Wednesday , May 12 2021
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Democratic lawmakers introduce legislation to expand Supreme Court

Sen. Markey and Reps. Nadler, Johnson, and Jones hold a joint press conference to introduce legislation to expand the size of the US Supreme Court.

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  1. The Democrats are the SCUM of America

  2. So the cat is now out of the bag.
    This is all about race……..
    Throw in the obviously essential references to Jim Crow, (something never experienced by any of this motley crew), and away we go….

    We can now see that the 'New Four' are going to be as follows:

    A Black Woman
    An Asian American
    A Native American
    And some Lawyer Type who has practiced somewhere., (colour undefined).

    They've said it right here…..

    ….and nope, I don't know who the woman with scary hair or the weird guy is either…!

    Trouble is though that Nancy doesn't appear to be on board….
    How can this possibly be…?

    Oh…! and Biden doesn't appear to be on board either, since he has set up his 'Commission'
    How can this possibly be….?

    If EXISTENTIAL problems, (don't they just love that word EXISTENTIAL), require EXISTENTIAL solutions, (there's that word again), then why no EXISTENTIAL solution to that EXISTENTIAL problem at the Border………?

    Shouldn't we be told…………?

    Oh!…..and there's that little problem of The Filibuster…………
    I wonder if that is a EXISTENTIAL problem……..?

    $10 to the first Representative Fool or Senator to so describe The Filibuster…
    Any takers…?

    James Hennighan
    Yorkshire, England

  3. Well done y'all are doing the right thing for America

  4. Why doesn’t O’Biden just pull off an executive order? The court is afraid to act on anything…

  5. The only way this should happen is if both sides get to pick two, which in that case it doesn't matter does it.

  6. Wow, they’re pulling out all the stops. Even invoking the ole racism and Jim Crow speech.

  7. We the people will not stand for this.

  8. Democrats you better lock your doors and watch your backs.

  9. From the people that spent 4 years saying the 2016 election was stolen by trump, now saying trump is illegitimate again to justify the accusation he "stole" the SC nominations he was entitled to filling as president.

    The democrats can't seem to keep track of their lies, thankfully we have video, the internet, and dozens of recordings to remind them what they say and do.

  10. People will think this is a good idea until they are sick of the Democrat's one party rule. The court is not meant to be a political tool. It will just keep getting worse people.

  11. Lies lies lies lies lies lies

  12. Losers and cheaters are what the Democrats are

  13. You guys are losers and trying to cheat again !!!!!

  14. Full blown authoritarian dictatorship

  15. How bad do you have to lie to believe the supreme Court is broken and the people back this crap?

  16. The democrats are terrorists.

  17. Why 13?? Where is balance when 1 party is trying to expand and switch the balance? Balance already exist hence Democrats have both Congress and Senate. States Constitutions Secure States Integrity not Federal Government, hence United States of America. Majority is 2/3 not 50. District Courts are voted on by District Voters, hence retain or leave blank meaning leaving a vacancy to be filled.

  18. Our founding fathers would be hanging by now

  19. Just when you think you can't hate the Demorats any more than you already do.
    urgh!!! 😠😠😠

  20. Biden during the debate.
    -Biden: We will not pack the court
    -Biden: We will not open borders.
    -Biden: We will not stop the keystone pipeline.
    -Biden: We will not come for your guns.

    Republicans were called conspiracy theorists for saying Biden would do all of these things…told you so….

  21. What are the chances of the FBI finding information on the January 6th insurection on matt gaetz iPhone? Who might he have shared the ( alleged ) nude photos with? Will anyone be stepping down before their terms are up to spend time with their families? INQUIRING minds want to know.

  22. Wow, this is so bad. No the supreme court is an existential crisis. This world will end if we don't expand the Supreme Court to 13 seats.

  23. Can Megan Hatcher Mays tells us why Brett Cavanaugh is "hideously unqualified" to serve on the Supreme Court. The only thing she can say bad about Amy Coney Barrett is that shouldn't wouldn't say that Climate change is real.

  24. Can we now BELEIVE the trend toward socialism that everyone was warned about for 4 years?

  25. I'm watching this corrupted Democrats party and the administration who has put a humanitarian crises upon us and health crises and putting Americans civilians in danger and who broke their conititional oath of office to the American civilians of this country

  26. Ever state can pull away from the state and become a interpented state and Washington DC will not have control of are states or country

  27. If they are allowed to do this they will repeal the second amendment in full

  28. Can force americans accept new laws it is constitutional or what is good for others???????

  29. We don't need to removed the filler buster ….that way they can pass there agenda with out a vote lts power grab

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