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Democrats, GOP Move In Opposite Directions On Russia Views | Meet The Press | NBC News

Ahead of 2020, polls show Democrats and Republicans disagree on viewing Russia as a “critical threat.”» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Democrats, GOP Move In Opposite Directions On Russia Views | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Never quite understood how America could let an illegitimate win by tRUMP/Russia, continue to allow the imposter to run our country like a lottery ticket in the first place!! How Crazy 😜

  2. Chuck Todd lost any credibility he might of has over this past 2 years what people will do for money

  3. Americas biggest threat is partisan politics, the russians been trying to influence american politics since world war 1, I love how they just started making it a huge deal when Trump came in office like its something new. China is a way bigger threat to us than Russia, if it wasnt for Trump coming into office, we would have a communist country becoming more powerful economically than us and that must never happen

  4. Mr. Todd you and your staff try to keep your guests on message came on today have these points and they know they're not true the journalist such as yourself trying to make them tell truth

  5. Trump so far has avoided the 10 cycle of entering a recession, which should have had started last year. Also, avoided getting into a war, which asked to start a war. He had to go investigate during Thanksgiving weekend to ask soldiers how many were hurt here on there from any Afganistan or Saudi Arabians. They said what attack, so he told these wonderful soldiers that he was lied to by general's. He told the general's United States does not start wars we finish them

  6. Chuck Todd sitting on a phone book.

  7. One second after Trump or any republican admits that Russia had a hand in the last election the democrats will stand up as one and scream to the heavens that Trumps presidency is illegitement and that Hillary should be sworn in immediately. That's a good reason for the silence. Why give your enemies a weapon? Funny thing is I can recall when Romney said that Russia was our enemy and Obama got a good chuckle over it. So if Russia did help put Trump into office I guess they got the last laugh.

  8. Attention Chuck Todd Flashback—->> Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfireKiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton.



    01/11/2017 05:05 AM EST

  9. Chuck still pushing the Russian hoax. The truth is in the Ukraine.

  10. Chuck Todd is part of the media collusion wrapped up in Denial, Deceit & Delusion

  11. In 2016, russian interference attempts amounted to 46k of Facebook ads/twitter bots, and kremlin sources were used by the foreign spy Christopher steele hired by the clinton campaign. Only deranged Americans wake up thinking russia is a threat to our democracy. Americans rig our own elections well beyond anything russia can ever dream to do.

  12. Donald has gone to the dark-side, the force is strong with this one! We only hope the
    resistance (democrats) and the Jedi (Pelosi) can defeat this sadistic corrupt maniac.


  14. Russia was consecrated to the Virgin Mary by Pope John Paul II in 1984.  In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed.



  17. Chucky looks like a rodent with his beady eyes little pie hole mouth comb over hair rat face whiskers he needs to be fed some rat 🐀poison

  18. Chucky looks like a rodent with his beady eyes rat face whiskers comb over hair little pie hole mouth he needs to be fed some rat 🐀poison

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