Saturday , July 24 2021
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De Blasio on his plan to 'tax the hell' out of the wealthy

2020 presidential candidate Bill de Blasio (D) discusses his economic plan, including advocating for the restoration of SALT tax deductions.

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  1. Because that's how you attract investors! By threatening them! If you can't see Satan in this man's face you are blind.

  2. FAIRNESS!!?? LOL ROFL guy has the worst lies

  3. The federal reserve is a private company. So tax the hell out of the investors, that way we will get rid of the Fed.

  4. Bill, you can count on me to vote for you in the primary my man… you are tall, good looking, nice physique, sharp and got a great voice. ..however Bill sorry you're gonna lose to Trump in the general. ..sorry to say

  5. Yo DeBlastoff did you find the Missing $850 million the wifie lost

  6. bull and bears , Billy is full of it ,Bull I mean.

  7. So if I eventually become wealthy, this clown believes I should give up what is rightfully mine. I'm not even close to wealthy but I do not want to be a ward of the state by receiving ill-gotten moneys or benefits. Let people, and businesses, keep their property. De Blasio is a communist dictator in the making. Ask him if he is willing to give up his wealth " for the greater good." All he wants is power and the ability to syphon more money into his pockets, the same as the rest of these populist demagogues we call public servants/candidates.

  8. Talk about lowering the population not sucking the rich and giving to the freeloader ghettos

  9. He might as well say bye bye to his electoral votes

  10. This is the reason why only 15 people showed up to his benefit.

  11. He also forgets that immigration during the those administrations in the 50s and 60s were substantially lower. Its like their brains can't compute, more people competing for those jobs are driving wages lower, not to mention the lefts takeover of academia, and automation. Also during those eras as he mentions women were entering the work force as well, which is another reason why wages started to stagnant

  12. El "Diablo" De Blasio makes me vomit! 😷

  13. Whenever you say " To tell you the Truth " Lie inbound look for it… This guy wrecked New York , dont let him wreck America too.

  14. Let’s freeze his bank accounts and send it ALL to the government. That’s what they want to do so he should have no problem with that.

  15. And when you go to taxing the rich more more more, they end up going to China with their business with that said made in China, Americans don't have jobs anymore and that's my opinion.

  16. De blasio mayor and Beto mayor. Father's son's are mayors and having their women in service of global peace offerings.

    The demon speaks for mayor. Transformed Lucifer angel.

    Let Lucifer angels be shaved their heads. Their leader head is shaved.

  17. This guy gives white people a bad name.

  18. He should volunteer to show us his tax return to see if he is paying the minimum or maximum amount of taxes or is he using loopholes to avoid paying taxes.

  19. Another strategy to move over to socialism.

  20. Good policy. He probably wont win so it's good Sanders or Warren will take care of the rich anyway.

  21. Hey dumb assyhole! What’s your favorite plan when you drop out of the Presidential race and lose your job in NY?

  22. It's already not fair to tax people more than others.

  23. The rich people can afford it compared 2 the middle class & poor people like pathological liar trump compared 2 trump supporters, some r middle class & some r poor people on welfare.

  24. De Blasio's idea of the wealthy is our reality of the working middle class.
    His New York is a mess, an utterly disgrace from what the "Big Apple" use to be, now, the worms are eating it up.

  25. Hey, DeBlasio, take a look at NYC. See something good there?!

  26. The confrontation with the CCP should be that the country is ahead and not the interests are ahead. I am a Chinese. I sincerely hope that you will unite and focus on the long-term and create a pure and rational future for the people of the world.

  27. Wow this guy is totally wrong in his assumptions and then doubles down on his certainty. The is a receipt for disaster.

  28. Oblasio is an anti white racist and communist.

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