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Daunte Wright’s Family Speaks Out After Ex-Police Officer Appears In Court | NBC Nightly News

Daunte Wright’s family is demanding justice after the 20-year-old was killed by former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter during a traffic stop.
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Daunte Wright’s Family Speaks Out After Ex-Police Officer Appears In Court | NBC Nightly News


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  1. shame on the news for showing him holding a baby and not pointing out his crimes and what put him self in that situation and dnt get me worg if that cop knew she had her gun out then yes thow under the bus not if she telling the truth and it's the news responsibly to report botth sides not ju6make a criminal look gd

  2. How do you not know the difference between a plastic taser and a fully loaded firearm? Was the officer not properly trained on it? Come on.

  3. This is what parental failure looks like. Thanks for the example NBC.

  4. I'm sorry but these women can't have lost children they never kept. (They didn't care til now?)

  5. Don’t fight with the police stupid games wins stupid prizes. The man had weapons charges he was wanted

  6. That's what happens when you get involved with them.

  7. Run from the police and get shot….too F***ing bad…serves you right

  8. Don't blame the police. Don't blame this on racism. Blame this on a young man who made poor life choices and unfortunately paid the ultimate price. If you want to see change, it all starts from home. Teach your kids how to respect the law and comply with police if confronted. If you do that, you have almost a zero percent chance of dying at the hands of the police regardless of the color of your skin.

  9. He was just a good little gangsta, the kind Obama would call his son.

  10. Show me the money……

  11. " Mah babeh didn't do nufin!"

  12. Maybe if you saw your baby boy more often, he wouldn’t have robbery charges. Responsibility, nom sayin. Now dry your tears with lawsuit winnings

  13. Pretend your a cop. Would you shoot someone because they resisted or didn’t cooperate?

    I’m just saying there’s other ways to go about dealing with these kind of situations before a gun is pulled out.

  14. She made a mistake he was dirtbag to try to flee.. his family felt that garbage along time ago!

  15. But your dead son put himself in that situation…

  16. Great job raising you son!

  17. Raise your kids don't let the streets do it

  18. Your son was a thug. Maybe you should have raised him BETTER?,?

  19. I have a few questions, why and where did he get that gun, why was he running around at that time at night, was he drug dealing, does he or any of his family members have a criminal history

  20. Clown with orange clown hair.

  21. The TWO sides of Daunte Wright. The media's and sympathizers side (Sweet, kind, loving father and son) ….the Court Records & Thug Life side (Charged with gun felonies-Aggravated Burglar, trying to rob a woman at Gunpoint for her rent money…Trying to choke her to death). Didn't show for his court hearing…no parole communications, ect, ect) SEE the goods on Daunte > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbXYjO4M-aM&t=13s Daunte would STILL be alive if he didn't RESIST arrest and fight with the cops to try and flee. The accidental gunshot would not have happened. STOP resisting….STOP being a thug

  22. The poor little thug that terrorized other people… should have been better parents

  23. The liberal media doing what they do best creating racial animosity

  24. It's used to be as a father if you raised a criminal like Dante, you would have the self awareness to hide your face. His parents are failures.

  25. He should not have tried to run. He caused his own death.

  26. Comment if you’ve actually been called a racial slur today….

    Like if you’ve been included in being publicly blamed for the death of another race because of YOUR. Skin color

    Do both of you realize hitler used the same propaganda and almost took over the world

  27. Shut up and get your check poor uneducated liar..you know the routine..you people are cringe af and look fake..this aint gonna stop till american communism is wiped out..promise

  28. Glock is heavy Taser guns light and made of plastic. I don’t believe that she didn’t know she had a gun. No way!

  29. this over outrage is what's going to increase and not decrease the racial divide… it could be legit accident that se took gun in place of taser and there was warrant out for that boy.. he was not innocent either… why this demand for life… would she have shown the same outrage if a black woman cop shot her son… that's misplaced outrage… trying to wash her hands in flowing water

  30. this aunt is a total limelight hogg

  31. Governor is doing a great job fanning the flames.

  32. Real stand up parents here. Smh.

  33. Well teach your kids not to resist arrest. The laws apply to everyone in this country. Open yours eyes instead of starting riots and looting maybe you should start educating these kids on how to be a law abiding citizen and if your being detained for breaking the law DO NOT RESIST. ITS NOT THAT HARD. It shows how ignorant BLM is when your all crying about you want change. Well a good start would be stop resisting arrest. Stop blaming everyone else its pathetic

  34. Bad actors. Cant believe people believe this.

  35. Your baby boy never should have choked a woman for her money:/ idiotic.

  36. Wah Wah Wah…when are ya gonna learn…resisting arrest causes more unrest!!!

  37. Teach your children. Ultimate responsibility is family values and upbringing.

  38. Running from the cops? Yaba daba DONT. Also fire this cop but also don’t treat this teenager like he was a innocent teen he was not
    Also he did not deserve to die and this cop was a absolute moron
    The kid was kinda a thug that’s why he was getting arrested he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest
    Also he started to resist arrest midway through the cuffing
    Also this officer is a complete rookie how can you mistake a gun for a tazer
    Also if this kid just decided to go through the due processing none of this would have happened

  39. Well then he shouldn't have a warrant of arrest pending. His actions caused his death regardless what you say or other people. It's amazing when these people commit crimes and are faced with action its always the police officer's fault give me a break don't commit crimes obey the police officer's instructions, don't try to get away because the long arm of the law you get you in the end that's the reality this is why so many blacks are bring shot and killed in the US.

  40. I feel for both families loss😢🙏 a young man & a Mother taken from their families needlessly. PLEASE do not resist instructions if stopped by police.

  41. people are senseless. A 20 yr old man got killed . Now picture in your mind that you have a case against you and expired tags. Normally you would take the person you about to arrest to the back of the car. 2 more officers started to grab him at door of the car . That dont look good to the person being detain. That wasnt going to end good even if he had to comply. She killed a human being so she should have to pay. The mass murderers dont even have to die but plea crazy but the whites people dont care if a black person dies on stupid simple stuff but would say dumb comments saying that he deserve it. If it was their child they would fight and put bill boards everywhere about their child. People, he was human like you and me …..Shoot the murderers. Because our law is letting them live. Im very sorry for the 20 yr old loosing his life because of fear and im sad for the officer too because she ruin her life and others around her. This is sad sad sad and you guys talking b.s. make you inhuman and cold….

  42. God brought him in this world, no matter what, they had no right to take him out.

  43. Time to get paid meanwhile country burns whites are mad but they get away with rioting the capital building 😂

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