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Delta pilot arrested on suspicion of being drunk before flight

His Breathalyzer was well over the limit for pilots, police said; the flight to San Diego was delayed an hour but the pilot has not been charged yet.




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  1. its nice to see the tsa took a break from stealing our stuff long enough to bust a drunk pilot

  2. I like the one about the doctor treating patients while drunk. 😆😆

  3. He’s just one that got caught. Happens more than people believe.

  4. He needs to go back to flying paper airplanes. Then he can drink all he wants. It just don't pay as well.

  5. What?! They're making pilots fly while sober? Where's the challenge in that? Thanks, big brother. Sheesh!

  6. I don't get it. Why isn't it mandatory for pilots to use a breathalyzer before boarding? I mean, really? How many have we heard of in the last week. There's 2 more in Glasgow today. Since those machines are portable, I'd say everyone running some sort of transit (subway, bus) should have to take one.

  7. How stupid can you get he didn’t bring Orange Juice to mix with that Vodka.

  8. He was over the limit for booze?
    I didn't know there was an acceptable amount of booze on the breath of a pilot!!!

  9. Think how many nurses, judges, etc etc show up to work with over .04 and/or high.

  10. I flew on Delta and went through Minneapolis this week. That is scary!


  11. Do pilots get tested to see if they're under the influence before the take off?

  12. Was he inspired after watching Flight or something…

  13. over the limit? there should be no limit?

  14. Delta thinks they walk on water. Not today.

  15. I want to see an update to this
    Interview the passengers

  16. Fire him immediately. Putting the public's safety at risk is no laughing matter or slap on the risk. Things could have ended tragically.

  17. He's scared of heights and needed to take the edge off.

  18. don't you think all flight staff should be screened at all times?? "I'm not ready to be screened" wtf is that

  19. Wow, he looks almost like Josh Stewart from "The Punisher" (season 2).

  20. It's so unbelievable that someone who had so many lives in his hands would be so stupid! He's obviously suffering from alcoholism and should be ordered to go to rehab and his pilot's license suspended!

  21. I wouldn't worry about it. "Jesus" would have taken over and landed everyone safely.

  22. What the heck is wrong with people 😞

  23. A flight attendant told me she learned how to drink from pilot's. Drunk is appalling, but has been more common in the past.

  24. Why are so many pilots alcoholics? .Is it because of seclusion ? I think so wow .hope he gets the help he needs or put the pilot keys up!!

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