read "Dan Bishop wins North Carolina and speaks to VP Pence" ? NBC always feels the need to poke at anything positive that Republicans do. They are clearly just trying to highlight that Bishop wasn't able to talk to Trump.

  9. Thank god u won!! Dan bishop good man

  10. Trump a great president vote Republican get dem clowns out

  11. Trump knows that success is best achieved by surrounding yourself with good people. COngrats to NC for embracing decency and truth. Make certain you get out and vote well during NOvember 2020

  12. Dan Bishop's win in the 3rd district is seen as a bellweather test for the nation. Even the head honcho for the Democratic DCCC in NC, Cheri Bustos, said Trump coming in pushed Dan Bishop over the top.

  13. glad to see the good guy win . Dan greedy was a political troll working for xi and merkels marxist new world order

  14. another political crudifixtion of the communst left. LOL! cant wait for the tears of 2020 to raise the sea levels

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