Sunday , January 24 2021
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Dashcam Video Released In Fatal Police Shooting Of Two Black Teens In Florida | NBC Nightly News

Officials released video confirming Angelo Crooms and Sincere Pierce were shot as sheriffs deputies in Central Florida were pursuing a vehicle they thought was stolen. The sheriff’s office says the deputies, who are on administrative paid leave for the length of the investigation, were acting in self-defense as the vehicle was driving toward them.
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Dashcam Video Released In Fatal Police Shooting Of Two Black Teens In Florida | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Another tragic incident which could have been avoided through compliance. Compliance=safety. So the cop should allow a weapon, a moving car, to strike him without self-defense? That is not realistic. Any police critic, or rather hater, who says differently, is a liar.

  2. GTFOH!! We got shot when we comply as well when we don't 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. obviously you put"BLACK TEENS" in the title….you are s*** news…

  4. I don't know about you but I think it was justified. I have looked through the comments and a few people have said that the car was moving to slowly to do any damage. The thing is it was accelerating and weighs over 4000 pounds. That can do a lot of damage even at a slow speed.

  5. He could have just shot the tires

  6. all that protestin and preachin last summer didn't do much good did it, waste of good shoe leather, they're gonna do what they do and the cops are gonna respond the way they do, never change

  7. The fundamental problem as I see it, is that the police are being put into this situation, regardless of final outcome.

  8. So BLM just let the guys drive away with no repercussions? but if they were white justified shooting and no protests needed?

  9. And they were not heading for the police, they were trying to turn the car and yes they were afraid.

  10. The US wants police nationwide to wear body cameras, that should say everything about cops.

  11. Ignores cops yelling at them to stop. Idiots.

  12. If this would have happened in Philadelphia the city would be on fire right now.

  13. Why does a cop have to get in front of a car to fulfil his wish of taking lives.Tge female cop walked behind her car

  14. Also why not mention the guns in the back of their car

  15. the pigs could have shot the tires out no excuse. its murder

  16. Well driving towards an officer isn't that intelligent

  17. I think the officers could have fired at the tires or got out the way and just gave chase and did a pit remover. Now if they stole a car, then there are consequences to that unfortunately. Do we know that the car was stolen from a stranger and not mom's vehicle?

  18. Skin color is always more important than the story right?

  19. He could have shot tires out

  20. Double murder just like that this is crazy

  21. The boys must have been BLM members, we know how the police hate them.

  22. So the media and police keep pushing the term stolen car even though they know who the car belongs to. And it was not stolen and the owner is the deceased girl friend. All these facts and they still trying to push the stolen car narrative.

  23. was told to stop MULTIPLE times, car didnt stop , cop opened fire , end of story…..moral of the story is STOP YOUR FCKING CAR D!PSHIT

  24. Why are they protesting it’s there fault they got shot because instead of stopping they accelerated towards the cops smh

  25. The vehicle was turning away from the Cop. The car was not aimed at the cop, nor did the teens aim a weapon at the cop. The cop was mad because they didn't heed his so called commands. So he killed them both out of anger among other things.

  26. Seriously tho: why do they allow police officers to shoot regular civilians? Isn’t this terrorism?

  27. If they were afraid of being shot by the police, why would they accelerate towards the police instead of away from the police?

  28. I love how the police step in front of the vehicle to justify self defense. Even tho you see the tires turned away from the officer. Just sick. We need change the policy on shooting at moving vehicles.

  29. 0:14 the car is turning and you are still shooting? are you really afraid? and if a car is moving wtf is a bullet gonna do? so you are going to shoot someone dead with their foot on the gas? wouldn't the car just keep going?

  30. This video looks edited too much I can't tell but they look like they are fleeing and not attacking

  31. I wish those Boys Were Still here I hope one day That every black person feels safe To walk ON THE STREETS

  32. Well that law need to be changed if we can’t shoot interuders that run why should they shoot non fugitives that are running away not self defense

  33. When will the police stop murdering suspects?
    Let’s put this motto on their car and remove “We Serve & Protect”
    “We Murder for Misdemeanors & Assassinate on an Accusation”

  34. it's a pity to see that American cops are taught in the academy that the only solution is using a gun. I live in Germany and I have never ever seen an officer draw his weapon. Poor black community . ..they are doomed when they comply and dammed when they don't. And some people still do not believe there is systemic racism in the system. I thought the year 2020 was in itself the worst year of my lifetime. But it looks like 2021 may prove me wrong.

  35. Sir ! 5 enemys down
    Sir ! 3 enemys down
    Next terminated 1 building
    Absulutly Sir

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