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Deadly mall shooting near El Paso

Police say several people have been killed and numerous injuries in shopping mall shooting.


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  1. How the fuck can you kill a 2 years old kid, a poor creature probably confused not knowing what is happening and suddenly falling down because of a fucking bastard shooting him/her

  2. Damn ninja your a good shot at mega mall

  3. And the motherfucker just admitted to police that he bought his gun in romania and thousands of rounds in russia. So much for all you gun control advocates. Legal or not, he wouldve still came in blasting! Criminals dont follow laws you fuckin cement heads!!

  4. if they talk about gun control in any shooting its fake

  5. Pretty sure, if the gunlaws in the US weren't as retarded as they are right now, so many mass shootings wouldn't even have happened.

  6. Homies ain’t going to see me step another foot in Walmart

  7. I heard it was just drills…why did it go from a basic safety drill to a real shooting/massacre..?

  8. That's what happens in a country soaked with guns. There are so many weapons even banning them won't change a thing.

  9. 19 82 hong kong police in el paso texas clening up

  10. Latinos go back turn around groups of folks do not want you here in usa

  11. Idiot gun laws and the retards who keep defending them!.. p.s I bet you money the congress woman was told there is a or opportunity over at the mall!

  12. Oh well🤷 hahahaha hahahaha good riddance! .. can't stand Mexicans!

  13. 20 innocent people dead, shooter lives. Where is the logic in that!?

  14. I like when people even mention gun law. They say the magic words. How are we supposed to defend ourselvs

  15. WE SEND OUR DEEPEST CONDOLENCES FROM THE CUBAN-AMERICAN COMMUNITY AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF MIAMI……..How sad that some Cubans here still support Donald Trump after seeing the evil and the racism that live rent-free inside of his dark heart and small brain…….And how tragic to see the Republican Party, of which I was a proud member and supporter for the 40 years between 1976 and 2016, becoming a party of haters and of absurd ideas…..BEING SAD IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT……OUR NATION IS IN A SERIOUS CRISIS of unfounded fears, and of extreme ignorance…….May our hearts be healed…….César M González Betancourt, ( Sierra Cuban on You Tube )…….Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos de América.

  16. What’s wrong with white males? I think I’ll rather have an illegal named Jose live next door to me. I feel more safe.

  17. this is crazy. I don't feel safe going to the mall or even to a store without the thought of somebody shooting up the store. My mall that i "used" to go to I'm not gonna go anymore there was somebody shot in the parking lot dead when I was in the mall then during a fight a guy pulled out a guy and shot (not sure if he shot anyone) we need to change

  18. A gun man, but not a terrorist. What a Jocke.

  19. I searched for psyops against the american people, and this came up. That is all you need to know.

  20. take guns away = problem solved

  21. EVERYONE RETURN TO THEIR HOMELANDS, Natives of america at america

  22. Someone wrote on the boards in El Paso that the United States is a Hispanic country.

  23. Esos putos gringos, you evil, disgusting, self centered Americans can’t diminish us, or will ever get rid of us and, just what this pig had said in his essay before the shooting, we WILL invade and claim your land despite any harsh law enforcement and will shove our beautiful Mexican flag up in your ass for gratitude, jealous and secure bitch?


  24. Our American idol, this young man did what many of us us citizens felt to do deeply in our hearts and that’s to put a bullet on these out casts of our society that no ONE, at least no decent person of our standards, would even dare to look at! It offends us, it makes us feel uncomfortable, it gives us anxiety, my sweet lord, these repugnant rats should just flee already, back to their shit hole and they should know that’s their place! I stand proud as a true American of this soil, but I can’t stand these no good bums, who are only good for wiping my white ass, and bring no benefit to this country but city crime and dealership of cartels, just a bunch of thugs their own government doesn’t want and that’s their way to get rid of them.

    🇺🇸TRUMP🇺🇸 Keep America great

  25. Glad I live in a peaceful Mexico instead of a violent America.

  26. all articles and comments that show the truth are being deleted.

  27. robots. all of you. like bricks in a wall. and since when do they put the suspects name on national news for everyone to know? that it illegal…for many reasons. Get a clue people….why is there no other footage? mall cameras? nothing….nothing but …run Mika run…and when you are really in deep danger, no body uses a secondary language…no blood, and all the same footage. this comment will get deleted.

  28. After events like this Outside the USA a lot a people always saying in automaticly the americans citizens are crazy ,but the reality is all countries has people with Mental issues but only in the USA Mass shooting occurs frequently DO THE MATH AMERICA !!!..

  29. "Selective killing of Mexicans"? I doubt it. Two quick for selection. Most of the unfortunate people that happen to be there were Mexicans. May be Mexicans are the majority in that place. The shooter was an insane subhuman being; he should not have been able to buy a gun. Can this ever be fixed? Why not? In the USA expect to be shot. It is the way life. There is no workable way out of it.

  30. protected a nation from all three of these threats is a well armed society.

  31. We need to get out from behind our computers and take to the streets. EL PASOwould be a great place to start. Maybe we should all meet Trump tomorrow and let him know how we feel about his hate. Meet me in EL PASO tomorrow and let's join together like in the Vietnam era a d show this monster what we want and demand to have, let's don't let people keep dying in vain. Our Senate and Moscow Mitch does not care or they would volunteer to come back and do something instead of us begging them to. Let's stand up and for once show the world we can be a great nation if we all come together. Sherry hall

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