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Dayton authorities deliver an update on the mass shooting that left 9 dead and 26 injured

A lone gunman in body armor opened fire early Sunday in a “very safe” entertainment district in Dayton, Ohio, killing at least nine people and igniting chaos in the crowded outdoor area before he was fatally shot by police seconds later, authorities said.

Police identified the shooter as Connor Betts, 24, of nearby Bellbrook. The names of those killed also were released and included Betts’ 22-year-old sister, Megan. More than two dozen people were wounded or injured.

“Hundreds of people in the Oregon District could be dead today” if police hadn’t acted so quickly, Mayor Nan Whaley said. She said the city would conduct a vigil Sunday night.

The assault was the nation’s second mass shooting in less than 24 hours. Late Saturday morning, a 21-year-old gunman killed 20 and wounded 26 others at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

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  1. Why weren't his parents HONEST in his Obit ? Telling the TRUTH, the FACTS. He was a selfish human. What would be wrong if his Obit even apologised to the people he MURDERED & INJURED.

    Disgusting DELUSIONAL parents. refusing to admit what a shit their children are and what a TERRIBLE job they did of raising him.
    I hate watching family being interviewed on TV saying what a remarkable, loving care, kind, intelligent person their missing/dead family member is/was. No one ever has a "NORMAL" missing/dead loved one. Parents stated that he read Harry Potter before he went into 1st Grade. (implied that he was super intelligent).

    What sort of parents ALLOW a 5 year old to read Harry Potter books? They are suitable for 5 or 6th. Scary, violent, sensuality. The books becomes darker and more of the older age variety. All the books are classified as young adult and are NOT suitable for 5 or 6 year olds. And his parents advertise that they were happy to let a 5 year old real a totally unsuitable book. I bet neither parent read the book before they allow the Psycho to read it.

    Gotta love the US Firearms Regulations. Fire arems are more important than LIVES.

  2. Hey dummies they shouldn't be saying shit until the trial is over. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Get over it and move on. It's in the people's hands now

  3. Butter mouthing of whites dont help unless the whites come to solve the very core problem of racism in this country. Unfortunately USA is a very backward country as it is a police land acting civilised but in reality it is not. It has to have first a president that prich peace not violent .

  4. The shooter is a antifa member but utube is blocking the story and the news will not run it.they are hiding this fact.


  6. Hi I'm an agent who works with FBI I'm here to pretend like I'm sad so I can brainwash stupid Americans into handing over their guns so, I can have ARMED terrorist take over your communities and enforce our Tyrannical laws upon you stupid AMERICANS.

  7. Mass shootings are a Leading Edge indicator that :
    Rather than Americans taking too many prescribed drugs and self – medicating too frequently ; There are way too few drugs being legally prescribed or being self medicated by the citizenry in sufficient quantities.
    Dr . Cornell West says : " Justice is the public face of Love " ; I would suppose that It stands to reason that : " The War On Drugs is the public face of Hate " .
    Nay sayers will argue this is a false equivalence . But historical correlation and exigent circumstances gives credence to my argument .
    Have any Mass Shooters been found to be on Doctor prescribed pain ( opioid ) medication ?
    Have any Mass Shooters been habitually self – medicating with , what is called recreational substances ?
    I think we already know the answer to these questions .

  8. Its called the "Vaginization" of the American male & people were already predicting this kinda stuff 15yrs ago. Take away proper dicipline while allowing this female ran type of society to keep handing out participation trophys & here you go. Anti bullying & this constant pitty party for the complainers is helping fuel this 100%. This is what happens when you limit a boys knowlege of how to handle their own feelings, emotions, & rejections. This is a problem that probably wont go away for a while but we can turn things around now for future generations to not be set up like this. This is NOT a gun control issue, its a mental health issue.


  10. everything except handing out participation trophy's wtf

  11. Why when the person killer is white it's a mental illness but when there brown there savages and terrorist

  12. Omg! what is wrong with you people. Restitution Restorative Justice Reparations for terrorized Blacks People

  13. The gunman has been identified as 24-year-old Connor Betts, of Bellbrook, Ohio, law enforcement sources told CBS News. The sources said police were searching his home Sunday morning. ThroughTheNever​Conner Betts, died suddenly in February 2014. He was survived by his mother and 4 siblings including his sister Megan.

  14. The gunman has been identified as 24-year-old Connor Betts, of Bellbrook, Ohio, law enforcement sources told CBS News. The sources said police were searching his home Sunday morning. ThroughTheNever​Conner Betts, died suddenly in February 2014. He was survived by his mother and 4 siblings including his sister Megan.

  15. I watched this lady on tv laughing before she started taking to the press. What a disgrace.

  16. Stephen Halbrook, a lawyer who has represented the NRA, argued (PDF) that “if the Nazi experience teaches anything, it teaches that totalitarian governments will attempt to disarm their subjects so as to extinguish any ability to resist crimes against humanity.”

  17. Forget the bk ground checks and half mass flags. Start preaching the word of God. We have a country full of lives with no purpose n no God

  18. What, nothing about people shot or who they were or time it happened. No remarks or prayers given. No wonder Babylon is falling. This is just another incident that forgets the people and pats the backs of politicians. God help us

  19. Donald Trump is no good for America, this is all his fault, he must resign immediately. Donald Trump has a constant need to fill a void in his self-esteem so he tells lies, attacks people, rallies hate and insults the cities and people of America all because he feels a need to feed his Ego to get a sense of significance. When the good people call him out on this he plays the victim and rallies his supporters with like minds and cruel hearts, feeling the need to go after the poor and less fortunate out of fear, hate and with anti-immigrant propaganda. Our president demonizes immigrants and rallies the hate and violence towards them, that has lead to these mass shooting. Donald Trump is directly tied to the cause of this mass shooting, the POTUS who is supposed to encourage unity in the Unites States of America. Donald Trump knows there will be more mass shootings influenced by his leadership. Donald Trump has proven to be an ignorant racist bully and has violated his oath so many times, I wonder why he has not been impeached by now. DONALD TRUMP IS PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE! ~ AND SO MANY OTHER BAD THINGS FOR AMERICA! ~ PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO GO OUT AND LIVE THEIR LIVES IN THE LAND OF THE NOT SO FREE ~ WE CAN NO LONGER HOLD OFF ON IMPEACHMENT AS DONALD TRUMP CONTINUES TO DEGRADE OUR SOCIETY AND WAY OF LIFE ~ AMERICA DESERVES BETTER ~ WE WANT TO BE HAPPY AGAIN! ~ DUMP TRUMP! REMOVE, IMPEACH AND IMPRISON DONALD TRUMP THE CRIMINAL THAT IS LEADING AN ASSAULT ON AMERICAN CITIZENS!

  20. Are these mass shootings giving confidence to others who feel its okay to take their anger out on innocent strangers? Like… I don't even know what to think. WHAT IS GOING ON?! Action and less politics and talk please.

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