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Debunking The CrowdStrike Theory In The Ukraine Call | NBC News Now

During the infamous Ukraine call, President Trump asked Ukraine to look into CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity company that’s been at the center of a far-right conspiracy theory. NBC News’ Dasha Burns debunks where the theory came from and why it has no validity.
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Debunking The CrowdStrike Theory In The Ukraine Call | NBC News Now


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  1. Utter b.s. DNC servers were not hacked. There was a leak. Russian hacking is the conspiracy theory.

  2. Hello NBC. Considering you've promoted debunked smears against me, I'm going to debunk you. Theories about CrowdStrike first emerged on June 16, 2016, this was posted to inevitahillary [dot] blogspot [dot] com. Your origin theory is fake news.

  3. 30,000 emails / smashed harddrives – et al…….GET ON IT! 'reporter'

  4. NBC thinks the truth is powerful and it prevails. On their wall, this actually reads like a prophecy of doom.
    Reminder NBC was a Clinton donor as early as 2015:

  5. Prop prop propaganda….. Jesus msm is just openly pushing one sided narratives

  6. Quisiera informacion porque una persona especialisada en sicologia esta afectando a mi familia y se metio en la mente ho con ondas sonicas esta dañando a mi familia quisiera una investigacin pero temo por amenazas que hacen tengo pruebas de esode a mi me causaron daños ficicos y temo denunciar por amenazas nesecito alluda de alguien con experiencia donde la puedo conseguir

  7. ur fkin reaching so much lol
    The Server is not a computer server its a classification or name as u will
    seriously its like u think trump is speaking in code by not paying attention to context clues

  8. Stable genius Donald J Trump, the LIAR IN CHIEF, has another genius apart from lying, his delusional obsession with former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  9. Thank you NBC for confirming everything. Your desperate attempt to confuse everyone over this "conspiracy theory" tells me for sure it is true. By the way, Trump has the server. Hahahaha

  10. This is FAKE NEWS. NO US INTELLIGENCE AGENCY EVER EXAMINED THE DNC SERVER. You need to retract your statement. The NSA did look into the data transmission speeds and determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that the DNC emails were downloaded by someone within the DNC. It would be impossible for the data to have transferred at that speed by any other means. The server WILL show that the DNC EMAIL LEAK was thanks to Seth Rich. That IS 100% verifiable fact and is part of public record.

  11. Crowdstrike’s venture capital came from two primary sources, Former Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner who was Hillary’s CFIUS counterpart when Uranium One was approved, and Eric Schmidt, Alphabet CEO who was considered Hillary campaign staff. Ukraine has answers. Dems are terrified.

  12. HRC open source server? [Missing emails] [CrowdStrike] Granted access. Betrayed. Only the tip. China hacked HRC server? False. Access was granted. CrowdStrike managed the infiltration program based on payments to CF. THEY NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD LOSE. NOW THEY ALL LOSE.

  13. Hmm..Wheres the clip of Biden bragging about withholding 1 million unless the prosecutor was fired w/in the 6 hour time frame ????
    Nice try attempting to hide the DNC dirty dark dishonest
    President Trump may just be the Greatest Patriot in American History and the only Honest President to take office since JFK

  14. It's funny that Robert Mueller "investigated" Russian involvement in the election, yet he never looked at the DNC servers they said were hacked by Russians. Instead, they were given to this left-wing anti-American group Crowd Strike.

  15. Nice leather jacket. Its really amazing what you can find at Goodwill. Too bad they got no brains there, as it looks like you could use some, bubblebrain. Oh, and I aint even gonna speculate as to how you got your job at NBC…

  16. NBC "news" is quick to provide cover for their fellow Democrat friends … We know the truth NBC. We only come here to poke fun at the idiots who still consider you a news source.
    NBC is nothing but propaganda.

  17. The "tale" is, that it's OK for Mueller or any other left leaning individual to ask about these things if they are trying to implicate Trump. But if Trump himself asks about it….WOAH THERE BUCK-O! Grounds to impeach???

  18. More crafty wording from the globalist mainstream FAKE NEWS trying to cover for Biden and his son while they demonize our President…as usual.
    Nobody even buys these BS stories anymore. The mainstream is trusted even less than the globalist/socialist demoncrats. I can't believe they even bother trying to sway opinion any longer. How about reporting important information fairly for a change? You slandered Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012. Trump in 2016. And ANYBODY that really cares about our constitutional free republic…NOTE I did not use the term democracy.
    TRUMP 2020! LIVE FREE OR DIE. 🤬🇺🇸

  19. Its true, I seen a server labeled "DNC Secret Server" while I was visiting the fake moon landing set located in the Ukrainian desert (its been edited to look like a forest in google maps).

  20. Biden makes trump look smart stupid liberals always a-tryin' ta defraud are great leaduurr

  21. Hahaha. Look at fake news digging up their "debunking" and "conspiracy theory" disinfo mantras as they prepare to deal with the coming sh *t storm

  22. Nice propaganda piece NPC

  23. Well why didn't the dnc let the FBI do it

  24. Grammarly, based in Ukraine, is using CERN access and development of a "quantum tunneling worm", to force use of their app. We the People of North America must act. The word antiguous and contiguous were even quantum-deleted in some Navy Maneuvers Manuals.

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