Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Democratic nominees head to Ohio for the 4th 2020 presidential debate l ABC News

The next Democratic debate is set to take place in Westerville, Ohio. Tune in Oct. 15 at 8 p.m. EST.


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  1. Bernie 2020 repost this on every video on YouTube

  2. FYI ABC news, there will be only one (1) 2020 Democrap 'nominee' … It is the Socialists posing as Americans who headed to Ohio for the 4th Democrap debate !

  3. Democratic hopeful must be crooks, this is the only way they can get in office. Look at Biden ever time he opens in mouth it's a lie

  4. Lying over facts? Fuck you sleepy Joe!

  5. crooks. the apple does not fall far from the tree

    Trump/Pence MAGA 2020!!!!!

  7. Joe Biden- “This is about trumps corruption not mine!”

  8. Joe Biden- “This is about trumps corruption not mine!”

  9. Joe Biden- “This is about trumps corruption not mine!”

  10. I can't stand to listen to the Corrupt Racist Bigot Native American Heritage Stealing Pocahontas any more. The same goes for Crazy Bernie. Blah.. Blah.. Blah.. Just go home.

  11. Fuck Biden

    Kids go to sleep not knowing if they’ll have enough money for insulin next week

  12. Socialist shouldn't even be allowed to run for office.

  13. If Joe Biden can say I did nothing wrong and expect to be believed, and is, then same should be for President Trump. Do what's right and fair.

  14. Yay Bernie! We got our foundation, roots even in our bones not capitalism, as per Warring crowd, or whatever her name is. Biden should go. I doubt his son was qualified/worth 50K annually, was it?

  15. Trump 2020 landslide victory

  16. Yang's ideas and responses went over most people heads- He is actually taking a outside point of view that I havent seen or heard from anybody.

  17. Democrats are Communists in other name & as Leftist minded they eat all creams but claim In public As Saviours of poor.. Democrats are more dangerous as they hide their agenda like cancer cells …

  18. This creepy hasn't got a prayer of ever being President.

  19. Hahaha what a fucking clown show. If these are the turds trying to beat Trump, it'll NEVER HAPPEN 😂😂😂

  20. More propaganda brought to you by another "Fake News" network that was caught using shooting range video from Kentucky in 2017 in place Syrian war footage. Lies at all costs over truth is the motto here.

  21. How do we know TRUMPs lying and not Joe or his son. It works both ways.

  22. Democrats just keep wasting our money on Trump impeachment threats.

  23. It's too late American faith in government has been long gone and the only hope is to banish all Democrats and Republicans who lie and leach their way into hard working pockets of the truest patriotic people.
    Crooks and liars! All of them!

  24. Where's Hunter??? – Trump.

  25. Face it. The election of Donald Trump has destroyed the Democrats.

    He has exposed them and their inexorable shift to the far left. He has blown their cover, and stripped them naked in the full glare of the American people's court He has exposed their decades old covert Socialist plan for this great nation….. and it is both corrupt and damning.

    This is why that strange….odd bunch are running….. and the DNC are glad to let them, just to keep up appearances. They are face savers. Space fillers. Time buyers. The real and most qualified Democrat candidates know it is in vain, at this juncture, so they stand back and let these Hari Kari / Kamikaze oddities fall on their swords.

    When Trump wins another four…. he will consolidate. The Democrats will be kept out of power for decades. Maybe forever in their current form. Until such times as they flush the weird Occasio Cortez / Omar type Euro style Progressive Socialist, Politically Correct lunatics, from their ranks, and turn back the clock to the days of sanity. Back to the era of the Democratic Party of JFK, FDR, et al. The Democrats of yesteryear. The Democrats of normality.

    That……. or they will wander in a political wilderness and die on the vine there, unless they go back to being the traditional Democrats the people of this America respected. The Democrats even Republicans respected.

  26. This reporter is fine as a motherfuker dude!

  27. The Asian lady is not convinced lmao

  28. Joe is on tape saying he was gonna hold the billion dollars in aide

  29. Thank you very much Democratic for help trump win again

  30. GOD hates socialism.communism,only 2 genders,no open boarders,global warming a big tax lie.believe GOD always w be summers & winters-cold & heat will not cease,gen chap 8 ver 22

  31. walkaway dems that believe in GOD-why is your party trying to eliminate him from country.

  32. Biden has been a crook for a long time! Fooling the American People! Joe will never be President!


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