Thursday , January 20 2022
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Death Of Saoirse Kennedy Hill Putting A Spotlight On Mental Health Crisis | NBC Nightly News

While we don’t know how Saoirse Kennedy Hill died, she spoke out about her struggles with mental illness — an aspect of her life she shared that’s putting the spotlight tonight on a crisis in America.
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Death Of Saoirse Kennedy Hill Putting A Spotlight On Mental Health Crisis | NBC Nightly News


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  1. If Saoirse was assassinated by British Intelligence agents for being a potential threat to their takeover of the U.S. via Trump,
    then her past of mental health issues became an alibi for killers that knew how strong of a voice she would become as We, who are data straining and polygraphing procedural information networks, expose the transatlantic Anglo-supremacist shadow agents/mob-members (who's royalist deepstate double agents led the gangstalking killings of JFK & RFK from the 60s to American celebrity deaths today) secretly embedded by invasion into the CIA, banks, FEDS, and corporations alike.

  2. Seriously. This makes me want to stop breathing.
    It's so wrong! She was just a kid. This is a tragic loss to our world!

  3. Who was she to JFK was it like her great grandfather? But prayers to the Kennedys 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  4. It is so heartbreaking:( What a beautiful girl she was. I think mental illness is affecting more and more people because of social media, lack of love and integrity between people, and being so on the surface with stuff nowadays that there is no soul left in most people.

  5. why does it take a high profile person to get the attention on mental health?

  6. I am so sorry. Words can not express our sorrow at her loss. Heaven has a bright loving new angel. May she rest in peace.

  7. She died of a drug overdose. What a hero, she died of depression. IF she was black or brown the NEWS would just report that another brown or black person died of an overdose. SHUT UP SHE IS DEAD< GOOD

  8. They ought to take the kids from this family at birth for their own safety.

  9. I wonder if she recently stopped taking any kind of medication.. Even stuff like gabbapentin, ativan and anti depressants cause bad withdrawals with major anxiety and panic being one of them. Take a person who already suffers from depression and have them suddenly stop taking certain medications like what's listed above and when the WD symptoms start hitting them they'll quickly become suicidal.

  10. turning yourself into a drug addict will not help anything

  11. wtf is she really dead not findin naything on this

  12. First of all the life of every human being matters the same!,if to die of overdose was an ordunary girl with an average aspect she should be equally loved and reminded!,I am sad for her of course I wish to her and all her family at least peace!,and I hope that no other members of their family die or got serious problems,but I underline once again that every human being matters the same! and should be reminded and loved the same!.

  13. It is EVIL to take drugs. I've had depression and suffered from decades of abuse and trauma since I was a young child, but I have never and would never take drugs – if for no other reason than that they cause a trail of pain and suffering, so if I didn't care about my own body I WILL NOT TAKE THEM AND CAUSE OTHER PEOPLE TO SUFFER. WE HAVE RESPONSIBILITY PEOPLE. When it comes to drugs WE HAVE A CHOICE. With alcohol it's not so easy, as it's such a normal part of life we've all had a drink and can therefore go down that path, but TO TAKE DRUGS IS A CHOICE – YOU DECIDE.

  14. Hello beautiful angel, rest in peace 💔😔

  15. Join the Grassroots Health Revolution Movement.

    You DO NOT have to be unhealthy, sick, ill, dying, or near death! (almost everyone, almost all of the time)

    BE Healthy and Well – SEE:

  16. This is what the internet does to one."keep on believing that your someone you are not ''

  17. Money doesn't buy happiness in fact the opposite is usually true.

  18. Kennedy doing drugs….wow! what a surprise….where did she learn that behavior….WHO could have given her drugs ?

  19. This family has lost so many. I feel sorry for them.. It's so sad. She was really cute. Terri

  20. Shall we mediicate the world into oblivion? or shall we reorient our society so we can have some of that Domestic Peace and Tranquility when we used to have a Democracy, and not a two-tier society – the illuminati – secret society boyz and their addled children, and us, the livestock. The ones who skulk around under the cloak of secrecy are always the ones who suffer first when the bright lights of truth are shined on them.

    NO more two-tier society in E Pluribus UNUM
    it is causing our children much confusion and anxiety

  21. My condolences. Such a shame to lose such a beautiful spirit.

  22. Mental health only becomes a highlight in the media when someone important/famous offs themselves. Sad.

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