Thursday , December 3 2020
Home / News / Daughter Speaks Out After Mom’s Death: Vaping ‘Took My Mom Away From Me’ | NBC Nightly News

Daughter Speaks Out After Mom’s Death: Vaping ‘Took My Mom Away From Me’ | NBC Nightly News

The CDC reports at least 85 cases and 12 deaths from vaping-related illnesses in 46 states. Pepperdine University student Maggie Davis says her mother, who vaped for a decade, should be added to the growing death toll.
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Daughter Speaks Out After Mom’s Death: Vaping ‘Took My Mom Away From Me’ | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Everything they create backfires. All this artificial meat will be the cause of many illnesses in the near future. Man is not perfect neither is anything he creates

  2. Fake news. No one has died from vaping nicotine juice. They are dying from cheaply-made THC carts from China

  3. Sorry about your loss, but your mom wasn’t Vaping regular eliquid… she was vaping THC cartridges…

  4. These tobacco lobbyists are lobbying hard because they know there cash crop is under threat.

  5. I feel horrible for the family but “vaping” did not take your mom from you, your mothers drug use did, black market thc did.

  6. I know government really don't care about our health. But if they did, they should be educating public from buying black market HTC crap. People are sheep's. I hit my head yesterday after drinking water. Water is not safe and we should ban it!

  7. It’s was a thc vape not the nicotine vapes

  8. I encourage every parent go drug test they kids regularly. As simple as that. Leave legal vape shops alone. They getting it from the streets anyway, and is dangerous. Know what your kids are into. THC will show positive. Stop blaming vaping. Adults should know better, if it's cheap, it's fake. Sorry for your loss, my dad died from drinking alcohol.

  9. shame on NBC News — e cigarettes arent helthier? ecigs = 12 deaths this year, regular cigs = 1000 deaths a day. Hows your math? — FAKE NEWS

  10. e cigarettes arent helthier? ecigs = 12 deaths this year, regular cigs = 1000 deaths a day. Hows your math?

  11. Nicotine is the problem, especially when combined with drinking alcoholic drinks.

  12. When e-cigs were getting popular I got a kit, Blue brand and after 2 months ended up in hospital with lung infection on lower right side..was given antibiotics for a week….the diagnosis by Doc was the sticky vaping liquid… sticks to your lungs overtime creating a thin dangerous layer blocking oxygen and attracting bacteria to stick in there….as time passes and bacteria grows it can be fatal…..ever since that incident I stopped vaping, threw away the kit.

  13. Maybe just quit smoking altogether. Everyone knows vaping and cigarettes are bad for you. Unless you've been living under a rock. What makes people think substituting one chemical for another in your lungs is ok? They have only themselves to blame, nobody twisted their arm and made them smoke anything.

  14. Everybody knows ALL news is leftist news and therefore is FAKE NEWZ!

  15. Our government is becoming overzealous.

  16. Vaping counterfeit marijuana cartridges is what took your mom from you. Counterfeit cartridges contain marijuana that is grown with chemicals. Heating cause hydrogen cyanide.. vape on folks.. a study has been done by media. Look it up.. 100 out of 100 counterfeit cartridges exposed the people to hydrogen cyanide

  17. Vapes legitimate e-liquid for 10 years – lives her life like normal
    Vapes THC from unknown source – becomes hospitalized

    My heart goes out to the families who have suffer a loss of a loved one. It's something very tragic and saddening indeed that everyone should empathize with.
    However, the loss of a loved one should not justify the spread of misinformation which results hurting the rest of the community. The majority of the vaping community use legitimate e-liquids to stay off cigarettes under good faith. These people hypothetically could potentially go back to cigarettes which is something everyone knows is extremely unhealthy.
    It should be mention that it's statistically shown that thousands of people die per day due to cigarette use.
    "Vaping" legitimate e-liquids is a well known as a safer alternative to "smoking" that works.
    When someone uses stuff that isn't approval and is black marketed with no regulation, that person does it under their own discretion, and the whole community should not take the toll for that action.
    This is the third new report that BRIEFLY mentions the use of THC, and it just so happens to be a contributing factor to the death of another person that was loved.
    I have a friend that began to vape THC and quit after 2 weeks because he "began to feel sick". It's fair to say that there's a correlation between death by vaping and use of illicit THC.

  18. 10+ years of no vaping deaths then all of the sudden 12 in 2 months? That makes zero sense. Mostly, these aren't long time vapor users finally feeling the effects of vaping that are dying. Something is fishy, this doesn't add up!

    I'm going to vape so much harder now.

  19. So aggravating. I feel bad for her and her lose but it had nothing to do with nicotine flavor vaping. Black market tainted THC carts is the problem. I wish people would use a little common sense. Vaping has been around more then 10 years with no problems. And now within the last couple months these deaths have happened. Common sense would tell you it's something that been introduced and not the vaping. I was diagnosed with C.O.P.D a year ago and when my pulmonologist said I have to stop smoking no. go on oxygen I asked of I could vape. He said yes so I switched. And 1 year later the test came back my lung function is up 10% and I feel miles better. I do NOT do thc or cbd. Nicotine flavor vaping only.

  20. Living around non whites takes white lives from us all the time, but the media doesn't report it. Instead we get this as news. Almost like there is some agenda hmmm

  21. In America..

    Cigarettes = 480,000 deaths /year
    Vaping black market cartridges = 12 deaths /year

    Yes, let's ban legal e liquids. Makes a lot a sense.

  22. I'm sorry about her mother I really am. Maybe I should just quit vaping and go back to combustible cancer causing smokes

  23. CDC vapers will continue to die because of misleading reporting. Cannabis derived concentrates are well known to cause lipoid pneumonia and death.

  24. Dont you love it when stupid people make conclusions before the evedence is in.

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