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Debate rages over a $15 minimum wage

ABC News’ Elizabeth Schulze speaks with workers continuing to fight for a higher minimum wage and examines the potential impact of raising the federal minimum wage for the first time since 2009.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. $7.25 is sinfully low..#Facts

  2. Even if the minimum wage was raised to $15 an hour, still does not guarantee 40 hours a week. You know Walmart will still fight this.

  3. "ThEsE jObS aRe NoT SuPpoSseD tO sUsTaIn A lIviNg."
    "bUsInEssEs CaN't AfFoRd $15 aN HoUr."
    ~ Every uneducated American conservative on the planet

  4. Democrats are pretty dumb its pretty simple why it can't just be raised by double. Especially with a lot of states that don't have as high of a cost of living would be the ones on 7.25$ still. What do you think happens to most of the minimum wage workers on 7.25-13$. Easy answer, they get laid off, they get replaced with a robot, prices on goods or services goes up and they still might fire them even after increasing the price of goods or services. Pretty simple explanation but democrats don't think that far ahead. Bidens a great example especially with his executive orders.

  5. Bruh people are about to be layoff aka fired if this happens.

  6. 🤨Yo! Truth is why should you folks get $15 an hour when you can’t even get my order right at a simple fast food joint like McDonald’s day after day… You wanna make the big bucks, get a serious job like the rest of us🙄


  8. BLM raked in over 10 Billion, ask them for some cash for your poor life decisions.

  9. Yeah this really sucks minimum wage haven't been risen in 10 years on one hand I can understand people need a raise people need you to survive $15 an hour okay but I hope they do it gradually at least start the minimum wage at $12 an hour and then gradually work it up when they do it gradually people will still have a job because if they just jumped to $15 an hour first thing that's going to happen their 40 hour week is going to be cut down to 25 hours a week can you basically back in the same boat or they going to lay some people off and the product in the store prices are going to go up but on the other hand these big corporations can afford it they need to come off their money but I really feel sorry for the mom-and-pop and the small business owners

  10. Did I just hear Biden say "If you are not sure you are for the $15 minimum wage, you aint Black"

  11. I agree with the Democrats and Biden/Harris administration on this one.

    15/Hr minimum wage is too high. We have a surplus of labor that is continuing to grow in the United States and would not be beneficial to the employers and businesses in our country.

  12. This "debate" could have been solved already with the last relief bill

  13. Get a better job then if people don't take that job they will be forced to raise there pay rate .also maybe if you guys dint mess up every other order your boss could pay you more .

  14. Listen not mad at it. However minimum wage will always going to be minimum wage. That rent will go up, in 5 years, it still won't make a difference because everything else will go up, including other people's wages.

  15. Everyone who wants a minimum wage increase says that it would make a huge difference in their lives. The problem with that is that there are people who have worked up to 15 per hour and now people right off the street are at their level. Those people will now demand an 8 dollar per hour raise to keep them at the same level. That means that everything will be more expensive which means that the new 15 per hour workers will be in the same position they were in before the raise. Is the minimum wage a real way to live as an adult? No. That is for teens just starting out. If you are an adult with children to feed you need to do what you can to get education or training to stop working at a fast food place and start earning better money. The employer has their best interests at heart not the employees. The employees need to look out for themselves and stop thinking McDonald's will care if they can pay rent and feed their 4 children and themselves.

  16. 🤬Screw that fake news BS🖕

  17. Who really wants to pay the crappy workers, the ones who spit on burgers, ignore customers etc etc, $15 an hour?

  18. If the minimum wage is increased, so will all goods and services be increased!

  19. $7.50 & No increase in 12 years ☹️👎 I'd like to see no increase in the house in Congress in 12 years, for the government workers for 12 years, They always get raises!!! And the saddest thing is the money is not the government's it's we the people's money we're saying, give us some of it, You always have enough for yourself!☹️👎

  20. Why can’t y’all understand raising the minimum wage also raises the cost of living, why is this hard to understand just look at California vs Texas

  21. The US minimum wage is behind. We are earning the same as a person in the 1960s. In 1960 $14,000 was worth $120,000 but we never changed it to met the minimum wage and now $14,000 is worth just $14,000.

  22. Hahahaha no 15$. Lol. Lol.

  23. I really don’t think that people realize that it’s a gradual change, not a sudden one. Businesses will not suffer on levels that some people believe. Raising the wage could also improve business because more people can afford it, if people are paid more, the economy will be more successful.

  24. If you broke step your HUSTLE UP…. quit crying and giving out EXCUSES like a little cry baby bitch 💀🔫

  25. 15$ a hour to flip a burger?? Sorry but that not cool. That sends a message to kids that they don’t need a education and career goals.

  26. Get a second job or work more hours. If income is that low, one can also qualify for food stamps to supplement income.
    There have been several times in my life when I have worked a full time job and then 2 part time jobs to make ends meet.

  27. Look it up folks 647,000 people a year die in US from heart disease!!!!! Stop the fear manipulation and control!!!!!!!!

  28. From my experience I have yet to see that raising the minimum wage will help people out of poverty.

    I live in a county that has raised the minimum wage over a dozen times and yet, they are still saying that it's not enough.

    The minimum wage has increased by over 300% since I got my 1st summer job in high school.

    You might as well raise the minimum wage to $100 an hour so that a gallon of milk costs $30.
    Because at the end of the month, all your going to see is that same sad dollar you had when you were making $10 an hour.

    No company or business is going to sacrifice their profit margins to give their employees a living wage.

    You raise the minimum and all you will see is that products will cost more OR you will get less of that product for the same price. This includes services, you will ether pay more for your service or you will receive less from that service but still end up paying the same amount.

    The problem is education.
    We need to invest more resources into better education and we need to expand free education into college level.

    This will give students a reason to finish high school because they know that college will not be such a heavy burden.

    Plus, teens parents need to acknowledge that their kids were an unplanned mistake made by immature people who were looking for a good time.

  29. Raising minimum wage = Raise in food and essentials etc.

  30. That woman says she's doing it for her kids. If her kids get $15 an hour, they will struggle. How many times must i say, minimum wage must be dynamic. It must be a formula with cost of living and inflation factored into a formula. I CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONE THINKING OF THIS!!!

  31. But I was told that the US had the highest standard of living in the entire world?

  32. Man all thos effort this people put into this they could've been looking for a different job

  33. There is no debate, entry level jobs don’t deserve $15 unless it’s a trade or highly skilled job.
    Stay in school or learn a skill you lazy pos.

  34. OOOOOH poooor me ! … Minimum wage is an apprentice wage not a career wage. If YOU haven’t a skill nor seek one, YOU only deserve a minimum wage and that minimum wage should be 60% of a skilled wage to encourage YOU to move up not give up. If YOU think you deserve more $, become skilled not a beggar…

  35. Minimum wage jobs were never intended to be used to raise a family. I worked 2 and 3 jobs while going to HS and college. Some of them paid less than min. wage Property owners will say if you are making more we can increase rent,as a country the lost money has to be made up somewhere.

  36. 43% of working Americans (39 million) earn less than $15 hour, 21 million working Americans earn less than $10/hour. For all those saying low paid jobs should only be done by kids. Poverty guideline is $11 an hour so even if raised to $11its basically sing you are making a few cents more than being in poverty smh

  37. If minimum wage goes up everything will go up.

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