Friday , January 22 2021
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Decision 2020: Are You Better Off? with Stephanie Ruhle | NBC News NOW

NBC News Senior Business Correspondent Stephanie Ruhle explores the economic impact of COVID-19 and the nation’s top issues as it gears up for the upcoming election. In this special report, she speaks with leaders in economics and politics, as well as farmers and small business owners who have been directly impacted.
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Decision 2020: Are You Better Off? with Stephanie Ruhle


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  1. Or you just marry a Hedge fund manager like she did…………

  2. Stephanie I am not sure about you and some of your talking points stop talking about stocks where were the jobs for black and brown peoples jobs🤔🧐 I don't understand how your parents can still vote a man with the thought patterns he has againest Black and Brown people and what he has done to the little kids who have no parents .. I just don't understand that thought patterns that your parents you guy's speak about that 🧐🧐🤔🤔 I know you love your parents but come on people are dying, kids no parent's and they think that OK🤔🤔

  3. Lots of folks in America are hurting, but what percentage of the responsibility for that is our own???? What do I mean? Well 60% of the country cannot come up with $400.00 for an emergency. THIS IS PREPANDEMIC. The average car payment is $506/month.

    Is it possible that we are spending more than we earn and not saving enough? What percentage of individuals in America have a fully funded 6 month emergency fund? Are those folks hurting as much as the average person that cannot come up with $400?

    Come on folks, perhaps our government let us down, BUT we need to take an honest look in the mirror regarding how we are spending.

    "Oh but we're broke because we don't get paid well enough" ……well yes we should probably have higher wages, BUT the amount we're spending on things as a nation indicates we're living the lifestyle of someone that earns several times what we make.

    Not saying this applies to everyone, but it applies to a lot.

  4. Under capitalism, I don't think any of us are better off than we have ever been and never will be as long as capitalism remains to be our economic reality.

  5. I was laid off back in 2002. Got part time work making a fraction of what I had been making. Luckily my wife had a good job so we are about the same as we were 4 years ago. I just don't like being lied to every day. trump needs to go to jail.

  6. Socialist trump farmers. Who da thought?

  7. #Vote for #TRUMP2020 and save this Country from the far left who want the NEW GREEN DEAL which would destroy this Country's economy and jobs. #MAGA2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍👍

  8. I'm so sorry for small businesses but yeah I don't go to places.

  9. Hahahaha To farmers: Trump destroys your markets and to compensate for his horrendous trade wars gives farmers the biggest welfare handout deal in history. Free money… Free money that will destroy the United States economy. How much free money do you think he will be able to give you? Talk about socialism.

  10. Can someone FIRE THIS MORON USELESS PRESIDENT TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE 3 NOVEMBER 2020? He have destroyed world enough!

  11. Do you even know what your saying bla bla makes no sense all made up sad fake news. Trump 2020 November can't wait to open up our country again.

  12. Why ISNT NEWS MEDIA REPORTING Proven treatment that are EFFECTIVE AND KNOWN TO WORK SINCE SPANISH FLU IN 1918 ? ozone treatments WORKS is safe affordable and medical mafia will allow 10s of 1000s to DIE NEEDLESSLY rather than allow holistic proven medical treatment that has been PUBLISHED and has several successful studies ( like one did treat 107 patients with ozone protocol and 107 survived recovered and no ventilators or side effects. ) ill go get the link to the published medical journal article and you are invited to Google it yourself. IV ozone treatment for COVID youll see what imean. If its not been blacklisted if it has keep looking youll find the data

  13. When you have to get paid by the government to do your job as a farmer cause you voted for president tart, that’s ur problem not the public to foot the bill. It’s nice to get free money from the government and not think think your a freeloader cause they say it subsides hahahaha

  14. If your writing disco songs in 1992 you won't sell records. Write some new songs. No one pulled together to save disco they all got together piled them up and burnt them.

  15. US President Donald Trump has a Chinese bank account and spent years pursuing business projects in the country, the New York Times has reported. The account is controlled by Trump International Hotels Management and paid local taxes between 2013 and 2015. It was set up "to explore the potential for hotel deals in Asia", according to a Trump spokesman. Mr Trump has been critical of US firms doing business in China and sparked a trade war between the two countries. The NY Times revealed the account after obtaining Mr Trump's tax records, which included both personal and company financial details.

