Delphi murder suspect blames white nationalists in girls’ killings

Attorneys representing the man accused of killing two young girls along a Delphi, Indiana, trail say white nationalist pagans may be responsible. WTHR’s Emily Longnecker reports.

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Delphi murder suspect blames white nationalists in girls’ killings


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  1. Did the khazars attempt an all time low here?
    Weak sheep wake up to the worst of anti white propaganda .

  2. European Caucasian Anglo-Saxon American on European Caucasian Anglo-Saxon American crime is real

  3. just another crazy white man from Republican run Indiana…

  4. It was ABSOLUTELY A SACRIFICE. Nobody DECAPITATES A CHILD without the intent to offer sacrifice. This guy wasn't alone, and he wasn't the assailant. This is all a cover up. They found a bullet casing in a situation where flesh was RIPPED OPEN by knives. None of it makes sense. They abandon the obvious, they lie to the public. None of it makes sense.

  5. Red state america ladies and gentlemen

  6. White supremacy is the greatest threat to USA democracy per the FBI and Homeland Security 🫶🏽🖤1

  7. Was he a democrat or republican. We should start looking at voter cards to see who is voting and what crimes they commit. Repubicans commit these crimes democrats commit no crimes.

  8. It’s usually a family member

  9. White nationalist? Call him what he is a Repulican!

  10. They disappeared the professor.

  11. Sounds to me like all of them are Odinites.

  12. Remind me why religion is even legal in developed countries

  13. Jessie Smollet situation again

  14. So, the FBI and SPLC are going after pagans and christians now? Is statism the only allowed religion?

  15. No wonder why America is meant fall in the short future. A country filled with ignorance.

  16. Those drawings are amazing.

  17. White supremacy is NOT welcome in Pagan religions, they are not allowed to take what is not theirs. They do not belong and their views are contrary to all Pagan beliefs. This is cultural appropriation.

  18. How can he blames his pervertedness on white nationalism. Democrat.

  19. A " WHITE NATIONALIST " is a white person who loves their Country. Just like you can be a dark skinned person who loves their Country. Why do these democrats seem to change the meanings of words ?

  20. pagans and white supremacists are not the same. but i can see why nbc is pushing the white boogeyman for clicks. trash news coverage

  21. & Trump says there’s good people on both sides .. right 🤨

  22. "white nationalists" 😂. Ookaayyy… 🙄

  23. He confessed because he did it. He’s also a piece of trash. This comment got deleted by nbc because I called him trash. They like to hide trash. How’s Matt Lauer doing nbc?

  24. I guess that's as good an excuse as " I was crazy at the time"

  25. Fake professor in order to interfere with investigation.