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Dayton, Ohio shooting: Officials give update on mass shooting in downtown area| ABC News

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  1. I get sick of people saying "what do we have to do?". What we have to do is lock crazy MFr's up! It's not about guns it's about crazy MFs! Lock 'em up!

  2. This killer was a big Antifa and Warren Supporter. Got it?

  3. they look like they do ot care for the people who killed ,they just care about saying what save them .
    sham on you ,you must be responsible for everyone or go to your home and leave the positions to whom can serve the society .


  5. And that guy McConnor is just doing things that benefit his life after death as he is at that age where he needs to focus on his earnings for his kin for reasons of him not acting inquiries of the NRA to take steps to control how guns are being sold knowing that will decrease their multi billion dollar profit as their biggest earnings are after mass shooting events as I wonder how many Republicans are part of the NRA s share holders, have discounts and receive some kind of tribute to keep them ( the NRA) away from any accountability of changes to their source of income and people getting killed of such carnage is part of it right after shootings…

  6. The top players of influencing the young core or new recruits of the Radical Hate Groups main agenda is to have the country get into mass Race Wars within the US knowing it starts in the prisons but still waiting for that day in the public. Of these 3 shootings in a week of 2 within half a day shows their latest attempt and they will be influencing more losted young Americans to try and try again. The tactics they are using now is by the internet s source of decoy behind a screen. We will soon expose the Evil by way of the Righteous hackers and the Law and not give them Evil pervs their fantasy of US being them..And part of that Evil are the other leaders of protection of arms that do not want any changes that will costed them their money over our lives.. And who knows,,,,??? There could be an Evil within the Association that is monopolizing this method as every time a mass shooing happens Ads come out the next day as SALES and purchasing of guns always go up 10 fold for that week.. That s fast cash so of course the Republicans will protect them over US…???!!!

  7. Lets hope Shooter had cell phone police find on him that he used to get the gun body gear and ski mask as he thought he get away and jump to his escape car . It will show he had help and there is more to his motives along with other people that may helped him with the gear he used to target and kill most of the non whites with exception to a couple whites that included shooter s sister..

  8. What I found offensive on the youtube posting is that the "preview" of story that plays when you hover over the video selection. It indicates joy, dancing, celebration, and posts with a picture of a woman of color with sunglasses, a burka, and a huge smile. Who posted this, and what was their motive? The actual video IS an update, not what is previewed! Insensitive, racial, hateful would be the message.

  9. Another left-winger socialists gone psycho. Same in El Paso. Just full of hate. Killing his own sister for God's sakes. Definitely pre-meditated unless everybody wears body armor daily. What a shame.

  10. Seems many are asking the same question: What can be done to stop this from happening? Nothing. The time to act would have been before these types of weapons were made legal. Some groups and law makers have been fighting for some aspects of gun control since the 70's.

  11. Premeditated? No, everyone goes to popular night spots wearing body armor, mask, carrying military style weapons and extra ammo. I never leave home with out mine…..LOL

  12. So out of control now they killing everybody the fire 🔥 in wind that destroy everyone even their own kind.Hatred is the 😈 appetizer.Its now becoming a full course meal.# Everyday.

  13. 2019 people still being fed Rasicim.The top dog is fueling

  14. Us will not handle it in the future.all Gangs extremes,and Countries dealing with those 3 Hell is coming soon.Its going to get worse We have know respect Any more do to you know who? Sad

  15. Sending message to people.wall being built go deep sending mix messages to crazy people.

  16. Moore mass shooting.Have been happening. Hillary Clinton tried to earn you all.Know who did you vote for

  17. So sad government have no thoughts and Prayers.They could have stop this a long time ago.

  18. Government support Racism fully. They Boil the pot over were their is no stopping.Now they go after people out of this country.In us aka U.S will not go after people in our country that is extremes.They are Glorified until someone in their family at Walmart or any were shopping or to the movies.Die

  19. WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT OTHER COUNTRIES Attaching US THe U.S WERE Killing EACH OF Encouragement In The Result of support of Rascism.Now no one is Safe.

  20. The El Paso shooting might be white supremacy, this shooting, the opposite? This country needs to return to the days of Bill Clinton and Centrism. This extremist politics will get us nowhere.

  21. It is not my intention to be insensitive by any means.
    My prayers go out to the victims, their families, the survivors and the suspects families.

