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Democrats in high-tax states trying to prevent the exodus of the rich

FBN’s Stuart Varney on what Democrats in high-tax states are doing to prevent wealthy residents from moving to states with no income tax.


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  1. This is old school hustle. When you trying to show off with someone else money. Tax the rich so you can maintain your illusion. Forgetting that the rich have options. This is a fact that has been documented countlessly all over this planet.

  2. This is why Elizabeth Warren CAN NEVER BECOME our president!

  3. Democrats in high-tax states trying to prevent the exodus of the rich
    "Wait….wait….. were spraying the po0p with Febreeze!"


  5. Australia has been seeing money
    And brain's having the lucky
    Country for decades now .
    The only people left in Australia
    Are the ones on fat welfare payments
    Or fake public servant's jobs
    ,, Middle class welfare,,

  6. Stay there you are the Idiots that voted those hypocrites in office.

  7. This is why politics aren't for me. I dont what I'll call myself…liberal or conservative. Hey California here's a thought….Instead of being SOS (Stuck on Stupid) why don't you lower taxes for businesses, properties and individual income. It's good when you have a small percentage of something rather than 100% of nothing.


  9. All I got to say about this one is the Republican party does the same thing and I'm a Republican. The rich want to get richer and pay the least amount of taxes no matter what side they are on. Even some from both sides commit tax evasion. So this is nothing new.

  10. so the rich are paying for all these immigrants.Thats gotta Hurt

  11. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a Constitutional right to free association.

  12. Even our leftist loser idiot in charge, here in Canada, admitted that the liberals only purpose is to tax and spend. That's their purpose. Never really accomplish anything accept high debts and a crumbling society.

  13. Higher taxes is not the answer, just leads to wasteful demoncrat goverment spending anyways.

  14. American people are waking up to the ridiculous things that the Democrats have pulled on the residents of their cities. Hightaxes odious living conditions runaway crime homelessness deteriorated infrastructure. Taxpayers money missing or I'll spent. People are disgusted & angry. They want change They want Politicians held accountable for their actions. They want People like Donald Trump who keep their promises and who actually make things better. They want the truth not lies and propaganda. Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the lies & subterfuge that the Democrats have been spreading for years. Things are coming to a head & it appears that the Democrats have a lot to answer for. The Fake News Media Networks no longer have huge audiences they have been exposed as agents of the Deep State. Puppets mouthing platitudes given to them by their Globalists Masters. Social Media platforms are the new venue for the average American looking for the truth in a unbiased honest manner. We are growing increasingly stronger with each passing day our numbers are increasing as more and more people" Walk Away " from the Democratic Party and its lying corrupt Politicians. Donald Trump's Administration has shown Americans that they can be restored to Greatness and that CONFIDENCE can be regained.

  15. As Margret Thatcher correctly said: 'The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money' (in this case very literally)

  16. The solution is to turn the low tax states into even higher tax states.

  17. thats ridiculous! CA & NY are THE favorite places for the wealthy. Is the idea that Jennifer aniston is heading to West Virginia? TexasLOL ? Or maybe Brad Pitt is heading for Alabama. Hollywood writers,directors, actors , silicon valley, etc etc are pretty much locked in to CA & NY as well they should be. Who wants to live in Texas or Alabama or Florida except sub-tier types (trump)

  18. Not just the rich. Everyone is fleeing.

  19. As the billboard states: California. Too late. Texas. Still great. Vote Republican (or don't move to TX to screw it up too).

  20. Imagine that. People that are smart enough to get to the top will figure out how to stay there. Huh, what a concept.

  21. The dems always help the 1%. They create regulations that only the rich can get deal with. Aspiring to grow into the middle class, you have to have the capital and connections to get past the dems regulations.

  22. I left California because trying to build a new building for my business was delayed 4 times for environmental studies and other bs. Got to Texas and took less than a month for all the permits.

  23. Texas is pure hell in the summer, don't move to Texas.

  24. For many decades, Democrats have bled the wealthy dry with high taxes, now, it's all come to a head and their liberal states are going to suffer major hits. Democrats are all about big government and expansionist government so they have to spend more money. While Republicans are all about lowering taxes and making government smaller. I guess Americans should have learned by now that Democrats are not friends of the American Taxpayer.

  25. STAY IN YOUR STATE, We don't want you ruining ours

  26. California is in so dire need of money they require those who pay quarterly to pay 30% of their estimated tax in the first quarter and 40% in the second quarter. 70% of the bill in the first 5 1/2 months of the year.

  27. It's that Democrats and their voting base are stupid.

  28. Can Mr. Varney explain this?: Why do the vast majority of billionaires and the elite support the Democrat Party? of course Mr Varney nor any other commentator will EVER take on this question. Too bad – the answer is quite fascinating. But rest assured if we let the billionaires and the Democrat Party take the White House, that will be the destruction of America. That is the goal of the billionaire class. But since nobody asks the question in my first sentence, people will never understand what is truly going on.

  29. Is the estimation that taxing the rich at 70% will only produce 4.5 trillion dollars over a 10 year period correct? If so how much does that number decrease when a portion of those rich move business out of U.S. before the end of that 10 year period? I'd bet the socialist minded business people will keep their businesses in U.S. to capture residual capital left by other businesses that left and set themselves in better position for a U.S. socialist presidental administrative future.

  30. Hahaha ! So the rich leave, the poor are stuck in poverty recieving handouts from the state & the middle class working man/woman pays the bills ! Great strategy from democrat leadership

  31. It's called liberal retardation.
    The only cure is extermination.
    Stack them along Americas southern border and

  32. Follow and covet the money…hypocrites

  33. This is why we've moved most taxes to the federal level — to prevent such market competition in governance.

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