Tuesday , June 22 2021
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Defense Rests In Derek Chauvin Trial | NBC Nightly News

During the final day of testimony, Derek Chauvin told the judge that he would not testify. Closing arguments are set for Monday.
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Defense Rests In Derek Chauvin Trial | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Did you put the fentanyl in his mouth ?…..no…..innocent!

  2. Floyd should have just complied. Whatever the outcome cops are human too and if people would just comply and do what they are told, then none of this would happen. Wasn't GF high AF and what was he doing behind the wheel of a car? what if he drove off and hit a kid and killed him or her? what then?

  3. Even if he walks no riots would happen. Some people will complain and then everyone will continue their lives. The square will be renamed to its original name and nobody will remember Floyd's name. Chauvin will drink mojito next year in Bahamas.

  4. I thought if you go know comment or don’t give evidence your guilty if anyone agrees thumbs up or down

  5. The fact that we all watched a man sit on a hand cuffed man for 9 mins we as a cointry are talking about doubt.. There is no amount of doubt because we all watched it

  6. I'm confused when does he get the trophy

  7. Great…what time can we expect the protesters & looters to act up??????

  8. Chauvin is innocent and Floyd caused his own death. PLAIN AND SIMPLE

  9. NYPD’s Guidelines to Preventing Deaths

    in Custody

    ■ As soon as the subject is handcuffed,

    get him off his stomach. Turn him on

    his side or place him in a seated


    ■ If he continues to struggle, do not sit

    on his back. Hold his legs down or

    wrap his legs with a strap.

    ■ Never tie the handcuffs to a leg or

    ankle restraint.

  10. Police, like teachers are grossly under-paid. Is this is another case of "You get what you pay for"?

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  12. how come drug dealer of floyd plead the fifth ?

  13. So many witnesses disagreeing, is that doubt in and of itself?

  14. Derek's silence speaks volumes, if I was innocent of the crime accused of doing I would have plenty to say in my defence

  15. This is a huge joke and a bad one at that.

  16. Anyone on trial for murder is a fool if they take the stand. If you're not guilty the prosecutor will make you look guilty. #dontbeasucker

  17. What got me the most was the smile on Chauvin's face while he was pleading the 5th. I sure hope he is convicted and released into the general population in prison. That should take care of that damned smile.

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  21. 🤔Now They thinking how to do with the coming riots and lootings all over this country and how it will cost if they let this psychopat walk free.

  22. He's likely gonna walk free. George had a potentially lethal amount of drugs in his system, had heart trouble, and the knee-on-neck/back restraint is taught by the Minneapolis Police Department as part of their training. George actively resisted arrest. If you watch the entire video, the cops were nothing but civil to the man. There's also no way to prove how much weight he was applying to his back/neck, it could've been barely any pressure. All of this points to reasonable doubt. But it doesn't matter. You all are so emotionally invested due to the media brainwashing you that the facts don't matter anymore. You're going to riot and burn down your own neighborhoods anyway. Sad for everyone involved, tbh.

    The police bodycam AUDIO provide evidence favorable to officer Chauvin's case.
    Listen to it here:
    Floyd becomes unresponsive at 16:30.
    At 17:24, he is reported as "still breathing". The officer making that statement needs to be questioned on how he made that determination. What also needs outing is when the pollice realized Floyd had stopped breathing.
    The full AUDIO suggests there are several things that could have resulted in Floyd's death:
    1. Floyd resists arrest and tries to punk the police continually.
    When put into the police car, he resists and says he is claustrophobic, and says he can't breathe 5 times. He set himself up to not be believed the 15 times he said he couldn't breathe while on the ground,
    2. The officer audio, at times 12:29, 13:42, 14:49, & 14:56, reveals they did not know Floyd talking did not mean he wasn't on the verge of respiratory collapse.
    Explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oqEp63duIc This reveals a critical deficiency in their training.
    Note Dr. Hansen's comments on Floyd's toxicology report .
    View it and Dr, Barnard's interpretation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRoqSyIi-98
    3. Twice during the encounter, Floyd stated he had COVID, confirmed by the toxicology report. The time of this tragedy may have been before it was discovered COVID-19 could attack the heart causing myocarditis, explained here:
    Was this condition noted in the autopsies ?
    If not, is that a legal deficiency?
    Floyd had an enlarged heart, which reminded me of this :
    Enlarged heart kills teen basketball player https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjy0bVBPgQI
    4. From the AUDIO, we can only determine at time 16:30 Floyd's brain was not getting enough blood flow to remain conscious. Remember, Floyd is reported as still breathing 54 seconds later. We need to know when the police were aware Floyd was not breathing.
    My non-expert interpretation: Floyd died as a result of his heart fibrillating beginning at time 16:30 from some unknown cause, possibly his drugs and/or undetected COVID-19 myocarditus and other medical factors.
    Officer Chauvin used an authorized procedure found in section 5-311 of the policy & procedures manual, since changed to prohibit choke holds.
    Legal question: Can an officer be held criminally responsible for performing a trained activity when that training later proves deficient?
    The case of the death of Elijah McClain (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGlHMZQtO7U) at the hands of bad cops is the one where criminal prosecution and public outrage is warranted.

  24. Exhaust from the police car??? Well if thats the case isn’t that still on chauvin for having his head near the exhaust

  25. Chauvin needs to go down for a long time….

  26. I predict a mistrial. I also predict that the city will burn and be looted. While we are at it…. can anyone get me a good deal on a wide screen 📺???

  27. Defense rests because there is no way to defend him.

  28. All puppets played thier roles in this staged trial

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