Dem ally and FTX founder Bankman-Fried quietly bought data firm with trove of voter info: #shorts

More stories unfold amidst the collapse of FTX as its founder and Democratic donor Sam Bankman-Fried remains in the hot seat.

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  1. He made a lot of enemies , that can be bad for your health

  2. When the Democrats figure what to do, how to cover up and burn the trail then and only then will he be arrested and charged.

  3. Wait his own money???? NOT LIKELY!! I doubt he ever had two nickels to rub together. He was stealing lollipops from kids in strollers at an early age and kept on doing it with other peoples money when he was older.

  4. This "scumbag" insists he didn't do anything illegal. Ask him if he disclosed all the donations to Democrats (and party). Five to ten years Federal Prison !

  5. Joe, Kamala, Nancy? Plenty of money? Did your steal? Am I allowed to ask? DOJ ,FBI?
    Wait I forgot to ASK CHINA, ping is this stealing?

  6. That’s election. Interference

  7. This whole story is a joke. Why is he not in prison yet?

  8. The DOJ will let him go ,because of the corrupt justice system and the corrupt Democratic party and there treasonous leftist lieing liberal administration.

  9. This scum bag will identify as a transformer to avoid getting dicked down in jail. 😂

  10. In a nutshell…we have people willing to screw us over to get/keep their power.

  11. We need to burn Washington to the ground and start over.

  12. Shouldn't the investors who were ripped off get ownership of said new business?After all,sounds like he invested their money into it…

  13. About 20 yrs in prison he could save most of that 100 grand. 🎱

  14. That's why I like to research. Pulled off all my money from exchanges over a year ago. Choose and went went all in with GLOBIANCE instead. They've been in business years before token released, KYC, their own stable coins, staking, LP, DEX and CEX, licensed in many regions + GLOBIANCE Bank next

  15. $100k really? you such LAME news that you believe that???!!! and report that LIE!!! HE HAS BILLIONS HIDDEN IN CRYPTO AND PROPERT INVESTEMENTS!!!! LAME FAKE NEWS!!!!

  16. Aaaand the WH is looking into investigating Musk???

  17. So how do you buy a company for millions of dollars when just last week the guy was totally broke, had zero!

  18. This world is held in such a grip, and groups constantly pitted against each other that people like this walk away free as well as govern

  19. oops sorry i took all these methodical steps to defraud you lets just forget about the past ok?

  20. Communists' control measures.

  21. “Of his own money”

    Pshh yea ok 😂😂😂

  22. He defrauded countless people. He is a criminal. There is no regulatory failure, he knew he was breaking the law. The failure is that he and his conspirators aren't all rotting in federal prison now.

  23. This dope is definitely getting epsteined before this is over. Democrats ain't giving that money back no matter what happens to him. Yeah, his days are numbered.

  24. It should against laws to buy elections,

  25. Maybe that's a wish from him.

  26. Sbf is gonna commit suicide just like Jeffery

  27. I've been quite unsure about investing in this current market and at the same time I feel it's the best time to get started on the market. i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $3.5M within a short period of time investing in Cryptocurrency. i need to know what coin to buy.

  28. Your information is not safe

  29. Breathtaking corruption

  30. Oh Tied to the Democratic Party, really a shocker LOL

  31. Despicable. Another corruption in the Democrat Party that they will turn a blind eye to. If you still believe that they are for We The People you are hopelessly lost.

  32. What a corrupt evil greedy party of crooks making decisions and laws for us to obey.

  33. Democrat slush fund. No worries

  34. This was another ARM of The Democrat Party to FUNNEL money.