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Danny Masterson, Church of Scientology hit with lawsuit | ABC News

Four women claim Masterson sexually assaulted them and that the actor then conspired with the church to cover up the alleged assaults, stalking and harassing them.

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  1. Lol to funny. I still like his character on that 70's show.

  2. That isn’t a church it’s a wicked place

  3. At this point I would believe just about anything I hear about the CULT of Scientology. It is shocking that they are even still taken seriously and have tax except status.

  4. It's about time he goes to jail and the charlatans of church gets shut down!

  5. It’s not a church it’s a cult.

  6. Breaking Windows in the middle of the night? That's what a 12 gauge and security cameras are for, sounds like the church is going to be missing some parishioners.

  7. 49 thumbs down, I bet those thumbs down votes are scientologist youtubers.

  8. What a loser. Drugging women to have sex with them.

  9. It’s not even a church. It’s a cult.

  10. This is what when you keep crimes in house reported. The church of Scientology is nothing but a racket that uses religion to stay above the law.
    There are a bunch of those out there.

  11. Is it true that Tom Cruise was awarded the completely pointless 'Medal of Valour' by David Miscarriage?
    – it was about the size of a dime – but on Cruise (being so tiny) looked about the size of a dinner plate !

  12. I get so happy whenever these bastards go down. Next up Nancy Cartwright.

  13. My question is why is their symbol the cross when they have nothing to do with Christ. Smh. This is a cult and they have been accused of harassment and abuse by so many people that it doesn’t make sense to me that they are still considered and legitimate tax exempt church in the United States. Smh.

  14. Biggest cult in California maybe even the country

  15. Thats how the church of scientology works. Stalk, harass, amd tourment everyone who is against them. They've said themselves if your not in scientology your the enemy!.

  16. He is a rapist of the worst kind. Rot in hell

  17. This is all absolutely bullshit. Where is the proof. These women are always saying me to decades later

  18. I believe Germany acknowledged Scientology is not a church and other countries to. Also they are not exempt from paying taxes are we not doing that here in the states? all the elites Hollywood all involved in Scientology anything dealing with money the United States feeds into.

  19. Is not a church is a cult they rape children.

  20. Yuck????!!!!! Danny thinks that them being exes is a good enough cover but jokes on him because you aren't allowed to rape your girlfriend either so when he is arrested if he is it won't be a laughing matter anymore!

  21. I had no idea Steven was in scientology.

    I am… disappointed.

  22. Hyde? Noooooo. Ruined a great show for me.

  23. Scientologists are disposable scum.

  24. this isnt the CHURCH of Scientology its the CULT of scientology, I repeat CULT!!!!, dont have a doubt in my mind he did this and they are covering for him, even if a crazy person said this cult had done something id still take his word over any one of their brain washed members, the only good thing that has come from the existance of this cult is that weve gotten to see how in a modern time religions are made

  25. Hyde, say it ain't so!
    That shit crazy

  26. I kind of wish Aleister Crowley was around for Scientology..he of course wasn’t a good person but he was a really wicked bastard that was into the dark arts big time. He would make Scientology look like a kids playground and use their own shit against them so bad that Scientology would want to abandon their own crap.

  27. YES…Leah burn them to the ground

  28. All churches have been known to stalk and harass when members leave it's not just scientology.

    When you don't want anything to do with them they get very angsty and even to the extent of trying to sabotage you.

  29. Scientologists…lol fucking weirdo's

  30. Weirdos …the military should shut down that shit show

  31. D list "celebrity" is a member of a garbage cult. No surprises.

  32. He is a Scientologist all the way, and I honestly do believe he did this because these women know they will be basically stalked and their lives will be a living hell because of Scientologist. All of y'all should know that by now I really hope he goes to prison.

  33. ALL CHURCH'S ARE FRAUDS ! Grow up people . It's 2019. Read up on the origins of your silly beliefs . Educate yourselves

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