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'Daniel' the golden retriever wins Sporting Group at 2020 Westminster Dog Show | FOX SPORTS

‘Daniel’ is now looking to become the first golden retriever to win Best in Show in Westminster Dog Show history.

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‘Daniel’ the golden retriever wins Sporting Group at 2020 Westminster Dog Show | FOX SPORTS

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  1. Were you surprised to learn that no golden retriever has ever won Best in Show?

  2. Haha. Those paws…are like large arms…hugging.

  3. Golden retrievers are the best..

  4. Once you go Golden there's no going back, truly amazing creatures.

  5. congratulations to the golden retriever, golden retrievers are the best dogs, I love golden retrievers, I had a mixed golden retriever, we had one for 15 yrs, my baby
    died, I miss my snoopy, I miss my baby so much congratulations to the golden retriever
    win amen.

  6. Goldens are ALWAYS my winners.

  7. I had a male Golden for 12 years, I never knew an animal could be so amazing in every way.. God how I miss my boy

  8. Oh how I adore the Golden retriever, amazing beyond words.

  9. Put politics on hold we need to look into collusion on this

  10. I'm allergic to dogs but one of best friends – Willy the golden ( who sadly passed away last year ) was just the kindest loving friend. Willy cheered me up after my back surgery and I didn't know if I would ever use my foot again. There should be an additional category for love in this show . When Daniel hugged her , I mean what more do the judges want .

  11. A stinking poodle won best in show. Rigged.

  12. Congratulations to you and Daniel! He is absolutely beautiful!I Such a love!!! He looks a lot like my Albert 🙂

  13. Daniel was by far the BEST in Show! Outrageous no golden has ever won the Westminster in 148 years.

  14. Golden Retrievers are God’s gift to mankind.

  15. That Golden should of won best in show. I think the handler knew she was robbed.

  16. Daniel has won "Best in Show" 10 times, but not at Westminster.

  17. Daniel epitomized everything that is great about this great American breed. Agree with the other posters that he got hosed. Was so happy when Rumor The German Shepherd won BIS and was pulling hard for Annabelle The Bulldog the one year too.

  18. How many friggin times are Chessies going to get snubbed in the sporting group. Tired of seeing foofy dogs and four legged mops in the winner's circle.

  19. Not only was I rooting for Daniel, so were the spectators.

  20. 'Daniel' is stunning! (And my dog is a Labrador 😉 )

  21. Daniel was robbed of Best in Show. Goldens are the best dogs.

  22. Would love to see Golden win it all one year. We have a 1 year old Golden now and had a 14 year old Beagle and when Uno the Beagle won best of show in 2008 I was ecstatic. Now just need the Golden to win.

  23. Daniel was the winner in my book :,)

  24. My Goldie wins Best in Show EVERYDAY at my house! I love my boy, and I don't care what they win or don't win. I win everyday because he is such an awesome buddy!!

  25. Congratulations Daniel keep it up 👍😊❤️ you are sooo smart and cute 😘😘

  26. Why not change the system? One person judging, cmon! Daniel won!!

  27. Long overdue for this wonderful breed.

  28. Wish he had won best in show such a great dog Goldens are

  29. They are truly the greatest dog in the world. I have now owned 2 pureblood AKC golden retrievers and I raised them from little puppies. I will never own anything else but a golden. They are tough and protective of their family but also soft and gentle with children.

  30. Finally! I stopped watching the Westminster show because two of the most popular dogs, the retriever and labrador have consistently been overlooked. I was so happy to see the win. Perhaps some day to win the final title.

  31. What a beautiful puppy!!! Congratulations Daniel!

  32. Show is a joke. They NEVER pick popular breeds as Best in Show. Only stupid toy breeds and weird lookin dogs, point blank.

  33. The only dog I would ever own is a Golden Retriever, they are family and the best.

  34. It's ALWAYS the year of the Golden.

  35. Daniel should've won overall 🙏

  36. As one of the owners of Beacon the German Wirehair- Congratulations to Daniel! We were thrilled to get that Group 2!

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