    What I have noticed in these two shootings is that both of these young men are products of suburbia.
    This is supposed to be one of those so called American Dreams to reside in a…big house, two car garage, decent schools…etc…
    You would expect the perpetrators to be from impoverished upbringings.
    Something is going wrong with the family dynamics.
    This is a cultural and societal issue.
    There is such an enormous number of these young men with these same issues more is required than just gun legislation.
    Something has gone terribly wrong in these families households.

  22. A mass shooting and hijabi in the thumbnail. What a coincidence!


  24. The toll of 255 mass shootings include five high-profile massacres in the past eight days, in which more than 100 people have been shot:

    A shooting in a historic district of Dayton, Ohio, with nine people killed and 27 injured.

    A shooting at Walmart in El Paso, Texas, with 22 people killed and at least 24 wounded. It was the deadliest shooting of the year.

    A shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in the San Francisco Bay Area, with three people killed and 15 injured.

    A shooting at a Brooklyn block party, with one person killed and 11 injured.

    A shooting at a Walmart in Southaven, Mississippi, with two people killed and two injured.

    Before the El Paso attack, the deadliest mass shooting of 2019 happened in a municipal building in Virginia Beach, where a former city employee killed 12 people and injured four.

  25. You can't stop hate or crazy that is the most sad part about all of this…It is not about the guns it's about who you allow to have them sick kids gone off the edge.

  26. Are we so great that we cannot get along with each other!
    America is falling and failing!!

  27. Premeditated, well duh! You don't accidentally walk down the street with full body armour on! Geez!!

  28. A other crazy white man with a gun!The punks in Chicago are killing each other,but these nuts shoot concerts,malls and bars.,and schools

  29. Noooo! Just because he had a mask, extra magazines, body armor and a freaking gun going into a club….you think it was premeditated? That's a stupid fact to even question!

  30. Everyone needs to remember !

    GOD hates Fags (dot)com

  31. One more try to get all our guns and rights

  32. America Terrorist White people ain’t playing around here….

  33. How has this thumbnail pic for this video not been taken down? #inexcuseable Did the algorithm choose this pic or a person!? YouTube take this down now!

  34. Nothing to see here. Move along. Just Another day in America…!!! A nation of fat, racist, drugged, religious imbeciles with guns…!!!

  35. Pelosi calls for everyone in Congress to take whole month for vacay. Then demonrats make some stops overseas, they get caught. Then Pelosi texts crap about makeing August hot for Trump and others then same weekend all hell breaks loose. She and other demonrats, rinos, and MSM have blood all over their hands. Not President Trump.

  36. The reporter happens to b Muslim and on the scene the whole time? Red flag anyone?

  37. The NRA needs to help us with the people that don't want us to have guns. I am a NRA member.

  38. The shooter , Connor Betts is a liberal socialist who’s hates Conservatives, the police and Ice. Crazy people on both sides.

  39. Seriously if there were signs of something being wrong with this guy in high school that was the responsibility of his parents to seek help. Down side of seeking help is certain states allow children 14years old to refuse treatment . Also to get a judge to intervene they have to be a damage to the selves / others. So take that to your law makers to change they know mental has ALOT OF RED TAPE. Time to repair a broken system .

  40. I hope I’m wrong, but these shooters feel like plants from the far left trying to restrict gun rights slowly but surely. And I don’t even own a gun just how it seems 🤷🏼‍♂️

  41. The US has the most guns per person of any country in the world and also the most mass shootings and gun violence. Of course there is a correlation.

  42. Anyone else feel bad for the officer that was treated like a toddler by the mayor telling him where to stand?
    It actually looked like she realized how she was talking to him, realizing she was on camera.
    She is actually condescending to alot of people, especially reporters.
    And then ending with, we'll have a press conference at 3 AND 4, Cause I know his much you guys LOoooVEe Press Conferences???
    Or… the reports are looking for information to report?

  43. The Shooter s motives driven by having the White Radical mind and influenced online by a person of a hate group in secret of an alliance name or names and likely there was another person assisted shooter with meeting up by cell phone to be given the gear and guns that led to killing his own sister being around non whites as he pretended to open up his trust just to get to shoot as many as he can starting with his own sister then try to flee scene and later deny himself if questioned bu thank the LAW for being there to protect the public from further pre meditated murder.

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