Deal to end 3-week teachers’ strike in Portland, Oregon

The contract offer in Portland addresses teacher pay and class size, issues that have become a flashpoint in school districts across the U.S. ABC News’ Derricke Dennis reports.

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  1. Thanks for making students stupid Portland

  2. If only we could stop the very damaging and dangerous "woke" indoctrination of American children and have teachers teach the subjects they are competent in, then education levels would start to climb back up slowly but surely. No Asian countries indulge in "woke" nonsense and every one of them has superior education results compared to USA for a lot less monetary expense per child.

  3. One of my best friends is a PPS teacher who was part of the strike. This isn't about greed. Anybody who knows a teacher, any teacher, knows these strikes are never about greed. The "raise" they got was spread out over three years and is just a cost of living adjustment to keep up with inflation. Many classrooms don't have A/C. In the later school year, the PPS classrooms can get to the mid-to-upper 80s. Many of the buildings need serious upgrades. Yes, the teachers got something out of this strike. But every penny they negotiated will benefit the students, either by upgrading the schools or by retaining and recruiting the best faculty.

  4. Great news, so much better than Florida, ranks 48th in country for avgrage teacher pay and the governor, Tiny D, recently signed a union busting bill.

  5. Whiny and ungrateful. Who else gets the whole summer off? Get back to work.

  6. How much money was being pocketed by the teachers union bosses and their buddies in local gov?

    That’s what these teachers should be asking about and protesting

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  8. Stay on strike, after all the gender nonsense n bs u have been brainwashing kids with, ugh

  9. Now they can go back to telling our kids they can be "special" by using different pronouns!

  10. 👍👍. I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $950,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide..

  11. Sad, that girl is willingly ignorant.

  12. Don't watch ABC for your news

  13. It's always about more money for the teachers, but never about the quality of education these students are not receiving!!!!

  14. Some of these people are not teachers of our children.

  15. Lot of these teachers are WOKE FREAKS!
    K M A T!!!!

  16. Why do they need more money to indoctrinate our children?

  17. Teachers are paid well, I would know. Teachers also have lunch, a prep hour, lots of days off, and no summer work. Class sizes are in control in Washington State. Teachers also may be the only profession that has a substitute come in and do their work for them every time they need to be gone or are sick. They have a hard job but no harder than the rest of the world's.

  18. Other than cops, teachers are the worse at their job. Public Servants working the public sector should be forbidden to unionize. All public school teachers should be embarrassed and ashamed of how horrible they do their job.

  19. but we have money for war? The Pentagon just failed its 6th audit in a row! Are they a trusted institution?

  20. Joe Biden says "Russians blew up Nord stream pipelines, Kamala Harris is OUR border Czar, others will pay debt for HBCU grads, Americans obligated to fund proxy military campaigns in Israel & Ukraine for democracy, the dollar is strong 1 lb potato= $1.09, we are not in recession because of Bidenomics

  21. Our teachers arent making enough to feed them selves.When hearing about this our heroic president set asde 350 billion in aid……To Ukraine.

  22. We could just replace teachers with AI. They aren't really that necessary anymore.

  23. As long as they remain more interested in teaching bullshit than mathematics, they can stay on strike.

  24. Good Morning America!! You want some fresh ni**er to go along with that?

  25. 0:16 im sorry but I don’t want a 50 something year old women with pink hair to teach my kids about anything.. because I guarantee she’s all about that lgbtq+ bs