  16. Do these two have Surveillance Testing in their Communities?

  17. Why is NBC going to Trump followers and encourage them to praise Trump ?

  18. I guess L A sherrif is worried about what happens to aliens than citizens. If we don't have alien neighborhoods we whouldnt have to worry if they report crimes.
    Why worry about problems that are not ours. I don't know what you think but I am sick and tired of takeing care of other people's problems in the world and let's take care of our own.
    We either are a country or not. With citizens of our own to serve and protect or not

  19. Don't get me wrong….i respect farmers who grow crops to feed the people. But i don't understand a party (GOP) who preaches Capitalism as best business model, but gives taxpayers money as welfare (a Socialist model) to farmers & corporations to compete in business. The hypocrisy of the GOP. Deceive you that Socialist agenda is so bad but give Corporate welfare (taxpayers money – your money) to the wealthy while you get nothing. Not even affordable healthcare. Wakeup USA, understand the issues that affect you & do some critical thinking. The GOP do Socialist agenda to benefit themselves & the 1-10% wealthy but leave the Main Street out!

  20. There is no economic recovery when you see the middle class, small business owners and the needy. However, the Market might do well for the millionaires and billionaires, in addition to-that they don’t even pay income taxes under this administration

  21. Just because I am affected financially, since I work from home and my husband is still working, doesn’t and shouldn’t mean I think all is well with our country. Thinking only of oneself is selfish and self centered, which is the reason we are in the horrible situation we’re in! Too many people like Trump because they are just like him!

  22. Over 30 Million Americans are currently unemployed/facing eviction….Ask any of them if they are better off now than 4 years ago 🙄

  23. Alot of money went into big farmers but many of them went under filing bankruptcy and even committing suicide as much as I like stephanie I felt this program didn't offer equality but rather business that prospered with trump giving billions to farmers but none to those who have lost a great deal

  24. They dont call it trump derangement syndrome for nothing. but just like convid-1984 it causes blindness and hearing loss to the actual truth, Take off your googles and earplugs and get wise to the facts not feelings. Beijing biden finally breaks his silence about bribery scandal that the feds corroborate with rudy is 100% legit.

  25. Isn't giving these businesses financial help ——— Socialism ???

  26. Obama and biden were in bed with china before even xi was dictator. Literally handing over intellectual property. Now because of the obama administration policies we're forced to play catch up! Trump believes in action not words. Sanctions tariffs etc. He's already proven his stand against the mendacious propaganda Panda!! Beijing biden however, has received bribes from the red menace directly while he was in office as veep. making it a felony. This story was run in America's oldest paper the New York post founded by Alexander Hamilton. Censored by social media and silicon valley. I voted trump already and you should too, unless you want china as your new Borg Overlords,"Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will Eat you." -Benjamin Franklin

  27. The hypocrisy of the Left is off the charts, Nice try when they argue and pretend it doesnt exist. But no cigar. A press that openly Lies to you is Not a Free, Press!! and the dems defending it only when it serves them. This plague of yellow journalists are doing an abysmal job and a grave disservice to the American public. They're using their platform to promote radicalism, as a propaganda tool, They hate America and want to see it go up in flames

  28. Yellow journalists pretending to report the news all the while spinning spurious subterfuge. What questions will they ask the former senator, what flavor ice cream he ate yesterday? while totally ignoring the bribery scandal that the feds says is 100% legit?

  29. Dems motto:
    "Always accuse your enemies of your own sins."

    -Joseph Goebbels, hitlers minister of propaganda

  30. Listen here no ONE is stupid here I'M gonna give you the answer to you all smart economy people especially Corporations first Corporations are 👍 Great they are good people by hiring 🇺🇸 Americans we should lower their taxes now they need to come back to our Country the 🇺🇸 USA but lets be fair you get TAX. Breaks even down to 15 percent taxes for companies but give us least Minimum15 dollars and hour

  31. Trump is winning the economic debate. And he's going to be reelected. You have to be stupid to vote for demented Biden.

  32. 😣😣😣What a tragedy for the USA, if Barack Obama had of been in power, he would have a Strategy Plan to save his people and guide the country out of the PANDEMIC, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will do that, with the assistance of Anthony Fauci and his team. 💙V💙O💙T💙E = 💙B💙L💙U💙E💙

  33. First DrFauci Obama and Biden send money to China for covid research. Then we get it airborned and depend on corrupt politicians to make things better but have to wait til they figure out how to embezzle half of the 2 trillion stimulus package.

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