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Democratic debate: The moments that mattered


Highlights of the tough talk, zingers and lighter exchanges that unfolded on the debate stage in Houston. READ MORE:

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  1. These moments don't matter. Dems/radicals you have made so much trouble for your selfs. You have made so many people hate you. what do you think's going to happen when Donald Trump wins the election? What do you think Americans that's angry going to do? WITH 3 YEARS OF Democratic lies and tricks. AMERICANS WHAT ARE WE TO DO NEXT

  2. KAMALA is The FUTURE!! #FutureIsFemale all trump supporters can go And hide.

  3. You people have made a lot of enemies the last few years and it's going to show in Democratic voting I cannot wait to see your face when Donald Trump wins again. I can't wait to see The extremist you have built will fall upon you like a ton of bricks yeah you don't know it but you've made a lot of extremist enemies Democrats they have no other way to speak. what do you think they're going to say when they do speak

  4. All of the democrats suck except for Yang. I’ll vote for Yang hands down, but if he isn’t their candidate, I’m going to vote for Trump again. And by the way, the women are ESPECIALLY BAD. All they can do is talk pseudo intellectual shit about trump lmao! We need a clear leader (like Yang or Trump) to steer the most powerful nation in history and protect our freedoms, not some weak liberal politically correct wimps.

  5. I always thought these were supposed to be serious but it’s not

  6. Beto O'Rourke is an idiot. Molon Labe mother fucker.

  7. ONLY a Democrat will do something about the gun violence crisis.

  8. Wow ! What a bunch of ‘Pinheads’ these characters could not think their way out of a paper bag . Losers All ! Demo socialism/ communism is dead. TRUMP/PENCE 20/20 !! KAG .

  9. None of these clowns will win😂😂 TRUMP 2020 KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

  10. I honestly dont know what she meant about donald trump, he is one of the tallest presidents ever

  11. It’s pathetic they will all get battered by trump

  12. Andrew Yang has real, facts-based solutions to problems that matter

  13. Let's be honest the only good president we had and we've ever have was George Washington the closest one to be as good as him will be Bernie Sanders.

  14. Booker is high on Ritalin and Kamala Harris is on who knows what

  15. Hunter Avallone brought me here.

  16. You gonna take my springfield 1903? Its not a musket and it was a weapon of war.

  17. U hypocrite s talk about guns guns guns I'm a Democrat I'm sorry people have died but what about all the Newborn that are massacred and slaughter here in America I'll tell u what give up the weapons of War for all abortions to cease in this country in not shut ur mouth ! Get rid the Socialists out of country and send them to zvenezuala

  18. The Democrat Dumpster Fire 2020.

  19. The Democrat Dumpster Fire 2020.

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