Saturday , July 24 2021
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Democrats fear Warren, Bernie splitting up the far-left vote

Trump 2020 campaign advisory board member Madison Gesiotto on the concerns that Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders will split the far-left vote.

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  1. Yep, the Plutocratic elites that own and control MSM left-or-right are doing everything in their power to discredit what they fear most – peace, love and equality. Those of us who are Progressive by nature, and seek to return government to the people, are being “shot by both sides.”

  2. Why do all the Democrat pray for a recession. Do they hate America that much.

  3. One will move into the others cabniet.

    If they are both smart.

  4. They've stated a million times that with REAL medicare for all: overall most people in our country would save $$$ and still be able to see any doctors they can see with their private health insurance. Medicare for all means no duplicate of care….in other words doctors will have no choice but to accept medicare for all or fight for super wealthy clients who can afford to pay cash. Guess what..under Bernie we will alsp see a decresse in these wealth $$$ hoarders too as we rightfully tax these greedy folks who take advamtage of the tax breaks they bribe our congressmen to give them.

  5. Bernie/Warren 2020!!! They're gonna team up and take out sleepy ol creepy uncle No Biden.

  6. Fox is equivalent to cnn. Just opposite on the political spectrum

  7. Sanders+Warren is the ticket Fux Noise is afraid of. Also, in payment for Honk Kong, China will rattle the US economy right about election time. You live by regime change, you loose the election by regime change.

  8. Let’s be real, if joe wins the nomination trump wins the presidency. Joe permanently has his entire foot in his mouth. Bernie would have no problem winning the rust belt and the presidency

  9. Sanders laid up in the basement of his mommies house till he was 40 yrs old… He's a bum…
    When you look at how many people would vote for these two, you realize how many 40-year-Olds are still living in their parent's basements hoping that by the time mom and dad pass they can vote in a replacement. After all, who's going to take care of them and feed them.

  10. Also guys on the left: SHE'S A TRUMP 2020 CAMPAIGNER. ofc she wants a centrist, so Donald can look GOOD.

  11. The left can only exist whilst people are divided, so don't be surprised that they do their best to keep it that way!

  12. left wing democrats are sick pedophilia (Epstein, Nxivm). plus they worship the devil. what kind of bonehead would vote for them?  Trump 2020 for sure…

  13. ignant GOP nazis,,, Bernie/Warren are the democratic party now !!

  14. Concerns from Democratic voters? You mean MSNBC advertisers.

  15. All I hear is about Bernie …lol 😂 mainstream media blows…

  16. The drunk lady and the old pot head …
    This is so disgraceful

  17. Taiwan’s health care is based on Medicare. Basically it’s Medicare for all. And it was recently voted the best healthcare in the world.

  18. Should read "Democrats fear Progressives splitting up far-left vote". Or, "Republicans and Democrats fear losing to the Progressives" as most of us Progressive hate both parties. Since waves of Republicans have defected to the Progressive side, and Progressives have reached a majority of Americans, a revolution is building against the corporate-elites who run fear-driven propaganda MSM channels such as Fox and CNN attempting to keep us divided. They know we are legion and winning, so now they are acting transparently and visibly desperate to gain control against this political revolution that can no longer be stopped.

  19. Warren’s insidiously evil lies tells voters everything they need to know about her. Obsessed with gaining power, Warren has decided that the lives of brave and honorable police officers and the lives of Americans potentially killed in a race war are acceptable collateral damage to achieve her goal, the White House.

  20. The fact that Biden and Warren are beating Sanders NOW proves that the Democratic Party is not a socialist party. The “will of the people” in the 2016 Democratic primary was with Hillary Clinton. She beat Bernie by 4 million votes. That is why Bernie Sanders is losing now. Bernie protest voters who didn’t vote (or voted third party) in the 2016 general election were just sore losers.

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