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Demi Moore recalls how seizure at party marked a turning point l ABC News l Part 3/3

The actress told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview that when she was back in her body she thought she was “being given a choice” and realized “something had to give.”

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  1. what an amazing woman.! She is givng me strength….i have discovered alot about myself from watching your whole interview with Demi….Now to do something about it. Thank you so much Diane and Demi!!!!

  2. What happened to the 10 year old that you were banging in public? wonder what hell he's going through….Pedo/satanist

  3. Demi Moore looks FANTASTIC with short hair!!!!

  4. As someone who has always liked her as an actress. I get why she's doing what she is doing. Her statement on when decide who someone is. Whoo! I felt that. There comes a point in life where you have to face yourself, that's what she's doing. I applaud and support her.

  5. With all that botox you could pass as Courtney Cox

  6. People we need Jesus he is our answers our only answer

  7. all her girls look like bruce willis with a wig.

  8. I am not a ritch guy but most certainly I would make her forge ALL the past crap .

  9. You are extremely strong & beautiful person. Love you…& fuck all stupid man never seen the awesome person you are.

  10. One thing I find very odd is this: Her given name is Demetrius Guynes. Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis named their son Dimitri Portwood. Not sure what the Portwood stands for. Maybe it's a family name? It sounds like a surname, rather than a middle name. But Dimitri?… Come on now…

  11. She's so beautiful inside and out and so brave for opening up. I'm sure her book will help many women, especially those who were raised by a narcissistic mother and totally absent father. I really felt her pain through this as I know too well what it's like to be raised in a dysfunctional environment. I really admire her strength and hope she heals and finds peace within herself. I hope anyone who was raised by a narcissistic parent with a mental illness finds peace within themselves.

  12. God,i can't wait to go read that book!

  13. Demi looks stunning at 56! Just beautiful!! 😍😍

  14. That was powerful. Glad, I saw this series of interviews. (:

  15. Love her dogs God bless you guys always , you are a beautiful 56 years old

  16. She's really a lot different than I thought. I pictured her as having high self-esteem that wouldn't take crap from any man like the character in ''About last night''. When Rob Lowe dumped her, she had him begging to take her back. She made him suffer until he knew for sure what he wanted. It's like her fear of growing older and being married to a much younger man took a toll especially after she lost the baby and became too clingy which scare him away and he started cheating.

  17. It's hard to feel sorry for a multi-millionaire with a home in the Hollywood Hills.

  18. You need to let Jesus love the people, not that you need to love yourself even more….

  19. extraordinary story. magnificent woman.

  20. Awwwv I hope her life is happier.

  21. Everyone has their struggles. Age, race, gender, bank balance, profession, religion, attractiveness ~ these factors hold zero immunity to life struggles. It's tough to deal with, most people have to deal with it alone. There are much worse situations in life than being alone. I have faced 99% of mine, alone.

  22. Yeah, seizures can happen when you're doing too much cocaine.

  23. someone her own size – that's code for the fact that Demi's always been with men who are dummies. most people would find that frustrating and unfulfilling but control freaks don't. that may explain why she stayed with that kid so long. she always has to be in control and superior. it's a hard habit to break, and i think that's what her therapist meant by that comment. Demi needs to learn to partner with a man who is her intellectual equal.

  24. Are you kidding me ? You are so beautiful…but this is not the most important…you are internally one of the most important & beautiful person I ever heard about…not really met.

  25. Demi should have talked about her mother mocking her pregnant picture by getting naked and taking the same pose. Demi was devastated.

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