Democrats are facing a ‘big divide’ over their alleged antisemitism

Rep. Russell Fry, R-S.C., joins ‘Varney & Co.’ to discuss the nationwide rise in antisemitism and the upcoming 2024 presidential election. #foxbusiness

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  1. Let's go, Brandon. Looks like influencing peddling Bribing JB is being Bribed by the Iranians. Some of his own medicine.

  2. Same crap happeneing in Canada. Why cant the left get one bloody thing right?

  3. Its not Alleged. They are anti Semitic.

  4. I removed tic toc after seeing all the garbage on there queers calling cops pigs guys putting on makeup 💄💅 and 👗 nothing i want to watch 😄

  5. …these kids are sheep…remember, they are the ones that thought it was cool to eat Tide pods…I wouldn't pay too much attention to them…next week it will be a different shiny object…

  6. Republicans can't win if the don't soften the stance on abortion and if we don't scutinize the voting process against cheating….. the dems haven't yet exposed their tricks but I guarantee they have a plan…..

  7. I will not vote if Trump does'trun

  8. They have not done anything for America or Americans


  10. Our education system is horrible.

  11. Because they're IDIOT'S!! GO THEY'RE!!! SEE FOR URSELF DUMBA*SES!!!

  12. Racism is at the root of it. FJB

  13. Meanwhile Republicans are united in their anto-Semitism 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Democrats stand for "inclusiveness"; however, their DEFINITION of inclusiveness only includes those who are exactly like THEM. SELECTIVE inclusiveness. LOL!

  15. Gods word says a house devied well not stand

  16. America first is not anti semitism.
    Israel is not America. We don't care.

  17. maybe, just maybe, if their parents stopped treating these "kids" like children they would grow up and realize that there's a real world out there with real consequences for their actions.. unfortunately, nowadays most "kids", and their "parents", can't see anything passed their cellphone screens

  18. Woke University s,grammar schools,high schools

  19. That poll is way off more Americans are supporting palastine people

  20. Young people don't wach sky news CNN BBC fox…. "😊

  21. Are you serious? Do you really need to ask why. How about we took Christ out of schools in America years ago? How about we don’t correct our children here in America any longer. Everybody gets it participation trophy. We except transgender’s to teach our children. We let people disrespect or flag here. So I’m confuse you can’t figure this out.

  22. There's nothing "alleged" about it. The left is 100% evil.

  23. That might have been malicious cyber warfare using the Bin laden propaganda ,thru Tic Tok

  24. Jewish people have NEVER missed an opportunity to make profits from Americans taxpayers money 💵 STOP 🛑killing babies 👶

  25. Young people are studying up on these things they will not blindly follow the government line – they want to know why

  26. Why does our government support Israel unconditionally even into genocide

  27. The left or communist and they want America to become a communist country..

  28. What are the people in this country going to to realize that the Democrats are narcissists evil demon people since the day one of they be gone slavery voting against human rights killing babies another 24% on our on the Palestinian side because they think of a it's an apartheid what do you think we're doing to the American Indians in our own country


  30. Let’s get that down to 0%

  31. Most of the more expensive Universities were brainwashing students , this are the consequences

  32. FREE PALESTINE. Israel CREATED hamas.

  33. United States of China. HILARIOUS !!!!!!

  34. I wish Wyatt Earp was still back in town

  35. Young people read about Israeli apartheid.

  36. So the young people have finally awakened………………at last !

  37. The answer is the Democrats are prostitutes in every conceivable way sir 😔

  38. There should be a limited access internet for the films made by Hamas. I don't know how that could be done, but I believe people seeing the raw facts would cause more people to understand Israel's stance.

  39. I don’t believe any of these “polls”….just talking points for media.

  40. you thought if tiktok was banned, people wouldn't know what happened in gaza?