Thursday , January 20 2022
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‘Dead People…Everywhere’: Dayton Shooting Witnesses Capture Terrifying Scene | NBC News

Witness videos capture the terrifying scene around the mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. People run to safety after a gunman opens fire and is intercepted by police within the span of a minute.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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‘Dead People…Everywhere’: Dayton Shooting Witnesses Capture Terrifying Scene | NBC News


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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this was entertaining.

  2. If it ain't four of July just leave run

  3. Its all fake. Staged shootings with plenty of crisis actor witnesses.

  4. King Charles and the Royal family is temprimenting the homosexuality ring again. The homosexuality ring is the homosexual, the homosexual that walked out for the chosen ideal with conception and the bisexual.

  5. If he is not middle eastern he is not a terrorist, he is just a gunman

  6. Wait was this guy mad that his shoes got dirty at the end..

  7. Are we going to ignore the guy at the end complaining about his shoes and not the shootings

  8. Everyone doesn't seem to understand the thin line between curiosity and action. You might think showing dark themed things on a first date is odd, but its not a crime. Even if she did think it was wrong, he still did nothing wrong and what is she going to do? Call the police on a thought crime? I'm willing to bet money that some people have probably done worse on first dates and never done a mass shooting. Obsession over Ideologies is what causes violence. But different people have different thresholds for what is considered "obsessive". Some people have been beyond obsessed and never went through with action. This is why you need evidence beyond a reasonable doubt in murders. Because people even obsess over murders, pretend to be the killer, and will try to turn themselves in or act suspicious. No one knows the limit of the human mind and when it crosses over to an actual crime.

  9. So, the orange Man is thinking plug a couple freaky gun loopholes, and then go Minority Report, try to figure out the perpetrators before the crime happens. They'll call it Mental Health Screening. Just think how likely that approach will be to work. I've watched seriously dangerous and crazy destructive people operate where no average Joe Blow psychiatrist if going to spot them. It takes solid street schooling to see the camoflaged facade. It'll just make our neurotic society even worse (and then they'll take YOUR gun away.).

  10. I guess the shooter knew how dumb these people are/were.
    These kind of people are more worried about their dam shoes. Lol!

  11. They always ramp up the hysterics jeez

  12. "I feel so bad for their families"


  14. Stop shooting, morons! Down with a weapon!

  15. Americans are like guns guns guns guns and more and more bloody guns we just can't get enough guns and more bloody guns, Oh hail the archaic second amendmant they say and more guns please, thank the lord I don't live in America and respects to all those poor victims

  16. America the land conceived from sin.Ever Empire 'MUST,Fall.

  17. In that video there was a ricochet (im talking about the car video when he recorded the shooting) it was a close shot. It almost went to him

  18. DOnt feel horrified to my core anymore when i see this. happens so often now, and think thers only one way to stop this insanity. BAN ALL GUNS… SIMPLE!!

  19. America now has 2 lines on their shows. For people waiting to attend, and for people waiting to attempt.

  20. I wonder what video game they played this time

  21. Where are pictures of the dead and wounded?

  22. Will the left apologize for this one since it was one of theirs?

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