Deadly Tornado Outbreak Hits South Leaving Fields Of Debris

Two people are dead in Alabama after storms ripped through the south. Around 30 twisters were reported across the region and homes were torn to shreds by powerful winds.

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  1. What a catastrophe,
    No culture no 😅

  2. Te mikrofony z zawiści sobie jeszcze nie wyrywają z rąk.

  3. Pay attention to the numerology of the word "south" because why aren't they being exact

  4. Everyone Likes this video 152 Likes 0 Dislikes lol

  5. Oh GEE is this "unprecedented"? Or do tornadoes happen in tornado alley every year?

  6. 30 twisters .. c'mon ignorant folks- keep denying climate change (global warming).

  7. Condolences for the mother and son. Truly tragic. I hope they didn't suffer.

  8. Imagine tornadoes in the south! Lol

  9. I could never live in tornado alley. Give me a hurricane any day. Gives you a week to prepare.

  10. These are being mean made. Truth will be coming out soon. God is exposing them and their manipulation of weather that they have been doing to bring destruction, death and distraction and to implement their agendas. God says in his word he's not a God that he shall be mocked we reap what we sow and all you evil wicked corrupt people's harvest to come and the Lord of host has come with his reaping angels and they all have sickles in their hands to reap the harvest of what they have Sun they were warned and they would not repent so now their judgment and the Lord's Justice is upon all of them including the media and every other person that has been an authority and power of any kind that has participated or stood on the sideline knowing which made them guilty because they did nothing about it they will all be brought down by the arm of the great Lord thy God Almighty in heaven for he has come to deliver his children and heal their land and they set them free from the wicked your time is up and you're downfalls at your doors hallelujah to the Lamb of God I'll glory be to God forever and ever.Amen!!!

  11. That's what tornadoes do

  12. Grace, mercy, and peace from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord.✝️

  13. Why do people even live in mobile homes in a developed country?

  14. People hearts are evil Jesus is lord

  15. Normal danger living in those areas ? Sad but true ?

  16. Sad events peace and healing .

  17. Horrible,just horrible.

  18. NBC whats the status of your reporter that was let go for being truthful. Many Americans would like to know. We need to decide if youre a real news source or just another msnbc type . You know, that only reports news that fits their agenda. As we recall the reporter was repremanded for reporting true story about pelosi but then nbc retracted the story and punished the reporter. We looks forward to an update.

  19. if gore hadn't invented global warming none of this would be happening….


  21. Dumb reporting. A outhouse is a toilet 🚽 in the south. Yea, no one wants anything left over from a OUTHOUSE. Stupid YANKEE.