Dave Ramsey warns ‘Bloody Sunday’ is ahead

Dave Ramsey and a panel of financial experts join ‘FOX & Friends’ to share advice for Americans wanting to buy homes and tips for holiday planning. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Crony capitalism has got to go ! Crony capitalism has made homeownership unaffordable!
    We don’t have a free market housing market!

  2. Crypto wasn’t too good to be true you just had to know when the time was right for you to get out and listen to how crypto was being accepted

  3. Dave Ramsey is usually wrong.

  4. A crew of obedient weaklings. These pencil necked wimps are a disgrace to America.

  5. You cannot refinance if the value drops

  6. We're probably not even building enough homes per day to account for the number of heads crossing the border every day.

  7. Forget buying a house that cost way too much you need to buy land and develop the land it's way cheaper than buying up house


  9. Yes, buy a house and watch the value drop 40% over the next few years. Wonderful advice.

  10. rich people making cookies cheapskate

  11. dave remembers 2008 so its irresponsible to tell people to buy at the top of the market

  12. ramsey has a lot of houses he needs to unload…. buy at the top so he gets even richer

  13. Enough with the side hustle, side gig bs. It's called part time work. So, annoying.

  14. Ugh every time i hear ramsey speak I cringe…

  15. It’s not about the interest rates, it is about house prices. Prices need to come down and savers need some respect.

  16. Dave Ramsey threw people who was renting in one of his properties during the pandemic because he raised the rent Such a Christiaan thing to do !!!!

  17. Biden declared war on fossil fuel industry day 1.

  18. You cant refinance later if your house value tanks and/or you lose your job

  19. Or … learn to say these four words:
    "I don't do holidays."
    It makes life so much easier.

  20. But it would have cost taxpayers over 300 Billion to pay for “student’s” poor life choices as opposed to now adding 120 billion a year when payments begin again.

  21. It would help if people with more money , didnt pay lower intrest rates. People under a certain income, with student debt . Got debt forgiveness. That rich tax cheats couldnt hide from the irs. That medical costs were capped.

  22. Bring it on! Crash the housing market, I'm here for it. The rich have far more to lose.

  23. Haha John looks like he just rolled out of bed 😂

  24. steve doocy is too old to comment on crypto, his comments harm people from learning how to get financial freedom.

  25. The goal is to make all of us renters.😢

  26. These people are so out of touch.. economy is screwed..

  27. Make it illegal for companies to purchase single family homes

  28. Mmm about "crypto" I am up 2,000% for the year.

    Might check kas coin

  29. They want to make it unaffordable to buy a home so the big companies can buy them and turn them into rental properties

  30. Trump 2024 Adios Brandon

  31. Side hustle, only accept cash or money order. Have multiple accounts, do not attract attention!

  32. Side hustle, be careful! More than $600 in electronic payments and you are considered self employed. Enjoy your self employment taxes and time / money required to file! Thanks to Biden’s recovery act!! Used to be $20,000!

  33. What can be said.
    Buying a house is a joke untill we abolish property taxs, restore property rights.
    The government killed the American Dream.

    Shut the Government down with Pink slips!

    By the way the largest employer in the USA is the government , if that does not scare the SHFT out of you well your a Communist!

  34. Ramsey!

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  35. Dave says home prices will not come down so where is he getting that information from ? Also every city is different demand and supply. If interest rate are going up then prices has to get down if supply available. 😂

  36. Alls Dave does is teach people how to play by the billionaires rules. We need to get paid more, or the price of things needs to drop that way we dont have too worry about buying too many seasonal coffees.

  37. I thought it was U2 who warned us of Bloody Sunday.