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Deadline set for Trump administration to hand over whistleblower complaint

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has set a deadline date for Thursday, for the White House to provide a whistleblower complaint made against President Trump.

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  1. Lol – and here we are today with a fully release transcript, AND the Ukranian leader openly speaking with Trump. Go home fake news!

  2. Oh this is going to be good another lie to trump they still trying to find ways

  3. Are all Democrats child molesters?

  4. He should say yes when Hillary hands over all her missing emails.

  5. Trump has had the runs for 5 days, he will be shitting bricks very soon.
    He will make a deal to RENOUNCE with Nancy and Congress so that his
    family will not be implicated. He can go back to his easier Mafia life in NYC.

  6. Haha. Trump WILL win 2020….we are not communist, unlike the American media is.

  7. Can we held her accountable for the $25 million dollar spent on Mueller report investigation. It's a lot of wasted money, and now she wants impeachment trial..

  8. Nothing is ever private! sad!!!! Damn Dems, remember DEMOCRATS HAD SLAVES NOT REPUBLICANS!

  9. Civil war? Lets get it on!!!

  10. Im from India,this does not look good for the U.S.A,the left makes your country a laughing stock for other countries. The President you have now is the best President U.S.A and the world have ever see.He's done such great things for your country,lowest unemployment in history,prison reform,China's not beating you in trade anymore,USMCA etc which will be very great if dems stop playing their dirty politics.It looks like the left hate to see your country prosper,its a shame.Americans should wake up and see what other people from another country sees and thank God for giving you President Donald J.Trump.Iran,China,Russia and Venezuela will be very glad to see what the left have done and trying to do to President Trump.

  11. These dems should go to jail with biden

  12. Now we have read the transcripts and have AGAIN seen how shamelessly abc news lies! You cut and spliced the presidents statements and blatantly lied about what he said! You ppl have no integrity whatsoever. Biden and Crowdstrike are going down for their REAL crimes get used to it!

  13. This recent attack on the president of the United will trigger a national emergency. I predict in October a major event of catastrophic proportion will be triggered in the United States the attract on Trump will trigger great anger towards Trump's attackers a nationwide curfew will be activated to save lives. I see war among the people of the United States.

  14. Nancy Pelosi wants the whistleblower complaint based on the Ukraine converstation Trump just gave her. Fuck, this woman is deranged.

  15. Good news good people America

  16. Well, your wish came true, the transcript is out and once again the democrats have egg on their face! Lol.
    The Ukranian government even put out a statement rebutting the claims by the democrats that there was a quid pro quo of sorts or that Trump threatened them.

  17. It almost appalls me how politicians time these kinds of schemes in pursuits to hurting the morale and credibility of their peers, but then I remember, this is politics. That's just how things go…

  18. trump made ukrain president look bad and there might be war because of it that is also the impeachment

  19. Nancy Pelosi should step down we need someone fresh as house speaker.

  20. I'm so sick of nancy piglosi and her democrap shit

  21. Did you know; @ 1st, Nancy P. turned down the Depends Adult Diaper video? lol

  22. Why and how he keeps getting away with the crap he does, and every one makes excuses for his ignorance. It’s like so sad who cares if your democratic or republican, he’s dumb as fuc get him out of the whit house

  23. Another nothing burger . Dems serving 1 billion nothing burgers.

  24. That's aNOT what the IG said tou lying asses.

  25. Once again, the whistleblower has NO EVIDENCE… and this is once again FAKE NEWS at its finest. Nutsy Pelosi is basing her impeachment speech on a report she hasn't even read. She needs to be replaced! Good heavens…. how dumb are you dumbocrats????

  26. I wish YOU STOP CALLING THAT TRAITOR a "WHISTLEBLOWER", HE IS A liar and a joke. AND YOU CAN'T be a whistle blower when it's about the President. IT'S called a traitor to the US! ABC is a JOKE, TOO!

  27. Not only is Nancy Pelosi a complete moron but she looks like she's about to croak. She can barely complete a sentence and she looks like she could pass for Mason Verger, a character in the movie Hannibal. Check it out you'll see what I mean. Hahaha!

  28. LMAO Read It and Weep DimLibs

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