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Deadly battle erupts as police try to detain ‘El Chapo’s’ son

Ovidio Guzman Lopez is wanted in the U.S. for alleged drug trafficking; Mexico police released him after they were surrounded by heavily armed cartel members.



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  1. Usa can’t say nothing you forgot las. What’s shooting and Texas and all the kids that die in school 🏫. And you call this crazy 😜

  2. These guys made the Mexican Government and law enforcement look like a little bitches. Smfh

  3. That's a machine gun. That van won't stop those bullets.

  4. Send american police sense we want him right? Why let mexican officers die for something we want

  5. This straight outta a movie

  6. Tried to play the RAZA but they plyed them😂

  7. What little respect and dignity the country had for its military and security and leadership is now gone from this Earth.

  8. Coming to a city near you soon. Thanks. Bush and Obama……

  9. So Mexico sends drugs to US
    US sends its guns to Mexico

  10. This is how you get shit done America goes around the world acting like world police after drug cartels instead of controlling there borders with Mexico and Canada you have American born bikers gangs making and running the meth business up in Pennsylvania mountains all the towns around it is doing meth why don't they go after the bikers.

  11. How about Americans just saying no to drugs? Oh my bad, that's too complicated. Let's keep blaming the cartels and not the U.S. drug addicts that finance the cartels.

    Nancy Reagan had the solution all along.

  12. at least 8 killed ? bs i saw dozens state officials killed by the cartel

  13. I fought the law and the… law lost
    I fought the law and the, law lost

  14. And im sure all the guns were registered! And none of those men would ever cross the border illegally! 🤔

  15. Now imagine we unite and fight back like this in the states. When the cops kill one of ours

  16. What is MOSSAD ? and why is AMLO afraid of the organized criminals who control his corrupt leftist and submissive government?

  17. Money launderer and corrupt orange clown, American fake-president, Donald Trump fears a lot seeing this kind of violence around Palm Beach Florida (Mar-a-Lago)

  18. AMLO is just a wet p'uss'y prejident-puppet, intimidated by the American-Jewish-British organized crime…. he is a coward and and imb'ecile..

  19. Didn't look like the woman and children were running

  20. They should make el chapos life a movie

  21. Lets free el chapo now, yall can come in a big ass mob with hella weapons armory and tanks n shit ,just destroy your way through the border

  22. Can someone please explain to me why El Chapo is still alive? SOB needs to be killed!

  23. All that just to let him go ???
    Makes no sense 🤔

  24. Those brave soldiers are lead by Pussy Pre$ident….. mexican deserve to have a President with balls….

  25. This is what open borders looks like.

  26. Thank God they didn't catch him could you imagine if they did not one damn thing would of changed still Mexican army Police are some str8 pussy's I believe the Mexican president had PayPal and the payment went through lol 😂

  27. Think of the following:
    1) The Mexican armed forces and/or security forces of any governmental department are inadequately prepared to fight domestic terrorism. For example, NO TACTICAL AIR SUPPORT? If they know that the cartel has vehicles with high caliber guns, a nice gunship would have taken care of it in seconds. WHERE ARE THE HEAVY ARMORED VEHICLE? Converted F-150s into IFVs is not a smart move. INTEL? See the previous points.
    2) The readiness and moral levels of the front line security personnel are a joke at best. During a funeral of one of the fallen soldiers (Rip), the standing officers present and that were involved in the recent operation were TOTALLY out of shape. Being obese (watch the various vids) yet involved in a military operation critically affect the physical and mental performance of it. Obviously minimal or no physical training. And now, everyone cannot trust its leadership, since the high brass have the white flag as an immediate option.
    3) Whether you like Trump or not, don’t you think a secured, watchful barrier barrier serves, at worst, as a deterrent to not bring in these conflicts over?

  28. this is what you get with open borders, chaos, destruction and death
    .one diseased illegal alien invader at a time

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