Wednesday , November 25 2020
Home / News / Deaths Of Two Black Men Found Hanging From Trees Sparks Investigations | NBC Nightly News

Deaths Of Two Black Men Found Hanging From Trees Sparks Investigations | NBC Nightly News

The bodies of Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch were discovered in two public venues, 10 days and 50 miles apart. Police say neither death appears to be connected or shows any indication of foul play.
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Deaths Of Two Black Men Found Hanging From Trees Sparks Investigations | NBC Nightly News


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  1. We going back in time to the 1900's

  2. Bye bye Biden, usher in President-elect Harris.
    (The most racist person in the room.)
    Expect a lot of this while she takes over the White House. Even black Americans will start to hate her for the rhetoric she’s been spreading since she’s come on the scene.
    “Alls we need is his body.” Remember what she said about Biden after he picked her for VP?

  3. Would it be considered racist if it were anyone besides 2 young black men hanging?
    (Rhetorical of course.)
    And let’s leave it to NBC to deliver us the truth.
    Blm: “Yeah, let’s blame white people everywhere for this one”
    This is what happens when you have racist in the streets, this type of rhetoric, a ku starts and everyone’s minds are hypnotized that are searching for truth in the streets while being casted on the news: “this was definitely not a suicide”
    Because a person, especially a black man would never hang himself in a suicide.
    Turns out like I told a friend of mine who happens to be named Robert Fuller, ironically, it was probably suicide and going to be blamed a racial murder, like it was deemed by the news, yet it was ruled a suicide, even after talking with the family of Fuller, he has had tendencies of trying to take his own life in his young pastor multiple occasions.

    This is what you get when movements like Blm take place, mixed with people who are on anti depressants.
    You get the worst of the worst racists in all directions, and you then an entire race being blamed for something they know nothing about.
    God willing, they found a clear path to peace in the after life.
    But those two together is unknown if they were both separate incidents or related deaths somehow.

  4. Only a fool will believe the suicide story.The white police will sweep their deaths under the rug

  5. Cop kills black man= racism. Black guy kills himself= still racism. Ever consider that if it was murder that maybe left wing groups are behind it and doing it for propaganda purposes??? I'm talking about the Same people who formed the kkk so it's in the realm of possibility… Not trying to trash anyone's memory or nothing I'm just saying these were people not political tools, the parents dont want to think their kid took his own life because what parent would want to think that? The rest though? Pure politics… Disgraceful.

  6. This is officially the start of a race war, and the end of my kind… rest in peace, my fellow black people

  7. they wont get to the bottom of it because the ones investigating are the killers lol ….it's a poke and prod technique to start a race war they're just waiting till we climax

  8. =Noted=
    Let's see what Abbadon thinks of this..;

  9. North Korea needs to hurry up

  10. It’s white supremacist dirty cops; The F.B.I. Is on record saying that White Supremacist have joined the ranks of Law Enforcement agencies, look it up. What adult male would be so docile & let someone hang them without putting up the fight of their LIFE ; that would attract a lot of attention? However if it’s a few cops who detain you, you’d be more likely to let them put on cuffs with minimal resistance. Then once you’re cuffed you’re helpless. In my considered opinion it would have to be someone in a position of power, like a cop! Think about it, multiple black people , even a girl or two ; have been hung in public places. Only Police can arrest you move you to a different location & hang you in a public area, it has to be a uniformed cop involved .

  11. Was to connected
    On both ropes the get rid of what got you in knotlooooong time ago didnt listen

  12. ''suicide'' nope there's about 5 or 9 more cases about these hangings. there hiding something real bad. they don't want to show to public eye. how terrifying and nobody LITERALLY NOBODY is talking about this. selfish idiots.

  13. And they have the nerve to hide it around. I've heard of 5 more cases of these hangings. disgusting, they don't care about us, and never will. they love hiding the truth.

  14. Didn’t this happen to some more other people

  15. Everyone looks Hella dumb in the comments now bruh

  16. All these people need to be identified and put on a watch list. They are clearly unstable and a danger to society.

  17. I always wanted to travel to the usa but that will never happen, this country is disgusting.

  18. This looks suspect. Someone is trying to start a race war.

  19. "Police say neither death appears to be connected or shows any indication of foul play." — cops did it.

  20. Statistically speaking, peoplebof color are less likely to commit suicide.

  21. also republicans "we're not racist"

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