Sunday , January 23 2022
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Dayton, El Paso, and the Trump Administration's response | Week In Review

Mass shootings occur in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. The Trump Administration, as well as top politicians, share their responses.

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  1. Until USA citizens dare to do big riots, no impactful change will happen. Dare to sacrifice yourself for the better USA.

    And as we always know since long time ago, our gov, USA gov never care about it's citizens. They actually dare to kill you for money. 😢

  2. Ted Cruz says don't mention the El Paso shooter's name? Flock Ted Cruz and his BS, Patrick Wood Crusius, Patrick Wood Crusius, Patrick Wood Crusius. Something needs to be done and Ted Cruz is clueless…

  3. Condemns white supremacy but will silently orgasm over the chanting of "send her back." 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  4. I not a Trump supporter in any way, but if Beto blames Trump then he has no understanding. There's no easy fix here, Americans will not give up their second amendment rights, nor should they. But at look at a culture that somehow motivates people to do this.

  5. They failed to include black lives matter and antifa in their speech.

  6. Let’s see in this comment section how many Traitors are against our president. Lol if this government where to go socialist? I’d be the 1st to look for the traitors in person, so let’s see who is on the list.

  7. All the good people in our Nation has to go vote in 2020, 2022 and beyond to make sure we oust evil, racist and awful excuse of human being Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell and all their supporters and enablers and those democrats who are bought by the NRA out of government forever, so we can truly have a safe, secure and proud Nation that we want and deserve.

  8. Idiot just cause the survived doesnt mean they aing victims

  9. Its the society and climate that has been twisted that cultivated monsters. We want a real solution, not just for the purpose of a reality show

  10. We had mass killing from beginning of time not guns till now look back to Charles mason and that preachers Jones wasnt it killing something going happen some where how bad we don't know in a way we are living the living bible it has to come to pass President Trump is on God sides like it or not Obama's Joe Hilliary and other followers we can't stop killing that want come till Jesus's comebacks to earth to set up heaven and hell on earth yes lake of fire will be on earth all we can do is stop the evil from coming into our country everyday killing or tapering or stealing jobs from American citizens those that will work the one who want to rob kill want pull there pants up on hip where the belong but we. the people of American can't expect a prefect life it just going be prefect till new earth and new heaven being let morn for the loves one and remember them that what they want weather or not there time here was up we don't know because its in the bible ancient will happen in wrong place at wrong time like there might be a ancients where hammer. Hit someone and kill them or stray bullet might hit them it's all in bible yes I know this and so should you we go on every day doing our work and most important put right people in office like President Trump and Mike Spens to keep American safe from evil that steal there way though but them people and country hates our gut to let pray for strength of family to get through the loss and keep the hate out of our heart ……Trump /Spense 2020 sorry Mike think that last name spell wrong time get spelling book out

  11. im canadian so idek y im watching this

  12. Apparently Trump has agreed to designate white nationalism as a mental illness. Social media accounts will be checked on any person applying to purchase a firearm. If the applicant is found to have been making comments that could be seen as threatening towards blacks, Asians, Arabs, Latinos and/or religious groups such as Christians, Muslims or Jews they will not be permitted to purchase a firearm. The FBI will also be authorized to confiscate any weapons currently in the possession of such person or their family.

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