Sunday , October 24 2021
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Deadly Amtrak Train Derailment Under Investigation

Three people were killed and dozens injured when an Amtrak train suddenly derailed in Montana. The NTSB says the train was equipped with a safety feature to virtually prevent all derailments caused by human error. The rail had passed inspection days earlier, according to BNSF.
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  1. 線路がグニャグニャ曲がっているって事は

  2. 3 in 155 is an acceptable loss rat for anti vaxxers.

  3. Like NBC cares. If they can't cry racism it is off to the next story. Watch.

  4. I can’t believe Amtrak is so slow and still derails! It’s not like it is a high-speed train!

  5. Amtrak is the unwanted step-child of our government, which has given it just enough federal funding to SQUEAK by – and Amtrak has managed to do just that – SQUEAK BY – by cutting corners here and cutting corners there on maintenance, with the hope that they can "get by" until they receive the next year's paltry infusion of funding, which is BARELY enough for it to pay its employees and keep its trains running.

    I strongly believe in what is called "preventive maintenance" – which means train cars are inspected regularly for wear and tear, and worn items are REPAIRED and/or REPLACED, BEFORE, not AFTER, they FAIL. This wreck in rural Montana is the very kind of thing that PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE is designed to avoid.

    To be fair, no one has yet determined the TRUE cause of this derailment. It could well be that there was NOTHING wrong with this particular Amtrak train, and that this derailment and wreck was caused instead by a TRACK FAILURE.

    Amtrak does NOT own and maintain the tracks over which it runs its trains out here in Montana. The owner of this stretch of track is a freight-hauling railroad company, known as the BURLINGTON NORTHERN SANTA FE Corporation (aka BNSF). BNSF and AMTRAK have an AGREEMENT whereby AMTRAK has permission to operate its trains over BNSF's tracks.

    So, if this wreck turns out to have been caused by a TRACK FAILURE, rather than a FAILURE of MAINTENANCE on AMTRAK'S part, the responsibility for this wreck will be in BNSF's hands. None of this discussion should take our eyes off of the fact that AMTRAK has been STARVED for funding for literally DECADES (nearly FIFTY YEARS, in fact). This particular train consists of train cars which were built new in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They are approaching, or have already passed, FIFTY years of age. They are nearly completely worn out.

  6. Wow. That is very disturbing.

  7. Run em into the ground boys! Lack of inspection and repairs, mechanical failure! We'll never know the truth to many of our elected officials are stockholders…………

  8. Amtrak is the only passenger train system in the world that has never made a profit.

  9. Bnfs saying that means they probably did inspect it while they put a portable derailer down inside government job someone they don't like was on that train let's see the manifest

  10. Trump did it! Vegetable Biden I love when passengers get ejackted!

  11. Weird, this weekend was packed with news but this great network didn’t cover any of it.. 🤷

  12. This has to be a maintenance screw up something big like the wheels and wheel axle broke loose this train was running straight and level.

  13. Scamtrak —
    Runs on government subsidy

  14. Weren't leadership and members of the domestic terrorist organization Antifa exposed just days prior planning such events? Coincidence?

  15. Love our trains! Let’s get some answers for this tragedy and use them to improve so we can have more train travel in the USA!


    1964 Japan's first bullet trains, The Beatles first record album. Is 57 years long enough for Manchin?

    1998 China has 37,900km of high speed track with 32,000km more under construction.

    2021 US trains travel at 135mph, China's travel at 600mph. US has 301km track with 2,000km under construction.

  17. In other news, missing white woman still takes center of attention.

  18. Beautiful rural Montana. But also deadly

  19. Shout out to George Floyd on seventeen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕🚩

  20. Tucker is on now killing fake news tv ratings 😆 🤣 😂

  21. This is the harsh reality. 360 million Americans and 42.9 million infected..that's 1 out of every 8 Americans infected..of those infected 688,000 died..that 1 out of every 62 sick people died.. 120,000 new infections every day this last week. Thats 1,935 new deaths daily this week alone in the USA..219 million infected in the world 4.55 million deaths that's 1 dead for every 48 people infected in the world.

  22. Off-Topic: Every time a fox channel disables comments on youtube I propose all of us both left and right give that post a thumbs down.
    If fox is given the right to publish false propaganda we have the right to ocoomment on it, or take the foxiness corporation down financially 1 click at a time.

  23. Joe's Antifa buddies at it again

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