Sunday , October 24 2021
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Debunking Immigration Myths: ‘Public Charge’ | NBC News Now

NBC News’ Stephanie Ruhle details the history of our country’s immigration laws and the origins of the “public charge” rule to see how much of an impact this new law might have.
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Debunking Immigration Myths: ‘Public Charge’ | NBC News Now


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  1. This is literally like watching left-wing propaganda What happened to NBC?

  2. This is literally like watching left-wing propaganda What happened to NBC?

  3. by NO means a 'new rule', just raised from the dead. When my grandfather came from Cork in 1921, he had to have a sponsor and a job, and the sponsor had to guarantee his provision, and that he could never go on welfare. So Europeans were NOT 'just let in' automatically. There is no reason anyone else should be, as economic migrants, either.

  4. NYS democrats trying to please their unions, so they're suing the government over this rule. The benefits should be for U.S citizens

  5. all Humans
    detain all hispanics
    99% of them are not Human
    they are Human eating malevolent alien hybrids
    they are trying to blend in amongst you with goals to breed you out and contaminate your DNA so u cannot ascend 

  6. maga,,all immigrants should be sent to sub Saharan Africa. much land,natural resources,,why not?

  7. 1886-1959: we don't need idiots. We celebrate our abilities and accomplishments and are a white nation, Christian culture with Western values.

    Starting in 1960: We celebrate disabilities. Our society is measured by how it treats the lowest people. We demonize the smart and successful. We demonize white people and sing "hey hey ho ho Western culture has got to go" We smear feces on portraits of Jesus. And then we wonder why our schools are failing, bridges collapsing, mass shootings all over the place, widespread poverty etc. I have news for NBC: the two are are connected. So yes bring in your 8th grade drop outs if you like, but don't go complaining about massive poverty and crime or the widespread incarceration that follows it.

  8. What a creep. Trump I mean. 😢

  9. The premise is the same. Who cares what old laws regulated. ASK 1000 people what your country needs? 1 moron will say that we need more immigrants on welfare.

  10. The Statue of liberty nor that poem or poet are rules or laws in the USA. The Statue was given to us by the french however the french do not rule us either and false they get welfare through their anchor babies food stamps etc

  11. Jeez woman, can u get off the President a bit?! he is, like, the first one we've had in a very long time that cannot be bought.

  12. That's not new.
    It's in the immigration book. Plain as day!
    It is a very good policy and is fairly common in other countries (Australia used to have one, probably still does)
    The socialist European countries all wish they had this as immigration policy, that's for sure.

  13. I doubt I doubt if he'll ever see Isis raid a Trump Hotel

  14. If President Trump and other businessmen didn't hire them to work in his hotels and their be there construction they wouldn't come over here they come over here for work and McDonald's and all you guys are the ones who are giving them to work they don't take the work from Americans mr. Trump and the people who hire them take the work from America's and they're the ones that bring them over here this problem can be so easily fixed but you guys just won't do it

  15. Never too flashy, nor ever without compassion; that's why Ms. Ruhle has become one of my favorite journalists! Thank-you, Stephanie, for pointing out this particular absurdity of Trump policy with your usual common sense eloquence. You rule!

  16. The law would be about maintenance healthcare. Emergency healthcare is still covered. Lets keep that in mind as this is discussed. Every country has a "Hippocratic" Oath of some some kind. The average people's of the world are good.

  17. An Outstanding report so far. I have see so many reports and news over Public Charge. This could persuade the jury to prevent the rule from taking place.

  18. Most Americans couldn't qualify to legally immigrate to Canada. They have pretty strict criteria.

  19. He had no problem, with allowing Amazon to go on the Corporate welfare role. They made 10 billion dollars and paid no taxes. I can understand illegal immigrants not getting welfare benefits. But I allow healthcare. I wouldn't deny my worst enemy medical help if they needed it. Anyone that does has a moral deficit.

  20. So if Trump is lying let him pass his new rule! Per your info it won't matter anyways

  21. Obey the law, why is that such a difficult concept to understand.

  22. No your talking about Illegal Aliens and Anchor Babies, let's be clear on that. And if you think Illegals are not gaming the system and getting it, then your as dumb as this Woman. Of course this Video is made by a Liberal Dem news outlet posing as a legitimate news source and not admitting their Political agenda to you. Very dishonest.

  23. That's not true. Illegal immigrants dont pay taxes. Their employer pays less wages and flys under the tax radar. Then the illegal immigrant sends the tax free money back home, outside the U.S. So, which is to blame? Is this the essence of the problem? Greed?
    The problem is a few fold.

    Point is, they don't pay taxes because they do not hold a SSN. Therefore, they don't pay for the infrastructure, unemployment, food stamps, social security.. etc.
    Now, there are those that assume, illegally, the SSN of a deceased individual and use it, exclusively, for collecting benefits.

    Some of my best childhood and current friends are here illegally. Always have been. This is how I know.

    IMO, it's the illgal' employer's that have caused this twisted blame. The illegals have no other avenues once their work visas expire. However, just as if I were to want to expatriate myself into another country I would have to follow their laws and rules not just out of legitimacy but out of respect. In other words once anyones work visa expires its time to file for citizenship legally just like I would have to do in , say Japan. Let me tell you. … I cherish my Mexican friendships. Beautiful people. I won't compare them to anyone.. on their own merits. God bless every nation. Peace brothers.

  24. Means testing is essential. Taxpayers don’t need the extra burden of foreigners picking our pockets.

  25. That's what we did with New Zealanders coming here in Australia. They migrate here and go on welfare right away and never gets off, so Gov't made stipulation they don't get benefits nor permanaent residence if they don't earn 56k for 3 consecutive years and we deport all Kiwis who have convictions right after they serve their sentences.
    Their PM Ardern doesn't like it. Lol

  26. Finally someone who says it but americans are to stupid t pay attention they just want to absorb the information that pleases themm. Brainwashed by headass Trump.

  27. its unreasonable to ask that all immigrants not be a public charge. life is often less than ideal. when people get here, they have no connections, they have no land on which to begin their work efforts, they own nothing, and the government needs to pick up the tab for them. no man on planet earth deserves to own NO LAND .. not even a 2 foot x 2 foot square beneath their own feet. something is wrong here, the government isn't cutting the pie evenly.. i don't need a degree in mathematics to establish that truth.

  28. i really DON'T respect NBC, but i can't watch fox news, they are too butt-kissy to mr trump for my taste. NBC will just come right out and hit him hard.. which is OK by me ..

  29. Why don't we just tax these workers? There is a need for these people in fields that Americans don't want to do. Especially in the hot humid or super hot Southern States. People who move from the north can not handle these jobs.

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