Sunday , January 23 2022
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Dan Bongino: Comey's legacy is a stain on the FBI

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino discusses how former FBI Director James Comey pushed back against Attorney General William Barr’s claim that “spying did occur” on the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

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  1. I'm ready for arrests. Got my popcorn. 😎

  2. Hilarious! LOVE Dan Bongino's passionate temper! He should run for president after Trump!

  3. Bongino has been hitting his bong again. What delusional claptrap! Half the comments here are from Moscow or Putin wannabes. Wake up deplorables! Trump and the FUX disinformation network have you in it's grip, like a PTL Club on steroids!

  4. It's controversial if they want to keep that cushy gigs it's all coming out there's nothing they can do about it even these show agencies like CNN will have to report the truth or some semblance of it anyway well look totally totally in that bin corrupt pedophiles traitorous treasonous criminals it's all coming out

  5. Keep hearing Clinton will run for president 2020 , is that true , I would think no way after all this evident 's of the email . What do you think?

  6. Wray Liu is deep state he is covering for Hillary Comey Brennan Clapper Mueller and don’t forget Rosenstien he has tried to keep undercover for s whole now he was in this up to his neck..Doesn’t Trump have the authority to unseal these documents I thought he did????????

  7. Dan is the best!!
    He should have his own tv show…

  8. Sickening actions by Comey, McCabe and the fbi. Time to disband the fbi. This was an attempted coup.

  9. Actually the FBI is a stain on America. It's time to shut this taxpayer funded mafia down.

  10. \ Dan's Memorial Day 2019 webcast describes this fully, without interruption:

  11. Louis Freeh was the FB 1 when their sniper shot Vicki Weaver in the head as she held her baby… That is just a forensic fact….She was unarmed. No accountability on that….other than the $7 Million dollars the tax payers had to fork over to settle the case. The very sniper who took that shot – turned up at Waco a few years later… (Lon Horiuchi)

  12. Like millions of America patriots, I am SICK of the bull crap going on in MY once great country whom I do not and never will trust officialcye

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  14. Comey the creepy swamp rat, has done more damage to the FBI and American then (Aldridge) the worse spy in the history of America. Comey and his psrtners in crime Clapper and Brennen are truely a stain on our country.😎

  15. Can't the courts order it to be unsealed?

  16. Stain? Yeah – Comey always reminded me of a skid mark anyway.

  17. Comey is a brown stain on the underpants of American Freedom and Justice

  18. Wrey? Somehow "I told you so" echos in the empty halls of justice like a dying ghost

  19. Comey is a peach puddin stain on Joe Biden's car seat. SAVE THE CHILDEN!!!!

  20. How dare he?!!

    Law and order has no place at the dept. Of justice!

  21. The FBI is a mafia that is used by the democratic party to be as corrupt as possible.

  22. If Hillary had been elected our government would have become a corrupt boil growing out of control. We can't ever have thug life hood rats like the Obama's in office ever again. They alone started this shot as if it was a soap opera and treated their position of power as such. Total scum is what they are thank God Trump has undone everything that hood rat touched with his dirty hood hands

  23. Peter the smirker…. didnt think Barr could get him.. comey the rat though he was above the walmart masses…. We will trust the fbi and cia again after they clean their house

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